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*Third POV

“So, how was he”

“I do not know about his actual feeling but at least in front, he said they were friends and have no intention of changing their relationship.”

During the intermission between his busy schedule, the King, Maximilian Reinisch Weiss Weinzierl listened to his son’s report in his private room while placing his hand on his chin.

“Is there any chance that the Count is the one who told him to say so”

“No, I do not think that was the case.

I did not feel any trace of lies in his word of wanting to be friends.”


In that case, it is safe to believe him.”

Although they have yet to make a significant move concerning the oracle of the revival of the demon king, the royal family has been paying attention to the bearer of rare skill [Hero] for a long time.

As the royal family had recognized the worth of that rare skill, they had once again launched an investigation for the bearer of the skill and discovered that the heir of Count Zeavert is among his close friends.

Needless to say, they had also investigated other noble houses and had already taken the measure toward houses that are found to be engaged in any shady schemes.

Then, the oracle of the demon king’s revival reached their ears.

With that, the value of the [Hero] increased tremendously.

But because of the political situation, the royal family cannot make any large movement in the public.

Thus, Welner became an important connection to the hero.

“As the bridge that will connect the hero to us, the fact that he had no intention to take the hero under his wing benefits us.”

“I agree.

Though, it is not a wise decision to make as a noble.”

“Despite saying so, you seem to be in a good mood.”

To his royal father who show a rare puzzled expression, the Crown Prince answered with a smile.

“I was thinking he might be a good fit to be an aide of my son, Louwen.

He had a decent peerage, does not seem to be greedy, and has military prowess.”


The king rested his hand on his chin and contemplated.

With a 38 years old Crown Prince as his son, the King is also of advanced age.

If possible, he wanted to put outstanding aides on his grandson’s side.

Of course, the hero is one of the aides’ candidates.

But if there were any outstanding nobles, it would be also a good choice to consider them.

It is also a shame for an excellent person like Welner to only be used as a messenger.

“I see.

Let’s see how things progress in the future then.”


“Also, about the demon king’s revival…”

“We are still in the process of gathering the evidence.

If we announced it now, I am afraid that it will lead to panic.”

“We concur.

For now, focus on the investigation.

Just in case proceed to reconstruct the Veritza Fortress.”

“By your will.”

Although the Veritza Fortress was half-abandoned as it did not have any contact with the border, it was originally built as a base of reinforcement in case the capital suffered any attack and as a place to evacuate from the capital.

The Fortress’s reconstruction is the least that should be done after the kingdom suffered the bizarre demon outbreak.

“Also proceed with the reorganization of the knights.

Ascertain our total casualty.

Then, determine the current strength left of our army.”


The King and the Crown Prince finally finished all their discussion.

Still, the sense of crisis they both felt didn’t disperse.

After all, they have yet to truly trust the hero’s capability in defeating the demon king.

*Welner’s POV

“I apologize for my brother’s rudeness.”

“There is no need for you to apologize, princess.

I truly did not mind.”

After the Crown Prince left, I got flustered because Laura bowed her head to me.

I mean, I didn’t think the Crown Prince is rude at all.

But she’s the same as the game, a humble princess.

I hope that she stopped bowing her head like this while radiating that regal aura though.


Mazell shows a confused expression.

Well, that’s to be expected.

I don’t think he needs to know that Laura is apologizing because the Crown Prince just tested me if I want to monopolize the hero.

Wait a minute.

Isn’t this a chance

“Excuse me.

I need to go to the restroom.

Mazell, take care of the rest.”


Ahh, Mazell’s panicked voice, what music to my ear.

I ignored it, bowed to Laura, then immediately commenced a strategic retreat.

From the perspective of the knights and maids around us, it would seem that I was fleeing from the princess’s bow.

That’s not exactly wrong, but my main purpose is to give the hero, Mazell, and the Princess, Laura, time together.

The game and the reality might have deviated but it’s the truth that they looked like a perfect match.

I ask a nearby maid to guide me to the restroom.

I attempt to look like ‘I don’t want to wander alone in an unfamiliar place’.

It’s a hassle since I need to consider my image like this.

Incidentally, different than actual medieval Europe, this world had both a toilet and bath.

A complete set.

When I know that for the first time, I’m glad.

After all, the game had no depiction of a toilet.

I don’t know if they had a proper water and sewage system though.

I guess it will be odd if this world that had magic had no water system.

Water is essential for living.

Plus, magic can create water out of nothing so of course scholars of this world would try to research water.

The reason why there is no bathroom in medieval Europe is mostly the church’s fault[1].

Many people living in the medieval time ended up never washing themselves let alone taking a long comfortable bath and they are proud of it.

As a Japanese person, it’s a culture that I find gross.

Now that I observed my surroundings more carefully, this place deserves to be called the royal palace.

It’s a Catholic-style palace.

‘The outside is simple, while the inside is extravagant, showing the owner’s magnanimity.’

The palace wall is pure white.

It’s decorated with chandeliers, elegant ornaments made of gold and glass… Ah right.

Glass is expensive in this world.

I remember Mazell being surprised that there is a glass window in the academy.

It’s a shame that this place will soon be destroyed.

It’s not like I can do anything though.

When I admired the palace’s interior, the maid who is walking in front of me abruptly turned around and said, “Viscount Zeavert.

I apologize for being abrupt but there is something that I truly need to convey to you.”


I was surprised because the maid that I thought ‘she’s beautiful as expected as a royal maid’ just a second ago suddenly talked to me.

But her next action left me confused.

She bowed her head.

“Please accept my deepest gratitude, Viscount.”

“Huh No, um, I do not believe that I have done something that deserves your gratitude”

What did I do

To the confused me, the maid raised her head and explain,” My father and elder brother are both members of the Knights.

I have heard of your accomplishment in realizing the demon’s trap.

If you are not there, both of them might have died in that battle.”


I’m lost for words.

That’s right.

Of course, people who is saved by my action existed.

I can’t think of any response.

There’s no way I can say ‘Ah, don’t worry.

I did it for myself because I don’t want to die right

I don’t know if it was because of my silence, but the maid bowed her head again.

“I know that it is impolite to be standing and talking in the hallway like this.

But I truly wanted to express my gratitude.”

“Ah, no, you are welcome”

Why did it become a question… Ah no, I guess I should be proud of myself to be able to even give a reply.

Even if I have time until tomorrow to think, I won’t be able to give any better response… I feel pathetic for that.

“I apologize for impoliteness.

Then, please come this way.”

She said and she continue to show me the way to the restroom.

As for me, I still feel bewildered.

Not because I was thanked by a beautiful woman.

This world is just a game world for me, but there are people that lived here and each of them has their own relationship.

I thought I already understand that.

But now that I’ve received gratitude for saving someone who I don’t even intend to save, not from the person themselves but from others… I don’t know anymore.

Just because it’s a game, can I really abandon them In the first place, is this really the game world that I know

I will never match the hero, Mazell in combat.

I also don’t have any cheat ability.

However, I have knowledge of the game.

I also have the position and the privilege of a noble.

It’s not like I can’t do anything.

It’s fine if I add another goal other than ‘I will survive’…right…


This is one of my favorite chapters.

Welner had finally realized this world and the people in it is not just a game, an exact opposite of his thinking in chapter 4, when he said (though not directly) he will let other died ‘because his hands is full of trying to protect himself’.

[1] In the medieval era, baths are frowned upon by the church.

This is because bathhouses often double as brothels. ↵


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