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Cheers and congratulatory filled the capital

The focus of those cheers is the army that has just returned.

With their success in retaking a fortress from demon army, which could be called victory, this level of celebration is natural.

The first person to enter the capital’s gate is the commander, His Highness Crown Prince surrounded by Royal Guard.

He rode his horse gallantly.

As expected, unlike me, a Crown Prince must be used to this kind of event.

Right behind His Highness is a carriage pulled by a war horse.

Standing on it is Hero Party, led by [Hero] Mazell Hearthing.

That guy must be surprised with the amount of crowd.

Good thing he recovers fast and started to smile while waving toward the crowd.

The dazed hero party started to follow him.

Me No, I’m not in the parade.

“Everyone! It’s dangerous so please stay back.

Augen, take care of that side too!”

“Yes, sir!”

Currently, I am in the middle of controlling the crowd.

This happened because of injured knights that returned earlier to the capital.

At first, they were told to convey two pieces of news to the castle.

First, the success of Veritza Fortress’s retakes.

Second, the defeat of Demon King Army Third General, Dreax

But instead, they went and announced that news loudly throughout the capital.

I understand they did it because of how happy they are, but it created a huge fuss.

The next day, urgent messages are sent for nobles left in the capital to mobilize their private army and prepare for the main army’s return.

After all, it won’t be funny if after defeating a demon king general, the army ended up squashing citizens.

Hah… I also just returned you know.

Private armies of nobles, which consisted of knights, apprentice knights, and normal soldiers created a human barricade around the parade.

With that, they succeeded in preventing reckless people to charge into the parade.

But there’s one thing that I can’t prevent.


The sharp squealing of women, loud cheer, and congratulatory words.

Those noises hurt my ears.

“Well, I can’t blame them for reacting like this.”

In the game, no matter what event is unfolding, lines are spoken by NPC citizens never changed.

Only when a special event flag is activated that they will speak different lines.

But in reality, these citizens must constantly live in fear.

They never know when the demon king army is going to attack.

There are also ferocious monsters outside capital walls.

Because of that, both news of a fortress retaken and the defeat of a demon king army’s general must make them both happy and relieved.

I understand their feeling.

But for me, a mob character that’s not even a supporting role, this kind of sudden event is more of a huge pain.

Just like now, I ended up with the job of controlling the crowd.

I need to think about what to do if there are any injured people in the crowd.

There’s no concept of an ambulance in this world, but I can prepare a carriage at the side of the street that will act like one.

Which street should I prepare it in

As I was thinking, the crowd in front of me suddenly got livelier.

Ah, it’s because the hero party passed here.

Mazell probably noticed me.

He smiled then winked at me.

I think I saw his teeth shining too, but that’s probably a trick of light.

I gave him a bitter smile.

Handsome bastard, he makes me jealous.

Our interaction only lasted a short while…

“Kya… Hero-sama is looking at me!”

“He even winks at me!”

“He’s not winking at you! He’s winking at me!”

“It’s dangerous so please stay back!”

…Because the crowd getting crazier.

Damn you Mazell I will resent you for this.

That evening.

Sounds of toast filled the bar.

One corner of the bar had a table filled with empty jugs, probably the remains of an earlier customer.

I am sitting at that table and that guy sat across from me.

By the way, in this world, there’s a silent consensus that children below 10 years old need to be accompanied by their parents to drink.

Though there’s no formal drinking age rule in the kingdom, so technically even a baby can drink, not that I’m going to let a baby drink.

“May I sit here”

“That’s something you ask before sitting.”

While drinking the remaining of my ale, I answered that hooded man with a sour smile.

“Won’t it cause problems if you’re here, Hero-sama”

“Aren’t you here too, Viscount-don”

We both joked.

We have a close enough relationship to do so.

“wow, it’s lively here isn’t it”

Though his voice sounds tired, it’s obvious that he’s also happy.

“That’s how great today’s events are, or rather, why are YOU asking that”

“You’re right,” he said while laughing.

As expected his face while laughing is also attractive

I called the owner of the shop and ordered two jugs of ale with some food.

Meanwhile, after making sure that the wall covered his face so no one can see it, Mazell took off his hood.

“It’s late to ask this since I already ordered food but aren’t you full”

“Nah, I’m hungry.

I have no time to eat earlier because nobles keep talking to me.”

This time, he had a wry smile.

Of course, a lot of people, especially noble ladies must want to hear this handsome hero’s accomplishment.

Mazell is given a medal, but in this world, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Especially since Mazell is a commoner.

The medal itself is made with precious materials, I mean it is a medal.

It’s just the noble in this kingdom who love to spice things around.

For example, creating a celebratory banquet.

Well since you are here you must have gotten through that banquet, good work, as I thought that the food and ale came to our table.

I should say that sausages in this world are delicious.

As expected, this bar owner is considerate.

He didn’t ask anything after he saw Mazell’s face.

I heard a rumor that in the past, even when the young crown prince sneaks into this bar he can enjoy a comfortable time.

“To safe return”


We chugged our ale until it become empty.

Then with a satisfied sigh, we both laughed.

“Ah… I prefer this to a banquet.”

“I have to agree.”

I too think that drinking in a town bar is better than going to a banquet.

After all, I’m a former office worker.


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