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Qin Rou returned to the art troupe compound. 

When Zhou Meilan, Luo Beibei and others saw her red and swollen eyes, they immediately laughed in their hearts.

They didn’t know how fierce the army officer was, that he scolded the little pepper and she cried.

What about Qin Rou Did she get into trouble with the army officer

They wanted to know, and they really wished they could see these scenes with their own eyes.

Qin Rou didn’t talk to them about Lu Yan, and went directly to see Director Sun.

As soon as Director Sun saw her eyes, she was overwhelmed.

But she still had to ask, “How was it”

Hearing that, Qin Rou lowered her head and nodded shyly, “The officer is a good person.”

She deliberately said such vague words.

Even if she wanted to refuse, it shouldn’t be her refusal.

As long as Lu Yan unilaterally refused, she wouldn’t pester him.

Director Sun nodded, she already understood the ending, and she didn’t ask any more questions, so she let Qin Rou go.

When they called to ask, Director Sun replied truthfully that Qin Rou thought that Lu Yan was very good, and said nothing else and hung up the phone.

Qin Rou took a bath and slept comfortably at night.

She thought it was over, but Director Sun called her over on the third afternoon.

“Director, what’s the matter” Director Sun had a ghostly expression, “You agreed”

Qin Rou was stunned for a moment, “Huh” What did she agree with

“I know you agreed.

Lu Yan submitted a marriage application report after he went back, but there were still some procedures that should be followed, and some things I want to make clear to you.”

Director Sun’s own mind was a little confused now.

She didn’t know what happened after Qin Rou and Lu Yan went out to watch a movie that the marriage application report had already been submitted.

This… this this… the two of them really became a couple

If she had known, she would have asked carefully that day, but the procedure had begun.


Marriage application report With whom!

Qin Rou was stunned by the word.

She and Lu Yan

The mute guy went back and filed the marriage application report!

“Come, take a look, this is some information Lu Yan asked me to send to you.

He is going to be transferred to Qiongzhou Island as the regiment chief of staff, these are some materials.”

“After I sign and approve it, you will be discharged from the army.

You have to think about this matter clearly, but you don’t have to worry, don’t be afraid of hardships in Qiongzhou Island.

You will definitely be able to do a good job in the resettlement work with the army.

“Qiongzhou Island is also doing wasteland reclamation.

The pre-conditions must be difficult.

After you pass, you can also connect with the regional literary and art organizations over there, or arrange for you to work as a teacher or a nurse…”

Qin Rou’s head was in a mess.

So it was time to resettle

Wait, get out of the army and go to Qiongzhou Island!

Qin Rou blinked.

Qiongzhou Island If she remembered correctly, Qiongzhou Island at the time was Qiongzhou Island in Guangdong Province.

There seemed to be a seed sprouting in the bottom of her heart.

If she went to Qiongzhou Island…

“Think about it first.

If you are sure, I will give you the approval and sign.

Are you sure”

“If you want to go back and think about it——”

“Sign!” Qin Rou’s brain became hot, she bit her lip and said the word.

She knew that to make decisions on many things, she needed a hot brain.

She knew she had gambling elements.

But she would never miss the opportunity in front of her.

Although she didn’t know if it was a fire pit, how about being bold enough to try it

Coming out of Director Sun’s office, Qin Rou was still dreaming, she… she… she… she just agreed to marry

Marry that sullen, full of thorns officer

In a trance, it was booming…


The news that Qin Rou was about to retire from the army and marry Lu Yan was like a bomb exploded over the art troupe.

“What Qin Rou is going to marry Lu Yan”

“The naval officer who came that day”

“Wasn’t her eyes swollen when she came back that day”

Luo Beibei really didn’t expect Qin Rou to be able to marry Lu Yan.

He was the son of the old chief.

What happened when they went out to watch a movie that day Why was Lu Yan willing to marry the little pepper in their group

They chatted and questioned Qin Rou, but Qin Rou said, “I don’t know either.”

Luo Beibei was crazy with jealousy, she thought to herself that Qin Rou must be pretending on purpose.

“Tang Ruibai, you are the most well-informed, do you know why”

Tang Ruibai hesitated for a while, then she deliberately glanced at Qin Rou.

Seeing her reaction, Luo Beibei, Zhou Meilan and others were immediately curious.

Could it be that there was really a secret there

Tang Ruibai’s behavior attracted Qin Rou, “What do you want to say”

“Qin Rou, I don’t know if I should tell you, or should hide it from you…”

“What Hurry up and tell us!” Qin Rou’s plastic flower sister Luo Beibei was eager to know the secret.

“As you all know, the army officer is a son of a well known family.

There are several playmates who grew up with him, among them was a woman.

The two were childhood sweethearts.

Her name is also Tan Rou, but she got married two years ago.”

“The army officer was reluctant to date someone before, probably because of Tan Rou.”

“…Now he has met another Rou,” Tang Ruibai told them what she thought.

Most of it was her own associations.

Her news network was wide, plus the similar names.

Could it be that this army officer couldn’t marry Tan Rou, so he married… Qin Rou

Otherwise, how could she explain that he was willing to marry Qin Rou the first time they met He was even so anxious to submit a marriage application report.

“I heard that Tan Rou is a flower (beauty).” Tang Ruibai looked at Qin Rou and said, “You two may look a bit alike.”

Luo Beibei subconsciously retorted, “How can we ordinary children compare with the children of other cadres They are excellent.”

“I’m not lying to you.

You can go and find out from someone who came out of the same compound as him in our military region.

Everyone knows that there was such a person who works as a nurse in Lu Province Hospital.

Qin Rou: “…”

Tan Rou who looked like her

Stand-in novel

Qin Rou: “!”

It didn’t matter if she transmigrated in a novel, but it seemed to be a substitute novel.

The only thing she was sure about was that Qin Rou in the novel was not married to Lu Yan, so it was weird.


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