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The Crown Prince is lightly mulling over my document.

Today is the Nativityday, a.k.a the Sunday where even the royalty is free so I succeeded in meeting the Crown Prince.

Currently, I’m inside the Crown Prince’s office and in the midst of my one-on-one meeting with His Highness.

The Crown Prince’s butler is here in the office but since he didn’t participate in our meeting he didn’t count.

I know that I have no choice but to meet the Crown Prince alone this time but I’m still nervous.

“I more or less understand your plan.

Can I decide after seeing the actual thing”


Before that, I would like to obtain your approval first.”

“I understand.

Good job on telling me this in advance.”

Of course, I’ll tell you, It’s necessary groundwork.

It will be troublesome if someone complained during the plan.

But really, is this particular game setting so unconventional as a Japanese one because it’s a Japanese game

“But can you really get a high-quality weapon”

“As far as I can tell, yes.

Unfortunately, I did not know how many I could get.”

“That’s to be expected.”

In the past, I’m always curious.

The game started in the capital, but for some reason, the remote regions in those games sold weapons and armor that are of higher quality than in the capital.

I mean, who sent these kinds of weapons that are at least two ranks above the weapons available in the capital to the remote regions where can you even sell these weapons there Who wants to buy it there

Then when I came to this world I learned a certain surprising fact.

Those weapons or armor are the results of an ‘excavation’ a.k.a grave robbing.

Well, it isn’t illegal to sell excavated items in this world where ruins and labyrinths exist.

But other than ruins and labyrinths, these items can be found in a mass graveyard. 

This is because in the past, at the age of the previous demon king according to this world history,  the now-destroyed ancient kingdom has the custom to bury all the soldiers and the knights that were killed by the previous demon king in one mass grave with their equipment intact.

A large amount of equipment can be obtained if that mass graveyard is dug.

Since the people being buried is all soldier and knights, the equipment that can be obtained are a full set of equipment needed by armies.

Due to that, many towns and villages that specialized in selling those pieces of equipment popped out near the mass graveyard.

There was a time when I wondered if those pieces of equipment are cursed.

But after I think about it more, taking that equipment isn’t that much different than taking an adventurer’s equipment that died in a labyrinth exploration, so now I don’t think those excavated equipment are cursed.

Another thing that I used to wonder is about the shop that sold the excavated equipment.

How did they survive by only selling expensive stuff Then, I was told that this kind of shop is similar to the hardware store in my past life that mainly sold kitchen knives and pots and sold excavated equipment on the side.

It does feel strange hearing everyday stuff like kettles and pots being sold together with metal armors but since it was a common practice in this world, I decided not to care about it.

Other than equipment, there are also rare items that can be excavated from the graves.

Those items are grave goods[1].

One of these items is the ‘demon calling flute’ that will pull you into forced combat… I don’t understand why the ancient kingdom even bothers to create these items.

I used to think it was creepy to blow a flute dug out from a grave but the one that blew the flute isn’t me but Mazell anyway so who cares.

In the game, the flute has limited use.

Not because the flute consumed a large amount of the game Mazell’s mana(It actually did consume a lot of mana but that’s not the main reason) but because the flute is so old that it breaks with few uses.

After it breaks the player needs to buy it again from the store.

I guess it might sense… Or is it hm…

“I approve so give it a try.”

“Thank you.”

With this, I got official written permission from the Crown Prince.

One work done.

I won’t have to worry about any complications regarding permission in the future.

I also make another request to the Crown Prince.

It’s regarding the reconstruction of the Veritza Fortress.

I asked the Crown Prince to provide the people involved in the reconstruction works with tools for night communication like fire signals.

I told the Crown Prince that it was just in case demons attacked the fortress but actually, I know the demon will attack the fortress.

For me to escape being thought of as a suspicious fortuneteller, I didn’t tell the Crown Prince about the attack.

After I told the Crown Prince everything I need to, I was told to immediately leave the room.

I’m glad.

It was more nerve-wracking than going to the CEO’s office in my past life.

I guess that’s not strange.

If it was a meeting with a CEO the worst thing that can happen is getting fired but with the Crown Prince I can lose my life.


[1] Stuff that is buried together with the deceased↵


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