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Li Xiang didnt dare to imagine how strong the Tower of Stars would be.

Of course, he also knew that this was not the right way to think.

After all, there were many terrifying demons and evil spirits hidden in the wilderness.

They couldnt be simply devoured.

If he accidentally provoked a powerful one, it would be very dangerous.

However, this was definitely a suitable way to upgrade the Tower of Stars.

He suppressed this idea and planned to test it out when he had the opportunity.

“Devour! Devour! This swamp is not like the Myriad World Continent in the outside world.

Theres no need to be afraid of any demons or evil spirits.

Even if there are, they shouldnt be able to form on a large scale.

This is a real feast!”

Li Xiang was incomparably excited as he activated the Tower of Stars with all his might.

Originally, he had been troubled over the growth of the Tower of Stars in the future.

Now that he had such an opportunity, what was he waiting for

Furthermore, there were eight worlds to be nurtured.

Other than the space that was opened at the beginning, the other had almost stopped moving.

Now that there was the Primal Chaos Air, so they had begun to expand rapidly again.

How could he let go of such an opportunity

Moreover, eight worlds werent the limit of the Tower of Stars.

In the future, more worlds would be established.

The more worlds there were, the more difficult it would be to advance, and the more resources would be required.

Once the resources were insufficient, the worlds inside would even shrink.

Li Xiang was well aware of this.

Now that he had the opportunity, he did not hesitate at all.

This mysterious swamp was incomparably large.

It just so happened that the entire swamp could be refined by the Primal Chaos Pearl, becoming a resource for the Tower of Stars to grow.


In the beginning, Li Xiang was a little careful in absorbing the poisonous sludge.

However, as he made up his mind, he increased the intensity of his absorption.

Suddenly, the tiny poisonous sludge that had been pulled up turned from thin snakes into huge demonic dragons with a radius of several meters.

They were sucked into the Primal Chaos Pearl in a frenzy.

Li Xiang tossed the Tower of Stars into the air.

It grew in the wind and turned into a huge tower that was more than ten meters tall, hanging in the air.

Along with the sludge and poisonous water, countless poisonous miasma floating in the space were also drawn into the Primal Chaos Pearl.

The toxicity of these poisons was extremely domineering.

The quality of energy contained in them was also extremely high, even more than the Primal Chaos Air that was transformed from the poisonous water of the sludge.

The space within the Primal Chaos Pearl began to expand and grow at a visible rate after refining a massive amount of sludge, poisonous water, and poisonous gas.

At the same time, the Primal Chaos Air that was replenished also drove the rapid growth of the Tower of Stars and the eight worlds.

More mysterious runes appeared on the body of the Tower of Stars, and countless starlight fell from unknown places.

The eight worlds were also expanding rapidly.

In a short time, they had expanded by thousands of meters or even tens of thousands of meters.

At this moment, the poisonous sludge outside was being sucked in by the violent suction force, forming a terrifying vortex.

If he wasnt the owner of the Tower of Stars, he would have been sucked in too.

The swamp was simply too vast.

Even though the Tower of Stars was absorbing the energy of the swamp violently, it didnt seem to have much effect.

On the contrary, the ground beneath him began to sink, and the tower followed suit.

Its devouring speed was faster and more ferocious.

The sludge and poisonous water that gathered from the surroundings were all devoured.

This created a strange space around him that was not affected by the poisonous gas outside.

Not long after, he sank deeper and deeper.

It was as if his entire body, along with the Tower of Stars, was submerged in the poisonous mud.

Li Xiang did not continue to increase the devouring power of the Tower of Stars.

He maintained an equilibrium between the tower and the sludge.

Although there was no air under the swamp, it did not affect him at all.

“Eh What is this”

Not long after, Li Xiang had already sunk to the deepest part of the swamp.

The silt in the sky was naturally swallowed by the Tower of Stars and would not drown.

There was a piece of ice under his feet that had been condensed by the Frost Law but he seemed to have touched something hard on the surface of the ice.

Li Xiang immediately squatted down and grabbed the thing.


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