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I do want to run away when I saw His Highness, but I can’t exactly do that, can I

That’s why I am here, sitting with my back straight.

A rather pathetic state.

As for Mazell, he sits like how he normally sits, without a trace of discomfort or stiffness.

Is this another protagonist’s perk

The Crown Prince, his younger sister, the second princess who is the main heroine, and the protagonist are all seated at the same table.

I feel out of place.

That feeling comes because I know that this world is a game.

From others’ perspectives, Mazell is the one who is out of place.

Because all three of us are nobles, while he’s a commoner.

I feel there is something wrong here, but I don’t know what because in the current situation, all sorts of thoughts filled my head and I can barely wrap those thoughts together.

Let’s stop thinking.

After all, I can’t be lost in my thought in front of the Crown Prince.

“The two of you saved me before, let me express my gratitude.”

“Please direct your gratitude to Mazell instead, as It was him who saved everyone in the end.”


I was only able to do it because everyone had supported me.”

Prince Huber bowed slightly.

Please, don’t do that, Your Highness.

You’re going to make my stomach cramp.

Because of the Crown Prince’s attitude, Mazell and I answered him in a fluster.

For now, let’s divert the conversation.

“Her Highness is…”

“There is no need to use the rule of royal court here.

You won’t get scolded even if you call me by my name”

“Ah, no, but…”

“I don’t mind.”

‘With this, we will get closer, so just call me Laura.

Is that not simpler’ she said while winking.

Isn’t that supposed to be the line she will say to the hero

I looked toward Prince Huber’s direction and saw him nod so I’ll call her that.

These two are supposed to be a sibling but their age difference made them look like a father and child instead.

“I did not expect to find Princess Laura in the royal palace.

I originally thought that the princess is supposed to be at the Great Temple Finnoi.”

“Oh, so you know.”

“I have heard the news from my father”

“He is the Minister of Ceremonies, isn’t he No wonder you know.”

Prince Huber replied in Laura’s stead.

Actually, I knew it from the game.

In the game story, the Great Temple Finnoi where Laura is will be attacked by one of the three Demon General.

Mazell, who heard the news rushed to the temple, and there he is supposed to meet Laura for the first time.

But now, they have already met before the incident.

What’s going to happen in the future…

The reason I can use my father as an excuse is that despite the worshipping ceremony itself being held by the temple, all the preparation is handled by the Ministry of Ceremonies.

“Laura had received an oracle and returned to convey it.”

“An oracle”

“That’s right.

she said that the demon king has been revived.”

For being able to prevent myself from spewing out the tea, I think I need some praise.

Wait, but isn’t it really important information 

“Is that true”

Mazell asks with a straight face.

In this world, the demon king’s existence is just a fairy tale so it won’t be strange if he burst into laughter but the atmosphere is serious, and there’s no way he could laugh at a princess’s word, so I guess he had no choice but to ask with a straight face.

Prince Huber answered Mazell with a careful tone, “The oracle is true.

But we lack information to judge whether the demon king’s revival is true or not.”

The tone is more of 7-part certain and 3-part doubt rather than half certain and half doubt.

Then, Laura added, “ Although it is not widely known, There are different levels of oracles, though only the one that received it can tell.”


Laura is supposed to be the highest level of saintess in history.

That’s why she became a target of the demon’s attack.

If that’s the case isn’t the kingdom supposed to protect her well, not letting her be a damsel in distress constantly saved by the protagonist! Well… it’s a common game trope though.

“The level of oracle I have received is the highest level.

That is why I have returned to convey the oracle directly to His Majesty.”

“I see.”

I understand now.

I don’t know about the King, but for Prince Huber who just experienced the abnormal demon rampage, I can sense he believe the oracle to a certain extent.

What I don’t understand is what is the relation of that oracle to me and Mazell

Perhaps seeing the doubt on my face, Laura continues to talk.

“The oracle had also stated that the hero will be playing a significant role in the future, so I had hoped to meet you at least once.

Ah, that’s why.

Maybe in the game, that oracle is also conveyed to the King that’s why the hero Mazell is abused cough I mean is sent on a journey to defeat the demon king.

