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“True! Since were already here, how can we retreat again” Fu Mingxue had the same intention and didnt think of hiding.

The two of them had previously been enlightened by Li Xiang.

Now they were clear-headed and had no intention of retreating in the face of danger.

Moreover, they hadnt obtained any treasures since they came here.

They had only received some guidance from Li Xiang.

They were unwilling to leave just like that.

Furthermore, it was said that this was the tomb of the real god.

Even if their strength was not enough to get the real gods treasure, it was good to have a look.

If they could pick up something, then this trip would not be in vain.

“In that case, lets go in and see whats so special about this strange door set up by the mysterious real god!”

“Lets go!”

The group left the first level and stepped onto the second level.

They did not encounter any danger or obstacles along the way.

After walking around the eight doors, one could clearly see that the eight stone doors were located in the position of the Bagua.

It was ancient and mysterious.

Li Xiang came to a stone door and looked at the constantly-changing words on it.

He knew that no matter which door he entered from, the probability was the same.

Hence he didnt wait any longer and put his hand on the door.

Suddenly, a huge suction force came from the stone door.

Li Xiang didnt resist and was directly sucked into the door.

He turned into a shadow and disappeared into the stone door.

There was no need to push open the stone door.

As long as one touched it, one would be sucked in.

“Brother Li entered just like that”

“He has indeed entered!”

While Ye Qiu and Fu Mingxue were still in shock, Alice and Alicia didnt hesitate at all.

They touched the stone door and were sucked in.

Ye Qiu and Fu Mingxue witnessed three people entering the stone gate one after another, and they disappeared without any resistance.

They looked at each other and no longer hesitated.

They also touched the stone door and entered.

In the blink of an eye, light and shadow flickered in front of Li Xiangs eyes, and he arrived at an unfamiliar place.

“Eh This was another world! Dont tell me that the eight doors on this platform all contain a grotto-heaven world”

This place was neither a secret room nor a palace, but a real world, or rather, a grotto-heaven world.

One could not see the end at a glance.

Although he had appeared in grotto-heaven, it was not enough to shock Li Xiang.

After all, there were eight newly opened grotto-heaven worlds in his Tower of Stars.

Even though they were small now, their potential was limitless and full of vitality.

They were still in their growth stages.

However, the world in front of him surprised him.

This was because what he saw was a boundless swamp.

There were no mountains, lakes, or plains.

The entire world was made of swamps.

In the swamp, wisps of black miasma condensed into a black fog that filled the entire world.

It was unknown how many years the fog had accumulated but it was extremely poisonous.

Even Li Xiang felt a slight discomfort for a moment when he took a breath of it.

After Li Xiang had ignited the divine fire, both his spirit and physical body had been tempered and strengthened at all times.

He was almost immune to all poisons.

After that, he had been tempered by thunder, and the strength of his blood and flesh had increased even more.

Now, he felt a little uncomfortable just breathing in a mouthful of the miasma poison here.

This was enough to show how terrifying this miasma was.

Moreover, he had just entered this world and was still at the edge of this grotto-heaven world.

He didnt know what kind of terrifying dangers were hidden in the depths of this swamp!

“This place should be a grotto-heaven world that was formed based on the Bagua! The corresponding word here should be theZe character!”

At this moment, with his arrival, the surrounding poisonous miasma seemed to be stimulated and began to roll wildly toward him.

This kind of corrosion was extremely terrifying.

If Li Xiangs body had not been strengthened before, he would have been completely corroded by the poisonous mist.

Even so, there was a slight tingling sensation on his exposed skin, and there were even traces of black poison forming strange patterns on the surface of his skin.

“My body isnt that far away from the demigods body but the poison here can still penetrate my skin.

Its a little overbearing.

If Ye Qiu and Fu Mingxue entered this place, theyd die without a doubt if they didnt have any poison resistance methods! On the other hand, Alice and Alicia have a high resistance to this kind of poison.

Moreover, they are both in the divine realm, so they are more than enough to deal with this kind of crisis.”

At the same time, Li Xiang discovered another strange thing about this world.

In this world, his originally powerful flying ability was affected to a certain extent.

It was as if the swamp below contained a strange suction force, making flying extremely difficult.

He dared to say that if he really fell into the swamp at the bottom of the path, he would encounter more terrifying danger.

His ability to fly was only a natural ability he had after igniting his divine fire.

It was neither a divine art nor a skill.

Therefore, he felt like he had fallen into the mud when faced with such a suction force.

It was as if he could not break free no matter what.

“I cant be sucked in by the swamp.

In the swamp, its useless no matter how strong I am.

Struggling with brute force is the stupidest thing to do! It would be fine if I dont move.

I might sink deeper and deeper into the swamp if I move.

That would be a big problem.

Its so terrifying even though Im flying in the sky.

If I fall into the swamp, itll be even more difficult to get out!”

Suddenly, he had an idea.

He saw that the swamp was filled with black muddy water and he immediately raised his hand and pointed down.

In an instant, a spot of icy blue light fell, directly turning the nearby swamp into a huge block of solid ice.

At this time, Li Xiang landed on it.

Although he could still feel the suction force, it became insignificant to him since he could use the force from his feet.

Although he didnt use much of his Frost Law and only froze a small area of several hundred feet, this bit of ice-sealing power was too insignificant compared to the entire swamp.

It was because the edge of the frozen swamp was being eroded by the corrosion power of the swamp and began to melt.

This speed was visibly increasing, and in just a breaths time, the huge landing spot had shrunk by half.

The melted ice crystals turned into ice shards and were devoured by the mud.

This was Li Xiangs freezing technique with the power of the Frost Law.

If it was an ordinary freezing technique, it would probably only take a breath to turn the frozen area back into a swamp.

One could sink into the mud if one wasnt careful.

Li Xiang frowned slightly, and the power of the Frost Law under his feet continued to spread out.

He thought to himself,If I can extract all the mud and poisonous water from here, I might be able to break out of this swamp world!

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