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Liao Tingting transmigrated to the novel she store herself.

She had become the heroine Xue Tingting.

The prototype of the heroine Xue Tingting in this novel was herself, the prototype of the male protagonist Lin Changyan was Lin Minghui, the senior she had a crush on when she was in college, and Qin Rou, the female partner with tragic end, was the prototype of the college girl she had always hated.

Both her and Lin Minghui’s names in the book changed, but Liao Tingting did not make any changes to the name Qin Rou.

Because she always thought that Qin Rou was beautiful, but she had no brains.

With her arrogant personality, men would be addicted to her appearance, but if they got along, they would definitely hate the fox.

Lin Minghui chased her for three years, and Liao Tingting hated her for three years.

After graduation, Liao Tingting accidentally ran into Lin Minghui, but found that Lin Minghui still had a crush on Qin Rou.

She and Lin Minghui were in love with each other in the novel, but Qin Rou, who was coquettish and charming, worked back and forth to interfere and her end was tragic.

At this moment, she was Xue Tingting.

Xue Tingting looked at herself in the mirror, and her eyes flashed with satisfaction.

Although she transmigrated in the 1970s, she was several years younger, and more importantly, she became a lot more beautiful as if she had done plastic surgery.

She still took over the heroine’s role!

On the first day she transmigrated, Xue Tingting knew that Qin Rou, who she had always hated, also transmigrated.

She escaped from the plot, won an award in the performance, and now she was going to marry Lu Yan.

The background board officer was originally used to slap Qin Rou in the face, but she never thought that they were actually going to get married!

Xue Tingting secretly hated that she did not write about the officer, but only wrote that he had a very good family background and ability, and Qin Rou stalked him and made everyone laugh…

But Qin Rou really climbed this background board!

What made Xue Tingting even more annoyed was that when Qin Rou faced the male protagonist Lin Changyan in front of “Xue Tingting”, Lin Changyan, like the real Lin Minghui, was attracted by her beauty.

Qin Rou was really a seductive fox.

“Xue Tingting, aren’t you going to practice singing today”

“What’s the matter with you these two days Your singing skills are not as good as before.”

Zhou Meilan, who was passing by, said a few times to her, making Xue Tingting’s face extremely ugly, “I’ll go in a while to practice.”

Zhou Xiaoling next to Zhou Meilan couldn’t help but wonder, “Qin Rou sang and won the award, but Xue Tingting has regressed.”

“It’s a pity that Qin Rou got better but she will be discharged from the army.”

Her face got even uglier.

She thought it was because she was not in a good state these days, and would never admit that she was not as good at singing as Qin Rou.

In the past, she thought that Qin Rou could win first place in the singing competition because she was good-looking, and the judges gave her more points for that.

Later, someone from the entertainment company approached Qin Rou, but the woman refused, so she went to propose herself, but was rejected by the entertainment company, which made Xue Tingting more firm in her thoughts and hate Qin Rou behind her back.


Now that she was the female lead, she and the male lead Lin Changyan would grow old together as a loving couple, while Qin Rou married a thorny officer.

Xue Tingting hoped that this naval officer was short-tempered and had many bad habits.

It was best to be a domestic abuser, so that Qin Rou’s life after marriage would be miserable, and she would be turned into a middle-aged woman with rough hands and a sallow complexion.

And she would be spoiled by the male lead.

Thinking of it, Xue Tingting’s mouth twitched, and she couldn’t help but bow her head and smile shyly.

“The Old Lady Yang is here again!”

“Did she come looking for Qin Rou Qin Rou is not here!”

The movement at the door attracted a lot of people to watch the fun.

Xue Tingting, Zhou Meilan and Zhang Min surrounded them.

It turned out to be Leader Yang’s mother, Old Lady Yang who was said to have been hospitalized by Qin Rou.


Yang came to show off that day with the little country daughter-in-law she found.

The woman standing next to her, Wang Fangfang, was the new daughter-in-law she chose for her son, and she chose a good stepmother for her grandson.

Yes——Wang Fangfang listened to her mother-in-law in everything.

She came to warn the little vixen named Qin Rou, to not even think about her son, who was the head of the regiment.

“Call Qin Rou out.”

Tang Ruibai said, “Qin Rou is not here.”

“How can she not be here Don’t bluff, I know you don’t have a few days off…”

“Qin Rou is going to be discharged from the army.

“She’s going to be discharged from the army” Mrs.

Yang was overjoyed, “Does your leader think she is a bad influence”

“She’s going to be discharged from the army and get married.”


Yang was even happier after hearing that, thinking that the reputation of this little fox after being scolded by her was rotten, so the women quickly found someone to marry.

“Who is she going to get married to”

“It’s an army officer.”


Yang was taken aback for a moment.

An officer again, but this officer was definitely not as good as her son, “What rank is he”

“The regimental chief of staff.


Yang also didn’t understand how big the regiment commander and regiment chief of staff were.

The latter had a few more words than the former, and it seemed to sound more powerful.

The little fox hooked an old man again.

“This man surnamed Lu should be in his 40s, how many times has he been married, and how many children does he have”


“Well, how is that possible”

Her son was the head of the regiment, how could Qin Rou marry a man more powerful and younger than her son

It had only been a few days.

They must have lied to her.


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