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The demons soon decided what to do next.

Some wanted to leave, and others wanted to stay.

They all had their own reasons.

Himmel Soan was already on his way to the next location.

He was examining Fireys change.

She had absorbed so much energy.

He was worried if Firey could take so much.

However, nothing seemed to be out of place.

Back in the Dusk Soul Forest, Himmel Soan had been shocked by how much energy Firey could absorb.

It wasnt a big surprise to him that she had absorbed all the primal magma.

Himmel Soan had absorbed a small portion as well, and his strength was back to 1%.

If he had absorbed all the energy, he could recover 10% of his total strength.

But with Firey there, Himmel Soan did what a father would do and left most of the energy for her.

“I think Firey is going to evolve again.

“It makes sense.

She originated from an ordinary volcano on Earth while the magma here is primal magma.

Its more advanced than Fireys fire.

“After absorbing the energy, her fire will rise to that level, too!”

Himmel Soan rubbed his chin and smiled.

He was happy to see that Firey was alright.

While he was thinking about those things, he reached the next location.

There were two doors in front of him.

“Life” and “Death” were written on each one.

Life and death!

Another choice to make.

He needed to pick one door.

Ordinary people would be at a loss.

The two words on the doors would confuse them.

Would “life” be the safe choice

Would “death” lead to their doom

What if the doors were lying

It could go either way, and it would always be a 50-50 chance.

However, Himmel Soan had the dagger.

He only needed to follow the demonic gods string.

The words didnt concern him.

He took out the dagger and injected a little spiritual essence.

Many strings appeared in his vision.

Which door did the demonic god choose


The demonic gods string suddenly split into two.

What was going on

Something like this had never happened!

How could a string separate into two

That shouldnt be possible!

Could the demonic god have a clone

Even so, they wouldnt have two strings.

Himmel Soan was perplexed.

He didnt know which door to choose.

There were only two possibilities, but the wrong choice could lead him onto a totally different path.

“TheLife door, then!”

Himmel Soan soon made up his mind and chose “Life.” He didnt feel anything special.

It was just a blind guess.

Without any hint, guessing was his only option.

It wasnt completely a wild guess though.

Himmel Soan didnt like the word “death.” Naturally, he chose “life.”

He then pushed the door.

It was a bleak scene on the other side.

The trees were withered, the land was bare, and the sky was dim.

The environment couldnt be more depressing.

“Didnt I choose life Why is this place so barren Where am I Am I still in the tomb” Himmel Soan was confused.

It couldnt be the inside of the tomb because he could see the sky unless it was fake.

However, he was certain that this world was real.

The law of nature could be applied here.

It was the real world.

Why would such a world exist in the tomb

Himmel Soan couldnt figure it out.

“Forget it.

Ill take one step at a time.” Himmel Soan decided to improvise.

To figure out where he was, he needed to explore this place.

That was the only way to find an answer.

He took a step forward.

Just then, he realized his legs were trembling slightly, and he felt tired.

He almost couldnt keep his eyes open.

“Whats going on” He calmed down and examined himself.

He immediately discovered the reason.

He had been getting old ever since he opened the door.

Why did that happen

Was it an illusion


It was caused by time!

Himmel Soan murmured the word.

Time could speed up or slow down in this place.

It was a variable that could change everything.

If he was capable enough, he could reverse the process.

“No, I cant let this happen.

I need to do something about it!”

Meanwhile, Himmel Soan felt a sense of crisis.

If he could recover his strength, he would be the most powerful person in this world.

What he had now was enough to get through many situations.

1% of his strength was a great deal.

Yet he still felt threatened.

“If I stay here, I might die!” At that thought, he took two steps forward.

The sense of crisis diminished, and the aging process slowed down.


That was it!

Although he hadnt figured out how it happened, he knew what he should do.

If he stayed in one spot for too long, he would start aging.

However, when he moved forward, that process would stop.

He would even rejuvenate.

No, it wasnt rejuvenation.

He would return to his original state.

Gradually, he found out that his surroundings had changed.

There was grass on the ground, and the trees had some leaves.

He continued walking.

Before long, he saw green plants around him.

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