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“You… have two children” Yang Yufeng asked suspiciously when she saw the two little boys.

Xia Mingxi’s little chubby face was very eye-catching, and it was definitely not an ordinary family who could raise such a chubby.

“No, they are my nephews.”

Qin Rou prepared a big bucket and went to the yard to collect water.

When the faucet was turned on to the maximum, the water still fell into the bucket in a trickle.

Qin Rou: “…”

The current was really small!

“Sister Yang, look after the water for me.

I’ll go into the house to tidy up for a while.”

“Okay, go ahead,” Yang Yufeng stood in the yard to help her wait for the water, and at the same time looked curiously at the luggage Qin Rou brought over.  Few young men helped move various objects into the first floor.

She took a closer look and wondered what Qin Rou had brought.




“Xiao Qin, do you know how to cook”

“A little.”

Yang Yufeng wondered how much was a little.

Was it modesty Or really just a little bit

Just looking at the appearance of Sister Qin, she really looked like a squeamish young lady who didn’t touch cold water with her fingers.

This was a huge difference between being a wife and being a girl at home in the past.

To grasp a man’s heart, one must first grasp the man’s stomach.

After receiving one bucket of water, she helped her to pick up another bucket of water, “Sister Yang, thank you.”

“Xiao Qin, did they install the light bulbs for you Be careful to prepare a few light bulbs, which are good, especially this one.

There would be frequent power outages for several months.”

“Okay, Sister Yang, I understand, I will pay attention.”

Yang Yufeng felt itchy, thinking of why she didn’t ask her the reason why the power would  go out.

She just wanted to introduce her to the typhoon.

It was like Qin Rou was not curious, so she didn’t ask.

When Yang Yufeng left, she thought that Xiao Qin was very strange.

When she came out of the yard, she just turned a corner, and a few old friends from weekdays pulled her aside and asked curiously, “What is the situation of the new family”

“A very young girl, She looks beautiful.”

“Is she a teacher, or from the hospital Or is she from an art troupe”

“She was in the art troupe where she sang before, and she has some accent, but her voice is nice.”

“How beautiful Prettier than the one in the Zhang family”

“Is the one from the Zhang family beautiful She is good at everything, and a model wife.”

“Is Xiao Qin someone who can live a good life”

“I can’t guess, this Xiao Qin has thin skin and tender meat, and she doesn’t look like someone who knows how to live, but I saw that she brought a lot of pots and pans, and also firewood!”


For her, it was nothing unusual.

In the past two years, the residents next door had changed several houses, and each family had not lasted for a long time.

The corners of her mouth curled into a smile.

Finally, someone came again.

She heard that she was still a squeamish new wife.

She was beautiful, sang in the art troupe, and had a hot temper.

She was from Sichuan and Hunan.

Her husband Lu Yan was also a famous person.

First, these two have no other advantages.

In Huang Xinying’s opinion, the two of them were mainly together because one was beautiful and the other was handsome.

There must be quarrels under one roof.

There was a good show to watch.

Tsk tsk tsk, these young people.

Huang Xinying sighed twice in her heart, and immediately gave birth to a sense of complacency.

What did she plan to serve her husband and children from beginning to end all day long Naturally, she liked to be praised as a good wife.

Which colony members did not say she was excellent Which man didn’t want a wife like her

No one could compare to her excellence.

Now there was another Xiao Qin who acted as a comparison for her.

Huang Xinying could already anticipate the quarrels she would hear in their home.

“Xiao Qin, you have to learn from Sister Huang.”

“New wives really don’t know anything.

Look at how well Mrs.

Huang manages the house.”

“Learn how to serve your man.”


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