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It was a pity that the only photo she had of Lu Yan was the photo on the marriage certificate.

Although it was an old-fashioned black and white photo, Qin Rou had peeked at it at her sister’s house several times.

Dazzling, she was fascinated several times, and once was caught by her sister Qin Mian.

Qin Mian winked, “Seeing you like this, sister, I can finally rest assured.”

Qin Rou looked embarrassed, and reluctantly retorted, “Sister, you have misunderstood.”

Only Qin Rou knew that it was a real misunderstanding!

Lu Yan in the photo was really handsome and she liked him.

In reality, Lu Yan was so burly and she was scared.

Qin Rou sighed in her heart.

She looked at the scenery that kept receding outside the window.

That day, she resolutely agreed to sign in front of Director Sun.

Did she really want to go to Qiongzhou Island with him Perhaps a large part of the reason was:

——Everyone had a love for beauty.

It was not easy to find such a handsome and good-looking husband.

If she missed it, it would be difficult to get the chance again.

People’s aesthetics were different, she didn’t know what others thought, but Lu Yan grew in her aesthetics.

Qin Rou’s self-criticism: I’m so superficial!

To say that there was no regret in agreeing hastily that day, Qin Rou was just a little worried.

She had also heard that Lu Yan was not very good-tempered.

He sneered at others and made people cry.

She was afraid that it would be difficult to get along with him.

But from the past few times, she felt that Lu Yan was very considerate in dealing with people.

When he went to her sister’s house that time, he was very polite, the farm instructor was his alumni, and the farm manager was his fellow villager.

He got along well with people.

Unlike the fiery man that everyone hated, Lu Yan’s popularity was very good.

Recalling the state when she got along with him, Qin Rou felt that the two of them were also very good, and they respected each other.

However, Qin Rou always felt that something was not right.

Lu Yan was too quiet.

He didn’t talk much in front of her, and always kept his words concise.

Qin Rou couldn’t help peeking at him again, but she didn’t dare to look at him too much, for fear that Lu Yan would notice her gaze.

Like the two children, Lu Yan seemed to be asleep.

Qin Rou breathed a sigh of relief.

She fixedly looked at Lu Yan.

Seeing that he was lying asleep with nothing on him, she found a green military jacket and put it on him.

After doing that, as if enchanted, Qin Rou’s cheeks turned red.

——This must be due to the professionalism of the kindergarten teacher.

She couldn’t bear seeing the children nap without covering them.

Qin Rou put a piece of clothes on him like a thief with a guilty conscience, leaned against something, closed her eyes and forced herself to fall asleep.

When the train was running, the sound of banging was continuous, the windows were half open, and the refreshing wind blew in, blowing away the sultry heat of summer, making people feel comfortable and lazy.

Not only the children, but also the adults got sleepy.

Qin Rou originally thought it would be difficult for her to fall asleep, but who knew she would lose consciousness quickly and her breathing became steady.

Lu Yan, who was lying across from her, opened his eyes at that moment, picked up the green military jacket on his waist, and smiled youthfully.

After smelling so much stinky sweat, it was the first time he smelled the fragrance.

——He was really happy to be married to such a wife!


After wandering around for three or four days, and transferring trains halfway through, Qin Rou stayed at the guest house for one night during the transfer, and she, who finally arrived at Guangcheng Railway Station early on the fourth day, felt that her old life would continue.

Within a year, she didn’t want to take long-distance trains anymore.

She really wanted the roads to be built first, and solving traffic problems was the most important thing.

It was really inconvenient to travel from south to north.

The two children were also listless.

If Qin Rou was the big eggplant from the frost, the two young ones were the small eggplants, even the talkative little chubby kid didn’t want to talk.

After getting off the train, they recovered a little bit of energy.

At seven or eight o’clock in the night two days later, they had to take a ferry to Qiongzhou Island.

In the era, it took about 24 to 30 hours to go from Guangcheng to Qiongzhou Island.

That meant spending a day at sea.

Although Qin Rou grew up in the small fishing village in Shencheng, she has never sailed by boat.

At most, she experiences gathering on the beach during holidays.

The scenery of the seaside was beautiful, but when there were more people, the flow of people would meander on the beach like a string of ants, which would detract from the scenery.

Thinking of it, Qin Rou once went out to sea fishing for an hour.

On the small fishing boat, she did not get seasick very much.

As a result, after a woman started to vomit, one after another, the whole boat was affected and vomited, and finally most of them vomited.

She didn’t know if she would be seasick or not, she just felt dizzy thinking about it.

It seemed that if she wanted to seek more happiness, she would feel more secure with a small bucket by her side.

Lu Yan first asked a friend he knew to help move some luggage to the dock for storage, and took Qin Rou and the two eggplants to stay at the Guangcheng Guest House.

Qin Rou and the two children took a bath and slept on the bed like dead fish.

After a comfortable sleep, she took the two children to a state-run restaurant for breakfast, where Qin Rou ate old-fashioned rice rolls.

The first thought in her mind at that time was: —— She wanted to get a divorce, she didn’t want to leave.


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