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Nurse Jennifer and her little secrets The Horse's Mouth

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I sat on the bed in one of the dormitory, thinking and thinking all over and all over about what happened today.

"I am suspended?" I asked myself and scoffed.

"Did Kate play me? Do Isabella know about this? No, things isn right" my mind spoke to me. As I was thinking about it, I remembered about the container Kate was holding yesterday, when James asked me about same container and what my twin sister told me about the same container relating to voo-doo. I decided to visit James and ask him more about his missing container.

"I told you, its none of your business since you said you didn see it"

"I know but…I want to make it my business" I said with a little stammer.

"What? Are you sure or do you like me?"

"Ewww! You are too ugly for me to like" I said in my mind, off course I should say that in my mind.

"Thats not it sir, Im really serious about that container"

"Tell me who took it and I will tell you whats inside of it" he said.

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