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Nobody wanted to meddle with other demons business.

As long as they didnt need to take the risk, they didnt care who was doing it, even if it was the bald demon.

After what happened to Ould, the other demons were suspicious of the bald demon, too.

Having lost their trust, they didnt care if the bald demon was dead or alive.

“I guess Im very lucky.

Come over here!” The bald demon reached the other end in no time.

The road was completed.

The bald demon remained calm as if he hadnt done anything.

He didnt seem to worry about falling into the magma at all.

Ould seemed to be right.

The bald demon probably knew the way.

He had the ability to get everybody to the other side, but he enjoyed seeing the others die one by one.

He waited till the very last moment to show his hand.

However, thirty feet was such a short distance.

It wasnt enough to prove Oulds theory.

Even Imm felt conflicted.

“Who are you What do you want” Imm asked.

He was there for the rewards, not to become the bald demons toy.

“Who am I Im your captain, arent I” The bald demon smiled.

“Stop lying.

Weve come so far, and you know were going to suspect you.

“Weve seen through your lies.

Youd better tell us the truth,” said Hirba.

The others also looked at the bald demon in suspicion.

It was obvious what they were thinking.

If the bald demon didnt give them satisfactory answers, they would sever ties with him.

“Its like what I said.

Im your captain.

“I only showed you the possibilities.

Those people made their own choices.

You saw it.

They volunteered to be our scouts.

“Why are you questioning me Thats ridiculous.”

The bald demon didnt change his mind, but his tone was a little different.

He was polite before, but now, he sounded displeased.

“If you want to leave, go ahead.

Im heading to the next location.”

He then turned to leave.

Just then, Imm called after him.

“Wait! Im coming with you!”

The bald demon was perplexed.

“Youre coming with me”

“Yes!” Imm nodded.

“I dont care if theyre dead or alive.

It doesnt concern me.

Im just happy Im still alive.

As for your plan, its none of my business.

“I only care about how well you know this place and how capable you are.”

Imm then went to the bald demons side.

It was as he said.

He wasnt interested in the bald demons plan because it wasnt his business.

The most important thing was that the bald demon was familiar with this place, giving Imm enough reason to team up with him.

Why explore the place on his own when he could follow a guide

“Count me in.” Hirba also joined them.

The others all made their choice one after another, opting to follow the bald demon.

In the magma, nearly thirty demons were sitting there.

Although Firey was protecting them, they still felt the scorching heat at first.

The temperature soon became merely hot before reducing to warm.

In the end, there was no heat at all.

They had never expected this.

It was so shocking!

The bald demon called this substance the primal magma.

What did that mean

It meant the magma had been here since the beginning of things.

There was primal magma, primal water, primal ice, etc.

Everything else was created by these things.

If this really was the primal magma, how could it be absorbed

“Master, Im full!

“I want to sleep now!” Firey looked at Himmel Soan.

She felt so full that she couldnt digest anything.

She needed to switch back to her original form to digest all the energy.

However, she notified Himmel Soan first.


Go get some rest.”

After Himmel Soan gave his consent, Firey turned back into the heart of the volcano and landed in his hand.

Only then did the demons realize that she was the essence of nature.

They all had the same question on their minds.

The essence of nature had just called him her master.

What kind of a being could he be

“Now that the magma is gone, you can leave.

Ive done my good deed of the day when I saved you.

I wont interfere further,” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

He didnt intend to save the demons, but he couldnt bring himself to see them die.

Therefore, he saved everybody he could.

Now that the magma had been drained, it was time for him to leave.

Whatever happened next wouldnt be his concern.

After all, nothing was more important than looking for Gina.

“Thank you, sir!”

“Thank you for saving us!”

“Thank you!”


The demons knelt on the ground to thank Himmel Soan.

The next second, he vanished into thin air as if he had never been there.

Their knees had barely touched the ground, but Himmel Soan was already gone.

“That was incredible! Hes like a god!”

“He could come and go without leaving a trace and has saved us so easily.

He has to be a god!”

“Maybe he is.

What do you want to do now Keep going or leave”

“Im leaving! I dont want to stay here anymore!”

“Im staying.

I want to find some rewards.”

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