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Those in the room froze in shock, this Zhan Wei was very arrogant even the pompous and obnoxious Bai Chen wasn this arrogant, he just called Bai Mu trash .

Although Zhan Wei didn really know Bai Mus cultivation level, some of those familiar with him knew he was in the peak of the Qi refinement realm, yet Zhan Wei had called him trash, wasn he scared.

Bai Mu was really furious, in the midst of so many juniors Zhan Wei had called him trash, he clearly looked down on him.

To be honest Bai Mus cultivation wasn spectacular for someone his age.

Some talented geniuses of the younger generation had already reached the Qi refinement, some spectacular ones in the Canglan continent had even exceeded it.

Still wasn calling him trash a bit far fetched after he was in the peak of the Qi refinement realm, although he wasn young he still had hope of reaching the Core formation realm.

Killing intent erupted in Bai Mus heart, if he didn kill Zhan Wei he wouldn be able to quench his ange, Zhan Wei had clearly not spared him any dignity,

Bai Mu rushed towards Zhan Wei, although Zhan Wei looked impressive due to the Sacred Blood Demon transformation to Bai Mu it was just petty tricks, what technique could make a mere meridian opening trifling go against a peak Qi refinement cultivator.

Erupting with the full might of his cultivation, hi aura rose as he punched towards Zhan Wei.

He didn even bother to use any any spirit techniques, it wasn needed to deal with him.

Zhan Wei still had the same condescending look on his face.

Back then with the Sacred Blood Demon transformation he had pushed back the wind spirit wolf at qi refinement realm.

Even if the wind spirit wolf back then was just comparable to an early stage Qi refinement realm cultivator, he didn believe the full might without holding back of the Sacred Blood Demon transformation wasn enough to deal with Bai Mu.

Even without using his Primordial God might, Bai Mu was nothing to him.

Clenching his fist, Zhan Wei punched the fist coming his way with the entirety of the Sacred Blood Demon transformation.

Boom! , Zhan Wei shook a bit as blood flowed down his lips as Bai Mu he was sent flying backwards.

After studying the dao mark of the Sacred Blood Demon Emperor, Zhan Wei could control his blood qi and blood well.

As far he wasn using his full might , the golden runes in his blood was stored in Primordial Chaos God Heart so he could bleed normal blood.

Zhan Wei was relieved he had learnt to control the golden runes in his blood, just now the force of Bai Mus attack was enough to send him flying but he had absorbed into his body causing internal injuries hence the blood on lips.

As far why he did it, if he was sent flying, Bai Mu could have had the chance to free Bai Chen, how could he let him go.

Since he said he was going to make him bow.

Then he Zhan Wei was going to make him bow, unlike before Zhan Wei changed his mind.

he was going to transfer his aggression on Bai Chen. raising his feet he stomped Bai Chens head to the ground using more force than he did for the rest.

The remaining two kneeling beside Bai Chen were really grateful it wasn them.

Looking at Bai Chens head that was a bleeding mess, Bai Mu went red from anger.

Zhan Wei had entirely humiliated him and the entirety of the Bai Clan, even if he killed him it was enough to wash down the shame.

Bai Mu stared at Zhan Wei in hatred, " What a vicious fellow! ",he had risked internal injuries just so he could trample on Bai Chen.

The youths in the room were very scared, if before they were scared of the Zhan Wei showed now they were scared of his madness, to them when fighting a mad person like Zhan Wei even if you won, you wouldn go scot-free.

Since he was done with him, Zhan Wei kicked Bai Chen towards Bai Mu mad the rest of the dogs fled.

Catching him, Bai Mu fed him an healing pill and put him aside before taking a sword from his storage ring.

Although the humiliation of today couldn be washed away, he had to dice Zhan Wei into pieces.

This time around he was serious and used a spirit technique, the signature technique of the Bai Clan " the Cloud mist sword ".

Large fog covered everywhere making it barely visible.

the Cloud mist sword of the Bai Clan was a spirit technique that covered the area with thick fog and made it difficult to see where the attack was coming from till the enemy died.

