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In the midst of the alliance army the Sect Master of the Raging Flame Sect Yan Yimin and the rest of the spies abruptly flew towards the blood demon king and knelt.

Bowing towards the demon king they cried loudly, " We greets your lordship !".

The rest of the alliance experts were shocked at their actions and erupted in anger, these people had clearly betrayed them.

How could they collide with demons, the truth most of these experts weren really good people or saints, all sorts people existed among them.

Some were tyrants and committed all sorts of atrocities, some even slaughtered mortals and had no morals yet in these battle they chose to fight, it concerned their fate after all, the fate of the humans in the Eastern region, no one could seat back and watch, yet these bastards had sided with the demon.

Jia Wuchen had a furious look on his face, looking at Yan Yimin and said " Are you the one that killed Qi Yaunkui ?".

Qi Yaunkui was the Sect Master of the Dragon tiger Sect, back then he had died mysteriously , if Yan Yimin was among the traitors it made sense if he was the one , as the leader of one of the four major Sects Qi Yaunkui was a powerhouse, few people could defeat him.

Still kneeling, Yan Yimin smiled as he shook his head, " It was Qi Yaunkui that brought up this hideous idea of injuring his lordship, how could we let him live, although I wasn the one that killed him he deserved his death ".

Facing Xue Mowang, Yan Yimin swept his ring and brought out a blood red orb , even from afar the Alliance experts could feel the terrifying blood energy emanating from the blood red orb.

Xue Mowang smiled and waved his hands, the blood red orb flew from Yan Yimins hands into his , " good , good ! " , Xue Mowang said as he erupted into laughter.

Clenching his remaining hand carrying the orb, waves of blood energy flowed through him as his injuries healed rapidly, still his other hand was missing.

Seeing this he frowned then looked towards Xia Tianming, with a smile appearing on his face he said " Xia Tianming, seeing as you were angry at me , let this king take back his gift ".

Hearing the word " gift " Xia Tianming clenched his fist in anger, back then during the Great War Xia Tianming had been at the forefront in the Great war fighting against the demon king.

With the help of the world suppression weakening them and using the dragon vein of the Qingmeng Mountain to set up a large formation, they had sealed the demon king and the blood demons.

But it hadn been without sacrifice, many had been killed, some injured, handicapped even he was injured back them , yet it wasn the injury that was the problem, Xue Mowang had left his spirit blood essence in his body.

His gift was that spirit blood essence, as the spirit blood essence of a blood demon king it carried his demonic will and spirituality, it was simply a piece of Xue Mowang himself in his body

Every once in a while it would erupt in Xia Tianmings body polluting his qi and absorbing his blood energy.

Blood qi was the vital energy of humans , anytime it erupted it unleashed massive pain within Xia Tianming.

It even multiplied and passed down to his descendants, as his descendants were not as strong they couldn withstand it and all died at one point or the other, only Xia Yunzi that was born with a special constitution escaped dying from this " gift ".

As if he could feel Xia Tianming recollecting, Xue Mowang had a wide grin on his face, although he was sealed , he had made sure Xia Tianming suffered a fate worse that death, everyday he never ceased torturing him.

Deep down he even admired Xia Tianming, he even slaughtered all of his descendants, well except one yet Xia Tianming still endured.

After centuries of inhabiting in his body, the spirit blood essence would have absorbed a huge amount of blood qi from Xia Tianming.

This was one of his trump cards and why he could maintain his calm even when the Alliance experts inflicted all kinds of wounds on him.

He knew he had a way of recovery, Xue Mowang grinned, as a blood demon, no other form of qi was more suitable for Xue Mowang than blood qi.

Stretching his hand, Xue Mowang summoned his spirit blood essence from Xia Tianming.

Pain assaulted Xia Tianming from all over as the Spirit blood essence reacted to his summoning , dark veins were visible all over his body as his body convulsed in pain on the ground.

Even as it attempted to separate from his body , the spirit blood essence still tried to absorb his blood essence.

Xue Mowang laughed widely as Xia Tianming resisted, as an expert of the purple palace realm, Xia Tianmings body was filled with spirit qi, even his blood was , how could he it let go.

Seeing the shaking Xia Tianming, the Alliance experts swept into action, although they didn know what Xue Mowang was doing but they had an ominous feeling about it.

Grabbing their weapons they rushed towards the Demon king to disrupt his plans, although Xue Mowang had healed a bit by absorbing the blood orb, his aura still wasn at its peak, even his other limb hadn regrown.

Seeing the experts rushing to disrupt Xue Mowangs plan, Yan Yimin sneered as he rushed towards them with the blood demons , after being liberated the blood demons were excited as they rushed towards their foes.

Albeit a few, most of the blood demons didn have weapons, with blood red eyes they swept their sharp claws towards the alliance experts.


Xiao Funji flew in the skies as she swept her spirit sense in the direction where Chen Hong escaped to.

She was very angry , without even waiting to tell Zhang Zhongqin and Pei ling the two remaining experts , she took towards the sky.

Allowing Chen Hong and his pawns to meet together with the experts was dangerous, he was probably carrying another batch of blood essence to deliver to Xue Mowang.

Seeing she didn see any sign of them, she sneered, although she was not as powerful as Xia Tianming, Xiao Funji was a powerful expert in her own right and she was determined to slaughter Chen Hong and his cohorts.

Closing her eyes , Xiao Funji summoned her natal sword , performing a series of hand seals with her left hand, her right hand holding her sword erupted with cyan light as she swept towards a certain direction.

Although Chen Hong and the rest could mask the blood qi and move undetectable, their movements would surely cause a disturbance no matter how small to the air around them.

Xiao Funjis main cultivation manual was a wind attribute technique, it made her fast and extremely sensitive to the wind.

In her daitian her golden core shook as her spirit qi erupted to maximum, with cold killing intent she flew towards an empty direction.

Chen Hong who had masked his blood qi saw Xiao Funji rushing their way, his spine shook in cold sweat at the attack coming his way.

With her spirit attribute, Xiao Funjis attack carried the might of slicing wind , if it was his main body this kind of attack was nothing to him, but to this clone it was enough to annihilate all of them.

Commanding his subordinates to buy him time, Chen Hong turned to a bloody mist as he rushed towards the Qingmeng Mountain, as far as he could link up with his main body he was safe, with the blood escape art and people buying him time he could survive.

The truth was he didn want to die, having stayed away from long from his main body, Chen Hong was a bit different after, all his experiences were also different from the main body.

While his main body was sealed, he had been in the capital for years.

If not for the fact that he felt whatever way the demon king would still be unsealed, Chen Hong wouldn bother after all who would want to be a clone, if possible if he could he would just kill his main body.

But although Chen Hong was cowardly and had these traitorous thoughts, he didn dare to show them, having come from the Demon king there was nothing he feared more than the demon king, only he knew how terrifying the demon king was.

Although the Eastern region sang praises of Xia Tianming and his allies defeating the Demon king that was only with the help of the worldly suppression and the formation created with the Qingmeng Mountain.

The true Demon king, the real Demon king, no one in the Eastern region could withstand his might.

With the cold look still on her face , Xiao Funji swept through the insurgents, terrifying wind blades flowed through her swords slicing them into pieces and in just a few breath of time she caught up with the fleeing Chen Hong and cut off his head.

Even in his death, Chen Hong had an unwilling look on his face after his body withered turning to demon blood on the ground.

Sweeping the blood of her sword, she turned towards a certain direction, just now she had heard the loud noise from the Qingmeng Mountain.

The seal was already broken, Xiao Funji clenched her fist and with a determined look flew back to the Alliance army.

The main War had began


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