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In the cafeteria, after lunch, Lu Yan and Wang Yuanzheng sat opposite each other.

“Lu Yan… Did you really think about it” Wang Yuanzheng unscrewed the cap of the chili bottle.

He was from Sichuan Province, and he couldn’t live without chili peppers.

He had to bring a bottle of chili peppers sauce made by his mother.

Some dishes must be served with chili.

“You share it with me, and I’ll start eating chili peppers in the future,” Lu Yan replied with a pun.

As a person from Jiaodao, he didn’t eat chili peppers before.

Now that he was married to a little chili, he started to try chili.

Wang Yuanzheng scooped a small spoon of chili sauce for him.

The chili sauce his mother made was specially made by adding spices such as star anise and pepper.

It was spicy and fragrant.

The red pepper was spicy enough.

The strange sweetness blended in the chili sauce, and it tasted extraordinarily delicious, in line with his liking, and he could eat several bowls of the chili sauce with rice.

Lu Yan tore open the steamed bun and dipped it in some chili sauce.

After putting it in his mouth and chewing it twice, he was speechless.

As soon as Wang Yuanzheng saw his face, he knew that it must be very spicy, and he immediately laughed in his heart.

“Look at you, you would definitely have problems with your diet in the future.”

Lu Yan said lightly, “I can learn to eat chili peppers.”

Wang Yuanzheng: “…”

These words sounded vaguely familiar.

When he and Xiao Ma were in a fierce fight, he talked about their future life every day.

Xiao Ma was from Bencheng and didn’t eat spicy food.

Wang Yuanzheng boldly said that he wanted to follow her and not eat spicy food.

“Your family’s hot sauce is good, send me a bottle,” Lu Yan finished eating the steamed buns in two or three, and went back to the dormitory.

“It’s good for you to marry a hot-tempered girl!” Wang Yuanzheng had already inquired about the girl that Lu Yan married.

Not to mention, Qin Rou really had some reputation.

Putting her together with Lu Yan’s name made one’s scalp tingle even more.

The two entered the dormitory, and Wang Yuanzheng caught a glimpse of the radio on Lu Yan’s bedside.

The radio was smaller than the popular radios currently on the market.

It was modified by Lu Yan the previous night into an excellent one with clean and clear sound with very little noise.

It was the goods brought by Lao Xie.

After everyone heard about Qin Rou’s reputation, they all silently paid and decided to give Comrade Xiao Lu a more expensive and high-end radio to express their blessings.

Thinking about it… Comrade Xiao Lu’s life after marriage would not be easy.

Lu Yan glanced at the radio and sent Wang Yuanzheng a heart-wrenching sentence, “When you arrive at Qiongzhou Island in the future, you are welcome to my house to listen to the radio.”

Wang Yuanzheng said the same thing to him a month ago, and now the original words were returned.

Forced to sleep in the same room as him, Lu Yan had no choice but to listen to this guy’s countless imaginings about his future life.

Political field officers like them were all long-winded guys.

Now a tick for a tick.

Lu Yan was lying on the bed with his hands folded behind his head, and he even whistled.

He completely felt the happiness of the old team leaders.

– I have a wife, but you don’t!

Wang Yuanzheng: “…”

The knife was inserted so accurately that Wang Yuanzheng almost couldn’t lift it in one breath.

After gasping for a few breaths, he gritted his teeth and said, “Comrade Lu, I want to see if after three months, no, two months, you can still happily say these words to me.”

“Report! Lu Yan will definitely complete the task successfully!” Lu Yan got up and raised his hand to salute the report in one go, then laid down like a salted fish, whistling lively.

The brisk whistle sounded like a flag fluttering in the wind on a naval dock.

Wang Yuanzheng: “…”

The guy must be blinded by beauty!  Although Wang Yuanzheng had never seen what Qin Rou looked like, he had heard of her name.

The little pepper had a fiery personality, but was also a famous beauty.

Peppers were not something that ordinary people could bear.

What was more, the man was also a jerk himself.

At that time, the surnamed Lu would know that he was wrong.

“I’m leaving first, let’s meet on Qiongzhou Island!” Wang Yuanzheng’s training mission had ended, and he had to rush to Qiongzhou Island in a few days.


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