Casting the spell, Bai Mu had just covered everywhere with fog when a large wind blew sweeping the fog away.

Looking at the source, an old man stood in front of Zhan Wei and it was this old man that had swept the fog away.

Bai Mu wasn surprised that Zhan Wei had a someone guiding him, anyone who could afford to be on this spirit boat wasn a nobody, unlike the younger generation he didn know who Zhan Wei was but whoever he was he had to pay for what he did.

Seeing he couldn see through the old man and how he had deflected his spell with ease, Bai Mu clenched a talisman in his hands summoning the rest of the Bai Clan.

He couldn deal with Ye Mo but he didn believe the Bai Clan didn have anyone who could deal with him.

On this spirit boat there was hardly any force that could compare to the Bai Clan.

And he was right, compared to the other force that was just a few members, the core members of the Bai Clan were on the spirit boat as they had the money and resources to transport a large number of their Clan to the Canglan continent.

Immediately numerous Bai Clan elders rushed towards the dining hall, seeing them Bai Mu cupped his fist and explained to them.

Although Bai Mu didn really know what happened, he said Zhan Wei had humiliated Bai Chen by making him bow.

To Bai Mu and the Bai Clan elders, it didn matter what Bai Chen did, Zhan Wei making him bow was an insult to the Bai Clan.

Looking at Ye Mo in front of Zhan Wei, the Head elder of the Bai Clan said coldly, " Hand the boy over".

Although Ye Mo was powerful, he didn believe he could fight them all.

Ye Mo shook his head, " Im sorry I can ", surprising the Bai Clan.

The Bai Clan elders were furious, if Zhan Wei was allowed to go like that, how was the Bai Clan going to raise their heads up.

Bai Chen was a young master of the Bai Clan, humiliating him was the same as humiliating the Bai Clan.

Raising their weapons they were about to attack when Wang Mang stormed in with the forces of the treasure pavilion.

Everyone in the dining hall was shocked at the treasure pavilions interference.

Although he didn show it even Wang Mang didn expect the treasure pavilion to interfere.

The cost of the fare of the spirit boat was a million spirit stones, only the rich and powerful could afford and when dealing with these people whenever they had any skirmish or issue the best thing was to turn a blind eye.

Getting involved was helping one side, as a business helping either side wasn profitable.

helping the weak side would mean the treasure pavilion wasn fair and lead to offending the powerful side, helping the powerful side would lead to disgruntle among the weaker side and the masses.

One had to know even in the gathering of the powerful there was the ultra powerful, the relatively powerful were the masses and made the bulk of their passengers.

Unless it disrupted the affairs of the spirit boat or damaged properties the treasure pavilion would turn a blind eye to anything that happened yet now Lady Wang Jing was making him interfere, although he didn know why, Wang Mang still obeying her order.

Looking at everyone in the dining hall with a cold and the most impartial look he could muster Wang Mang said, " Lady Wang Jing does not like noise, battles are not allowed on the spirit boat".

Everyone looked at Wang Mang strangely, really !, of all things noise.

Even Wang Mang almost blushed in shame at his flimsy excuse, noise ! , How could Lady Wang Jing who was on another floor complain about noise , she was clearly protecting Zhan Wei.

Still maintaining a poker face he looked at everyone showing he wasn joking.

Seeing they couldn do anything to anything to Zhan Wei on the spirit boat, the Bai Clan carried Bai Chen and left.

But not before threatening Zhan Wei, the head elder looked at Zhan Wei and said, " We shall see ", when they got to the Canglan continent they would make sure to settle the scores.

Not bothered by their threat Zhan Wei looked at Wang Mang, it was most likely Wang Jing had been watching everything that happened.

Although he didn know why he knew she had, he knew she had something in mind.

As for her helping from the depths of her hearts or morals, he wasn stupid to believe so , based on the power she controlled she was probably in of the upper echelons of the Treasure Pavilion, how could someone like that do something without a reason.

Still he would deal with things as they came.


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