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Chapter 29: Jiang Li

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Lin Yun sat alone on the bed and opened the package she had just taken from outside.

In her previous life, not long after she joined Wing, she also received a package.

There was no message from the sender on the package.

Lin Yun took out the package according to the agreed-upon location. Other than a small black wing symbol, nothing else could be seen on it.

She opened the package to reveal an exquisite black wooden box.

The wooden box was opened and an exquisite necklace was placed inside.

Lin Yun took out the necklace curiously.

There was a small diamond at the tip of the silver feather. It looked exquisite and unique.

Lin Yun touched the necklace pendant and smiled.

In her previous life, Wing had sent her a ring, but now it was a necklace pendant…

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“Looks like everything has really changed!” Lin Yuns smile deepened as she studied the tiny “feather”.

What Wing sent over would not be ordinary.

In her previous life, the ring was a mini ultra-high-definition camera with a data analytics function. It brought great convenience to Lin Yuns work.

“Whats the function this time” Lin Yun fiddled with the pendant.

Just then, Dr. Cheng pushed the door open and walked in.

“How is it You can be discharged tomorrow. Are you still feeling unwell”

Dr. Cheng looked at the dangling pendant in Lin Yuns hand and asked with a smile, “A discharge gift”

Lin Yun looked at Doctor Cheng with a sincere expression of gratitude. “Doctor Cheng, Ive… troubled you!”

In her previous life, she only recovered after Doctor Cheng took care of Lin Yun.

She remembered that it was Dr. Cheng who insisted that she could only leave after completing all the treatment.

However, at that time, she was fully focused on listening to Lin Cheng and Wang Lan. She ignored the fact that her body had not fully recovered and went home to listen to Lin Yus orders.

It was also because of this that her body had not fully recovered after that and she had fallen ill.

Doctor Cheng thought that Lin Yun was referring to the time when she was hospitalized. He just smiled and said, “Its what I should do!”

“Although youve been discharged from the hospital, your body is still quite weak. You cant work too hard!”

“If you feel any discomfort, you must seek treatment immediately!”

Hearing Dr. Chengs advice, Lin Yun felt a little emotional.

Compared to Dr. Cheng, her adoptive parents were so realistic that it was laughable.

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Wang Lan never came to the hospital to visit her.

Lin Cheng was here twice. His target was only the person upstairs.

He came to see her just to find a reasonable excuse for himself.

Seeing that Lin Yun seemed a little down, Dr. Cheng said, “This is a friend of mine. If you need anything, you can look for him.”

As Dr. Cheng spoke, he took out a business card and handed it to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun took the name card and looked at the name on it. She could not help but be surprised. “Jiang Li”

Jiang Li was the legendary expert in treating mental illnesses.

It was said that he had become a visiting professor at several renowned medical universities at a young age and specialized in the intervention and rehabilitation treatment of mental illnesses.

Moreover, it was rumored that Jiang Li had a mind-reading ability. He could see through a person after spending a few minutes with them.

However, the articles about Jiang Li were rarely published in magazines, so as to avoid arousing suspicion.

The reason Lin Yun knew about Jiang Li was because she had accepted a mission to steal Jiang Lis latest research report…

Doctor Cheng saw Lin Yuns strange expression and asked, “Why Do you know him”

Lin Yun hurriedly shook her head before replying with a smile, “Ive heard that name before.”

Dr. Cheng immediately put on a proud smile. “Hes my junior. Back then, he went to learn psychology because his grades didnt improve. I didnt expect him to really learn something!”

“If you have any questions, just tell him I referred you!”

“This kids medical skills are not bad, but he has a weird personality. Most people cant stand him!”

When Lin Yun heard Dr. Chengs complaints, she couldnt help but grin.

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“Okay! I got it! Thank you, Dr. Cheng!”

Dr. Cheng left after giving his instructions.

Lin Yun kept the name card. She had a feeling that she would meet Jiang Li soon!

The next morning, Aunt Xu packed her things and called for the chauffeur to wait downstairs before pushing Lin Yun out of the ward.

Lin Yun had repeatedly emphasized that she was almost healed and didnt need to sit in a wheelchair anymore.

However, Aunt Xu insisted that she had to obediently stay in the wheelchair for another week!

“This is what Dr. Cheng said!” Aunt Xu revealed her trump card, leaving Lin Yun unable to refute…


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