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Lu Yan closed his eyes, thinking that even if he just remembered the beginning, just the beginning would sound very bad.

He was now twenty-five years old, not fifteen years old.

After graduation, his temperament had become much calmer.

When he recalled the past, he only felt that the past was unbearable.

He didn’t want to mention the past in front of his own woman.

“…Academy, alumni” He Chunfang was stunned.

Instructor Zhao and this person were alumni, and he was the brother-in-law of the Chen family

Chen’s brother-in-law Qin Rou’s marriage partner! Qin Mian’s brother-in-law

Of course, she was well-informed and knew of Instructor Zhao’s academy back then.

Qin Mian’s brother-in-law was an alumnus of his, so he must be a young naval office.

“I really didn’t expect to see you here.

You married the sister-in-law of the Chen family.

This sister-in-law of the Chen family used to be a literary artist in the art troupe, did you meet by chance” Zhao Ming was surprised to see Lu Yan.

He used to think that Lu Yan would marry the daughter of the chief, but he did not expect that he would marry Qin Rou.

“She was introduced by the organization.”

He Chunfang couldn’t stay at the Chen’s house any longer.

Qin Rou’s leader, really introduced her to a young and promising naval officer.

Her husband was drinking tea and reading the newspaper.

“Such a good cabbage was devoured by Qin Rou, the pig!!” He Chunfang secretly scolded Qin Rou for being a sl*t.

How many days had it been

(A pig devouring a cabbage” refers to a man who is dating a woman he does not deserve)

She just talked about the introduction a few days ago, and she got married so quickly.

It would take a few months for other girls to date, right

Was she married fast for fear that someone else would steal her man!

Sister Qin Mian also felt that the pig was the one she had worked so hard to raise.

She entertained Lu Yan very warmly and thoughtfully.

Although they all said that the soldiers were a little tempered, in her eyes, Lu Yan was a harmless little cabbage, a little cabbage brought back by her own pig.

She had to help her sister to support the cabbage.

Qin Mian was busy for a long time, cooking a table of good dishes.

She called the family out to eat, and asked Juanjuan and Jinghua to call Lu Yan “little uncle”.

Juanjuan and Jinghua were very happy.

After a long time, their mother cooked a large table of good dishes.

There were even two large pots of pork stewed noodles.

There was more pork in it than any other time, and their mouth was full of saliva.

Qin Rou’s brother-in-law accompanied Lu Yan to drink two glasses of wine.

Lu Yan drank and ate food, and observed how Qin Rou’s sister and her husband got along with each other.

It was also that he dug a hole and buried himself.

When an old senior shared it enthusiastically, Lu Yan said  with arrogant appearance, “I’m very tough, I won’t get married, so there is no need to listen to some bullsh*t husband and wife experience.”

At the moment, if he lowered his head to seek experience, it would be a very slap in the face.

But he really didn’t know how to deal with a woman.

He had been in the military since he was a child, and when he grew up, he entered the military academy and the army.

He rarely got along with women, let alone when he was at sea, the mice he saw were not necessarily female.


And several marriages in his family were not suitable for experience.

His mother, a female old military doctor, when she got angry, a man who was 1.9 meters tall would cry in front of her; his second sister-in-law, also from Jiaodao, looked like a man with short neat and tidy hair.

When the second brother just brought her home, the neighbor next door thought they had a young and handsome young man and wanted to introduce a girl to “her”, but Lu Yan’s parents exclaimed: God, it turns out that my son likes men.

No wonder you didn’t get married in your 30s…

And his third sister was the same as his second sister-in-law.

The two had a good relationship.

Lu Yan had three elder brothers and one elder sister.

The eldest brother was gone, only the second elder brother and the third elder sister were married, and he also got married, the fourth brother was left as a bachelor.

Also as a man from the Lu family, Lu Yan originally thought that he would be like the second brother and the fourth brother.

Maybe he would have to wait until thirty to find a woman to marry.

Who knew that there was an accident in the middle, and he was trapped in the hands of a delicate and soft little fox.

She was charming and pretty, had long hair, wore beautiful dresses, and cried hard while watching a movie.

In the dim light, Lu Yan looked at Qin Rou beside him.

She was holding half a steamed sweet potato in her hand and ate it in small bites.

Upturned again, the beautiful fox eyes were extraordinarily beautiful, and the small nose underneath was even more flattering, it let him involuntarily be able to see into the Gods.

‘Damn it,’ Lu Yan thought that he wouldn’t dare to say a single swear word in front of her.

Her sister’s family was also eating together.

In the future, the husband and wife would eat with each other.

As long as he thought of that picture, he felt a heat wave in his heart, and even the hardest heart was soft.

– This was his wife.

Lu Yan needed to learn to be a good husband.

His heart was full of passion, not only aroused a strong sense of responsibility, but also a strong desire to learn.

Lu Yan carefully observed Qin Rou’s sister and brother-in-law.

Her sister Qin Mian looked like Qin Rou and had a gentle personality.

His brother-in-law, Chen Mian, seemed very silent and didn’t talk much.

His reticence before seemed like the right move.


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