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“The sister of the Chen family is here, and I heard that she brought a man with her.”

“The beautiful sister got married!”

“Yes, to a young officer.”


When He Chunfang heard these words in the farm, she didn’t believe it at all.

A few days back, the sisters talked nonsense about the leader introducing her to a young officer.

How long did it take for her to get married!

Shouldn’t it be just a talk in order not to lose face They must have deliberately found someone to play it, right If a young man put on a military uniform, couldn’t he pretend to be an officer

He Chunfang secretly laughed.

She had been boasting about going on blind date with someone last time, the chief of staff in his twenties.

This sister of the Chen family could really talk big.

Could such a man be introduced to her She would go to Chen’s house to see how she boasts.

The cowhide was about to blow into the sky.


He Chunfang immediately rushed to Chen’s house.

There were also a group of people watching on the road, chatting all about the Chen family.

She passed these people and greeted them one by one.

Suddenly, she heard them say, “Zhao Ming has gone to Chen’s house.”

Zhao Ming was the instructor of the farm.

He Chunfang’s eyes moved, the instructor went to Chen’s house Could it be that he went to expose the fake officer She laughed heartily, assuming that the Chen family had found someone to pretend to be an officer.

She had to go to Chen’s house to watch the play.

Arriving at Chen’s house, He Chunfang found that many people like her went to the show.

Instructor Zhao Ming was also there.

He was talking to a young, handsome and tall man, and he seemed to be chatting with him very harmoniously.

He Chunfang was puzzled.

This was completely different from what she had imagined.

Who was the instructor talking to

The smile on her face froze, and she stepped forward and asked, “Instructor Zhao, who are you talking to”

Zhao Ming smiled and patted the man next to him on the shoulder, “The brother-in-law of the Chen family, Lu Yan, he was my college alumni back then!”

“I didn’t expect to see you at the farm today, I almost didn’t dare to recognize you…”

Lu Yan chatted with Zhao Ming.

He was in the naval academy in Bincheng.

When he returned to his alma mater for further studies, he met a lot of people in Bencheng, but didn’t expect to meet one there.

In fact, Lu Yan didn’t know Zhao Ming, but Zhao Ming recognized him.

Lu Yan was an important figure in the academy back then, and everyone knew him.

Even if they had never seen him, everyone had heard of his name.

He still left behind a lot of legendary deeds.

Zhao Ming was two years older than Lu Yan.

After so many years, seeing the original legend and former alumni again, he really felt a little emotional and sighed.

When he saw Lu Yan, a famous celebrity in the past, he couldn’t help but come forward and chat enthusiastically about what happened at the academy.

He didn’t go on the ship, but became an instructor there.

He always felt a little regretful so he was particularly willing to recall what happened in the academy.

As for Lu Yan, he touched his nose as he was reluctant to talk about it.

It was okay to chat, but he couldn’t chat in front of the Qin sisters.

There were things that he didn’t want to let Qin Rou hear.

He was just “newly married” and went to meet his wife’s relatives.

At present, he was very down-to-earth.

Sister Qin Rou regarded him as a motivated and good young man.

How could he talk about the absurdity of what he did in the academy at that critical moment

Fortunately, Qin Mian thoughtfully let the men talk about things, and dragged her sister to buy vegetables and meat, otherwise he really didn’t want to chat with Zhao Ming.

——The hero did not mention the bravery of the year.

Speaking of which, nothing happened back then.

Lu Yan was clever, playful, and had a stubborn personality.

Under the pressure of his father, he was thrown into the military academy early for training.

As for him, he grew up in the academy.

He had been in the military since he was a child, and he was like a fish in water when he entered the military academy.

Lu Yan was good-looking, popular, bold, and loyal.

With a big frame and a good height, he fooled a group of students who were a few years older than him to call him “Brother Lu”.

When Lu Yan was in his teens, he was really a cheap and poisonous boy who didn’t know how high the sky was.

When he first entered the academy, the instructors trained him strictly.

Lu Yan, Brother Lu, was targeted.

People just wanted to tame him, fighting wit and courage.

On the contrary, they forced his potential out.

Lu Yan’s comprehensive strength was excellent, and his physical fitness was beyond ordinary people.

He could survive no matter how he was trained.

The instructors admired him, but Lu Yan was holding his stomach full of fire.

He quarrelled with the old man.

The old man taught him to do things with a set of sarcastic words, and Lu Yan immediately became possessed, “Man, I don’t think you’re too old, let me worship you as my teacher.”

It turned out that the old man was the principal.

So he became a legendary freshman who almost got obsessed with the principal.


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