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Qin Mian woke up early the next morning, rummaged through the boxes and picked out a dress.

When the Chen family was still in the doldrums, she had several sets of good-looking old skirts.

She hadn’t been willing to wear them a few times.

They were given to Qin Rou before, but she didn’t want them either.

She said that she had clothes to wear in the art troupe.

But she had to choose a good-looking set for her.

Qin Mian boiled water, filled a water cup, and used the heat under the cup to iron the clothes.

She ironed it several times before asking Qin Rou to change into it.

When Qin Rou came out of Chen’s house, she had already changed her clothes.

She was wearing a white top with a long blue pleated skirt, a straw hat with a sunshade on her head, and a beige bow tied around the brim of the hat.

Originally, she had snow-white skin, beautiful looks, thin arms and thin legs.

At this time, the dress, not to mention the era, even if it was placed in modern times, it could be directly used in magazine advertisements.

Along the way, countless people turned back to look at her frequently.

Qin Rou lowered the brim of her hat and ignored their gaze.

She got off the bus and walked to the courtyard of the art troupe.

When the people at the door saw her, they were stunned for a while, and then said, “The man had arrived.

He is in the reception room with Director Sun.

Go in.”

The “man” naturally referred to her blind date, Lu Yan.

“That army officer is really handsome!”

When Qin Rou entered the courtyard of the art troupe, she found that the atmosphere was completely different from that of the past.

Those who practiced dancing and singing no longer did so. 

Zhou Meilan, Luo Beibei, Tang Ruibai and others all went back, dressed up, and some secretly put on makeup.

Qin Rou couldn’t guess what they were thinking.

Since the man came, if one failed, there were others.

If he accepted someone else, who would be embarrassed It could only be Qin Rou.

When Zhou Meilan and the others saw Qin Rou’s outfit, they gritted their teeth secretly.

She also dressed up so well.

At the same time, they also secretly scolded Director Sun in their hearts.

She did not introduce them to anyone, so why did she introduce such a young and handsome naval officer to Qin Rou

Qin Rou looked at their faces one by one, turned her head and entered the reception room.

As soon as she stepped in, she saw a young man sitting upright.

He was wearing a white shirt and army green trousers.

The most striking thing was his tall and straight nose.

He looked very handsome.

Qin Rou’s breathing stopped for a while.

Was this Lu Yan

They introduced such a handsome partner to herself

Qin Rou looked at his face carefully.

He must be born handsome.

In addition, he had the kind of capable and chilling aura of a person trained in the army.

His posture was upright.

He was really a rare handsome officer .

No wonder the group of girls outside didn’t sing or dance anymore, they all just sat outside and stared.

Even if they heard about the person’s violent temper, they didn’t care.

Not to mention Qin Rou, even Director Sun was taken aback when she saw Lu Yan.

If she had known that the army officer was so good-looking, she would have introduced him to her niece.

But she had to let Qin Rou meet him first.

Director Sun thought that the two of them would not be able to make it.

While Lu Yan was drinking water, she secretly called her niece and asked her to come to the art troupe compound.

At this time, she didn’t care about his temper issue at all.

While Qin Rou was looking at Lu Yan, he was also looking at her. 

Qin Rou walked over to him when he stood up and took off the hat on her head.

Her long hair was still braided, but she just combed it casually and lazily.

Originally, her fox eyes were big and seductive.

When she went out that morning, Qin Rou deliberately dulled the edges and corners with a few brushstrokes of light makeup, and her casual braids weakened the charm of her face.

It was gorgeous, but added a bit of innocence.

Qin Rou swallowed her saliva gently.

It was fine when Lu Yan didn’t stand up.

Once he stood up, she found that he was definitely taller than 1.8 meters, and the pressure was huge.

His shadow shrouded in her head, and the handsome filter in front of her shattered in an instant.


She couldn’t lose the battle.

Thinking of the group of plastic sisters outside, Qin Rou tried her best to suppress her timidity.

After the last performance, she had accumulated experience, and immediately tried her best to brainwash herself.

She didn’t have much experience, but she had a lot of experience with a bear baby.

So Qin Rou showed a smile like a professional coaxing bear baby, and took the initiative, “Hello, Comrade Lu, my name is Qin Rou.”

“Lu Yan,” Lu Yan nodded.

The two sat opposite each other on the sofa.

No one spoke again, and the scene was extremely calm for a while.

Lu Yan clearly heard that she had a stingy temper, but he didn’t take the initiative to pick things up.

Sitting across from her without saying a word, it was unexpectedly taciturn.

Qin Rou decided to strike first and took the initiative to attack, “Comrade Lu, I don’t think it’s interesting for us to just sit and chat.

Why don’t we go watch a movie together”

She thought that since she was taking the initiative, she must change positions quickly to occupy the best one.

In a favorable position, it didn’t matter whether she and Lu Yan’s blind date was successful.

She clearly knew that the goal of her blind date this time was to keep the scene harmonious.

As long as she and Lu Yan went through the blind date process peacefully, she would win.

It was better to let the scumbag who obviously didn’t want to get married to give her a good person card.

——”You are good, but we are not suitable.”

Then each would go back to their own place.

In that way, Lu Yan would successfully avoid a blind date and forced marriage, and she would have an additional ex-blind date with superior conditions, so it was win-win.


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