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Lu Yan won the first place in several projects, and even ranked first in the overall ranking.

He was asked to stay and teach other trainers for a week and a half, and then set off for Qiongzhou Island after the lectures were over.

Wang Yuanzheng gritted his teeth and secretly rejoiced that he and the man surnamed Lu both went to Qiongzhou Island.

When he got to the island, he would definitely see with his own eyes to see how the couple lived after their marriage.

Comrade Lu, before you come to the island, your comrades will definitely prepare two bottles of wine.

When that time comes, we will come to your house together.

We will wait to see you drink the wine and pour out bitter deeds.

Hmm, prepare a few more bottles.


Qin Rou packed all her luggage.

The regiment had held a farewell ceremony for her, took her military uniform, and she was officially discharged from the army. 

She didn’t have many things.

She packed a large suitcase, plus the things sent by her comrades.

She carried her things downstairs, and was picked up by Lu Yan.

Qin Rou couldn’t help but admire him when she saw that he could easily hold it and walk effortlessly.

When she left the door, some people came to see her off.

Qin Rou glanced at Xue Tingting in the crowd, and she guessed that the current one was Liao Tingting.

She was the heroine in the book she wrote, but Qin Rou heard that her singing skills were not as good as before… In short, it was none of her business, and they would be far apart in the future.

She wished her an early pursuit.

She got in the car with Lu Yan and arrived at the farm.

Thinking of seeing her sister Qin Mian soon, Qin Rou was very nervous.

Last time she went alone, but this time she got married and brought her ‘husband’. 

Qin Mian probably would be startled.

When she got nervous, she wanted to grab something in her hand, but she was empty-handed.

Lu Yan held all her luggage and carried so many things.

He didn’t sweat or was out of breath, and easily followed her into the farm.

Qin Rou glanced at the side face of the man beside her from the corner of her eye, and couldn’t tell how he felt, but she had to admit that it was really good to have someone help her with things.

“You… can you walk slower”

Qin Rou trotted to catch up with him who while carrying so many things was walking fast with his long legs.

After listening to her words, Lu Yan really slowed down.

When they arrived at Chen’s house, the wine and sugar cakes that they brought to the door for the first time were all taken out.

There was no need to knock on the door as Qin Mian happened to be busy at home.

Qin Rou drilled her head, went in, and sneakily shouted, “Sister.”

Qin Mian felt both strange and surprised.

It had only been a few days that her sister went back.

She came at the unusual holiday time.

When she went back, her sister was going on a blind date with a young officer, and she didn’t know what happened.

She was excited and hurried to the door, trying to pull this sneaky little girl into the house, but when she got to the door, she found that there were many outside her house.


——All came to watch the excitement.

As soon as Qin Rou and Lu Yan appeared near the farm, they attracted the attention of many people.

They were familiar with her as she was Qin Mian’s sister, but the tall man in military uniform beside Qin Rou was very eye-catching.

Where did such a young and handsome young man come from

There were no entertainment activities in that era.

As long as something unusual happened, the work at hand would be left aside, and everyone would come out to watch the fun.

“You are—” Qin Mian was at a loss, why did so many people follow her sister, what happened to her sister

Extending her head may lead to beheading, and shrinking her head may also lead to beheading.

Qin Rou pointed her head at Lu Yan and introduced, “Sister, this is Comrade Lu Yan I told you about last time.

We got married.”

Lu Yan on the side greeted politely, “Because I’m about to be transferred, I submitted a marriage application first.

I didn’t come to visit my sister-in-law beforehand.

I hope you forgive me.”

“What!” Qin Mian was hit by that sudden bomb. 

She looked at Lu Yan with a dull gaze… married

Didn’t she say that she was going on a blind date the last time she came back, but got married now

Then she found out that this little brother Lu was really handsome! The facial features were particularly heroic, the bridge of the nose was straight, and the eyebrows were bright.

OMG! This handsome little brother was her brother-in-law! A young naval officer!

Qin Mian gave Lu Yan the way and instructed him to put things in the house, then quickly took Qin Rou’s hand and pulled her aside to whisper.

Qin Rou’s heartbeat accelerated, she thought Qin Mian would blame her for her hasty marriage, but who knew that the gentle sister gave her a thumbs up.

The elder sister sighed, “Sister, you are so smart!”

Qin Mian felt that she didn’t need to ask any more questions, things were already clear.

The little brother from the Lu family looked reliable at first glance.

He looked upright and generous, and was so handsome.

It must be her girl who dragged him to get a marriage licence.

How could she blame her Before she got married, Qin Mian was illiterate, but after marrying a literate person, she got more knowledge over the years.

Like the girls in the mountains, they were not as strict as literate people.

The stories she heard since she was a child were all singing folk songs when she met the man she loved.

They had left their hometown, and only the two sisters were left.

The younger sister Qin Rou was looking for a husband.

As long as the girl was willing, she had nothing to say as a sister.

What was more, after meeting such a handsome young officer, it was good to settle down quickly, or her sister to start fast.

Qin Rou: “…”

——How smart


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