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In the naval academy in Bincheng, the second floor of the dormitory of Building 10, Wang Yuanzheng, like Lu Yan, belonged to this group of cadres who were participating in the training of current officers.

They lived in a double room, and the two of them happened to sleep in the same room, and both of them would be transferred to Qiongzhou Island.

But he was engaged in political work and was promoted to deputy political commissar.

What was even more ingenious was that they were the youngest two in this group of trainers.

He was twenty-eight years old, and Lu Yan was twenty-five years old.

Even more ingeniously, in the group of personnel, they were the only two who were unmarried.

Because the level of the training staff was not low, the age was naturally not young.

Most of them were married, and some had four or five children, so the two of them were arranged together.

Even though they were all male officers, in fact, when men got together, they also liked to join in the fun and gossip, especially these married men.

Lu Yan’s family wanted him to go on a blind date, and Wang Yuanzheng also felt that he was getting older.

It was best to finish the task of marriage and family before transferring to Qiongzhou Island.

So they both got married at the same time.

The other team leaders were very active in introducing people to them, and they even made a bet on who could marry Xiao Lu and Xiao Wang.

In the beginning, everyone was optimistic about Lu Yan, because he was the best-looking guy, and he belonged to a good family.

He didn’t need to chase girls, girls wanted to chase him.

As for Wang Yuanzheng, who had a normal appearance, he patiently listened to the opinions of many elder brothers, humbly learned how to pursue a girl, and how to be a good husband after marriage.

The results proved that Wang Yuanzheng’s efforts were fruitful.

He got together with the first girl he met in the hospital, but Lu Yan met one, two, three, four… Well, he had a great record.

And their training was almost over, the result had long been foreseen that Wang Yuanzheng would win.

There was no prize for the winner.

The guys in the same batch said that “getting together is fate”.

If they really became a couple, everyone would put together some money and buy a “radio” for the new couple.

Everyone was a navy, and compared to the other four major items such as sewing machines, watches, and bicycles, the radio was the most suitable for their naval, island companions.

Hold your radio and guard the island!

A unique blessing that belonged to the Navy.

Originally, Wang Yuanzheng had long regarded the radio as his own, but something went wrong on the eve of an assessment.

The person he was dating, Ren Xiaoma’s family suddenly felt that Qiongzhou Island was too far away.

She was from Bencheng and went to Xinhua Bookstore to look up the map.

She found that Bencheng was 3,000 kilometers away from Qiongzhou Island.

So she agreed with her family and wanted to separate from him.

Wang Yuanzheng had fought for it, but there was no way out.

A melon forced off its vine was not sweet.

So he could only turn his grief and anger into strength, and review the assessment attentively.

(A melon forced off its vine was not sweet: forced marriage is not happy.)

He was afraid that it would be a lose-lose outcome, and no one would get the radio.

After finishing an assessment, Wang Yuanzheng returned to the dormitory, and saw Lu Yan lying on the bed.

Lu Yan folded his hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling to empty his mind.

Wang Yuanzheng: “…”

The leisurely appearance, in Wang Yuanzheng’s eyes, was sprinkling water on a hot pan.

While others were fighting against the clock in the night, some people were lying on bed.

He was also young and smart, and could get high scores in minutes.

“Let that group of people see you like this and have the heart to kick you out of bed.” 

The others had been busy with assessments in the past few days and had no time to care about the two of them.

When tests were over, they would gossip again.

Thinking of the scenes that he might encounter, Wang Yuanzheng thought that it was heartbreaking and painful.

Fortunately, there was Comrade Lu, who had an even worse state.

At least he had succeeded halfway, but his comrade had not even started.

Lu Yan on the bed glanced at him lightly, and continued to empty his mind.

He was in a good mood at the moment.

He didn’t bother to fight him.

She had agreed.

He got the signature, and it was done.

After Wang Yuanzheng said that sentence, he didn’t hear Lu Yan’s voice for a long time, and felt strange.

This was totally against Lu Yan’s temperament!


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