Normally, a person needs to be appraised in the temple to see if he or she possessed a skill or not but this appraisal costs a fortune.

I guess even the temple can’t survive without any income.

That’s why commoners usually won’t know if they have any skill or not for their whole life.

I mean, even without any skill as long as you raise the level of your class you will be able to live a quiet comfortable life.

While Mazell got his skill appraised because of the support of the royal family and got a special enrollment to the academy because of an oracle.

That oracle is probably the same one as the one Laura is talking about.

So Prince Huber, who believed the oracle to a certain extent must be the one that called us here.

It’s a banquet after all, where the commoner Mazell is at the palace so he must think that this is a perfect time.

But then…

“I understand about the hero… I mean, Mazell.

But then, what is the reason for my presence here”


The question is, why am I here

It was Prince Huber who answered me.

“It’s simple.

I would like for Sir Welner to serve as a bridge and a wall.”

“A bridge and a wall”

What I’m getting more confused.

A bridge… between Mazell and the Crown Prince… Ah, like a contact person

“As the oracle hasn’t been disclosed to the public yet, it would be strange if a commoner like Mazell came to the royal palace all the time.”

“That’s correct.”

If it’s after the death of the Crown Prince in a demon rampage, the demon king’s revival will be more believable so the King can just summon the hero and personally speak to him.

But the current situation isn’t like that.

In the current situation, if the oracle of the demon king’s revival is known, all hell would break loose.

Though the person who knows that the oracle is the truth is probably only me.

I understand why the royal family is careful in disclosing the oracle.

That’s why currently it will be strange if Mazell is called to the palace.

On the other hand, as a viscount, I won’t look suspicious no matter how often I went to the palace.

Rather than a contact person, I’m more of a messenger.

“I understand the bridge, but the wall”

With a confused expression, Mazell asks.

I think it’s better if I’m the one that answered it.

“It’s like what I did earlier.

I have to protect you the nobles that tried to entangle themselves with you.”

It’s going to be troublesome for the royal family if Mazell is involved with the other nobles.

If the oracle of the demon king’s revival is disclosed, then the royal family will be able to prevent it by using their authority but for now, they can’t.

That’s why the royal family had no other choice but to negotiate with the nobles, allowing the nobles to ‘borrow’ Mazell for a lot of purposes.

For example, for a marriage meeting.

The royal family must fear that they will lose the hero to the nobles’ side if they let the nobles ‘borrow’ him.

“How about I appointed Mazell-kun as Sir Welner’s official subordinate”

“Please don’t.”

I flatly reject Prince Huber’s proposal.

I mean, a future husband of Her High… Laura becoming a subordinate of a noble like me will definitely lead to a complicated relationship.

For my own sake and the sake of the game’s story, I must immediately reject Prince Huber’s proposal.

“Mazell and I is a close friends.

We are equal.”

Did that come off a bit too rude

“I shall follow the royal family’s commands as such I will spare no effort in cooperating with Mazell.

But, I have no intention to change my relationship with Mazell to become a superior and subordinate or anything of that sort.”

“There is a choice to be a superior in name only like what I have done with my friends.”

“I will still refuse, Your Highness.”

There’s no way the relationship will only keep remain as in-name.

Plus, how will the Crown Prince treat me later if I become the master of his sister’s husband

Why is the Crown Prince being stubborn… Ah, I get it.

He wants to eliminate any seed of future strife from Mazell’s heart.

“I will respect your wish then.

But I request that you support Mazell-kun’s activities in the capital.”

“As your wish.”

Actually, I also want to refuse that request, but if I keep refusing the Crown Prince’s it’s definitely going to cause trouble in the future.

Who knows what will the Crown Prince do if I did that

Things had deviated from the game’s storyline anyway.

So I will accept this request in exchange for the Crown Prince’s minimal intervention in my life while still prioritizing my safety.

It’s not like I have been asked to be the hero’s companion in defeating the demon king.

It’s only to support the hero as a noble.

I can do this much,

Still, this is an unexpected development.

In the game, the kingdom sent the hero to a battle with minimal support.

In the game, The King only gives a hero a meager amount of money not even enough to buy the best armor from the store.

What a cruel king.


That means you can expect more releases starting next week so stay tuned.


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