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This ice-sealing technique could only solve the problem temporarily, but not once and for all.

Suddenly, Li Xiang had another flash of inspiration.

“Thats right, others cant remove the sludge and poisonous water.

Even if they can, its useless to have so much sludge and poisonous water.

However, it was different for him.

He had the Primal Chaos Pearl in the Tower of Stars, which could refine any material and turn it into Primal Chaos Air.

Theres so much mud and poisonous water here.

This is a good resource!”

As soon as this idea appeared, it immediately took root and sprouted.

In fact, the more he thought about it, the more feasible it seemed.

With a slight thought, the Tower of Stars that had been guarding the Starlight Shrines Square in his mind suddenly turned into a ray of starlight and flew out.

It turned into a small silver-white tower and landed on his palm.

As he held the small tower in his palm, he could immediately feel the weight.

It was only because he was its master that he was not affected by the true weight of the tower.

Otherwise, even a true god might not be able to hold the Tower of Stars, which contained the power of eight worlds.

At the same time, the Tower of Stars exuded a terrifying aura that seemed to be eternal and impermanent.

Threads of starlight bloomed from the top of the tower, and a Primal Chaos Pearl glowed brightly in the starlight.


With a thought, Li Xiang activated the devouring power of the Primal Chaos Pearl on the tip of the Tower of Stars.

Instantly, the poisonous mud in the nearby swamp turned into long black snakes that emitted a rancid smell and rose into the air.

They were pulled into the Primal Chaos Pearl by the powerful suction force.

The Primal Chaos Pearl was only five kilometers in radius, but it was filled with dense Primal Chaos Air.

As the sludge and poisonous water entered, they were instantly corroded and disintegrated by the Primal Chaos Air, turning into threads of Primal Chaos Air.

Although the conversion efficiency was a little low, the Primal Chaos Air must be too high-end that it was already a blessing to be able to convert a little of it.

He did not dare to ask for more.

He had witnessed the Primal Chaos Air corroding and dissolving the sludge and poisonous water without obstruction.

It was extremely overbearing.

The sludge and poisonous water that entered the Primal Chaos Pearl would disappear once it came into contact with the Primal Chaos Air.

Then, the Primal Chaos Air in the Primal Chaos Space would increase by an unnoticeable amount.

Although it wasnt much, it had indeed increased.

This was enough.

After all, it was recycling.

It was already an unexpected joy to achieve this level.

Moreover, a portion of the refined Primal Chaos Air would be sent into the Tower of Stars and eventually fused into the eight worlds, allowing these worlds to expand a little.

The Primal Chaos Air was an extremely precious resource in any world.

The world inside the tower naturally grew and expanded rapidly under the support of the Primal Chaos Air.

“The size of the space in the Primal Chaos Pearl is closely related to the other eight worlds.

As long as the Primal Chaos Space grows, the other eight worlds will grow as well.

The more Primal Chaos Air we obtain, the faster they will grow.

In other words, as long as there are sufficient resources for the Primal Chaos Space to devour, then the eight worlds can also expand as the Primal Chaos Space expands.”

Li Xiang felt a sense of enlightenment in his heart and was secretly happy.

When he had first obtained the blueprint for the tower, it seemed to have said that it needed to devour countless precious treasures to grow.

In fact, it even needed to devour ones essence, energy, and spirit for the space within the tower to grow.

If the devouring was not enough, it would even devour ones lifespan to replenish it.

Not only would he have to consume even more precious natural treasures, but he would also have to delay the advancement of his strength and even endanger his life.

Originally, the Starlight Shrine could solve the consumption of resources and not endanger his life.

However, if he wanted to increase the power of the tower and allow the worlds in it to grow, he would need to absorb a huge amount of starlight power to achieve slow growth over a long period.

But now, with this Primal Chaos Pearl, the entire tower had undergone a tremendous change.

The pearl was like a furnace of the tower, returning everything to its origin and turning them into Primal Chaos Air.

After satisfying its growth needs, it could also supplement the tower and the worlds inside.

He did not need to consume precious natural treasures, essence, Qi, and spirit to cultivate it.

It would not endanger his life anymore.

The Primal Chaos Air produced by the Primal Chaos Pearl was of a much higher quality than any rare treasure.

It had the best and most suitable effect for the growth of the Tower of Stars and the other inner worlds.

The Primal Chaos Air was the origin of all things.

It could evolve all things and integrate into the tower.

Naturally, it contained all the laws of heaven and earth.

Under normal circumstances, with the domineering nature of the Primal Chaos Air, most materials would not be able to affect it, let alone the Tower of Stars.

Instead, they would be corroded and destroyed by the Primal Chaos Air, turning them back into chaos.

However, this Primal Chaos Pearl had fused with the tower.

Under the influence of the Starlight Shrine, it had been upgraded and could now cultivate the Primal Chaos Air.

Although the Tower of Stars was a divine grade existence on the surface, just the Primal Chaos Pearl itself had already exceeded the Holy Light grade.

It was only after it had fused with the Tower of Stars that its grade dropped.

And now, the three of them formed a perfect balance and cycle.

The Primal Chaos Pearl, the Tower of Stars, and the worlds within the tower complemented each other and achieved success.

Li Xiang quickly ran through the rules of the operation of the Tower of Stars in his mind and put them aside.

After all, if he were to study this seemingly simple law of operation in detail, it was not something that he could understand at his current level because the things contained within were too high-end.

The only thing he needed to do now was to devour all the sludge and poisonous water in this world and turn them into Primal Chaos Air to replenish the Tower of Stars.

Li Xiang was even a little excited.

He wondered how much Primal Chaos Air could be transformed after absorbing the resources of an entire world, and how much growth could the eight worlds have.

At the same time, Li Xiang also thought of the Myriad World Continent.

On the Myriad World Continent, countless dead and silent lands were occupied by demons and evil spirits.

If he could turn these places that could no longer be restored into Primal Chaos Air…

And how many such places were there in the Myriad World Continent It was almost endless.

After all, before he had entered the Myriad World Continent, he had seen a corner of the continent in the void.

The places with light were very few, and 99% of the land had been eroded by evil power, becoming a land of mortal enemies.

In that case, if he could use the Tower of Stars to transform all of them, then…

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