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After I left the royal palace I went to the commerce guild.

For stuff related to the circulation of money or goods, it’s better to go to the commerce guild, or else I might receive harassment in the future.

As a noble, it might be strange for me to come to rely on a commerce guild but the truth is there are many times when nobles had no choice but to rely on a commerce guild especially if it’s concerning their own dignity.

One example of that time is when they want to buy a congratulatory present for another noble’s wedding.

If a noble gives only a common present to another noble as a wedding gift they might get looked down upon by the noble community.

That’s why they need the commerce guild’s help to get some rare items.

Is this what they call ‘just leave things to a specialist Hm… It’s close but a bit different.

“Thank you for your large order the other day.”

“I was the one who should thank you for taking the order on short notice.”

The one who actually bought the oil was Norbert though.

While saying that in my head, I sit down in front of an uncle whose body is as big as a barrel.

The uncle’s name is Mr.Bierstedt.

He is a large merchant who is active in the capital and a leading figure in the commerce guild.

Well, a noble calling a merchant with Mr in front of his name might be frowned upon by the noble community but calling him with Mr inside of my head should be fine.

When I requested a large amount of turpentine oil from him it must have caused plenty of trouble for him but since I bought it at the price he asked without negotiating he must make a quiet amount of profit.

The merchant in this world isn’t that different than a corporate in my past life.

“What can I do for you today”

“There are things that I want to purchase in a distant town.

I want a trustworthy merchant to go there.

I will prepare the escort.”

“That’s quite unusual request.”

He shot me a probing look.

I might be a viscount, but I’m still a student.

His being suspicious of my request is understandable.

I know that I seem like a debauch young master that just recklessly spending money.

“This is the list of towns I want the merchant to visit and the list of items I planned to purchase.

I would also want the merchant to confirm the availability of the items in each town.”

“Allow me to take a look at the list.”

I handed him the list made of demonskin parchment.

There are more demonic beasts compared to lambs so the price of parchment made from demonic beast’s skin is cheaper than the one made from lamb’s skin.

Only a certain type of demonic beast can be used to create a demonskin parchment.

Now that I think about it it’s actually not strange for demonic beasts to resent humans.

I mean, their flesh is eaten and their skin is taken to create a demonskin parchment.

Not to mention their insides are used as a fertilizer on agricultural land.

The saying that human is cruel seems right, isn’t it

“What a strange…I mean what a revolutionary plan!”

After reading the parchment for 5 minutes, Mr.Bierstedt raised his head and remarked.

His reaction didn’t surprise me.

Since if it’s items that are usually circulated in the market you can just buy them in the capital but search for a new item That’s practically just an expedition.

It’s not an idea that is usually thought of by a noble.

“As you know the recent stampede is different than the usual stampede.”


I have heard about it.”

It makes me curious about how much he knows.

The information network of a merchant can’t be underestimated.

Among people who know information from the royal palace some of them are loose-lipped.

Plus not many men will remain tight-lipped in front of alcohol and women.

“If there’s a first time, there might be a second and a third time in the future.”

I can only say this much.

He might know about the demon king’s revival but neither he nor I will talk about it.

“And for some reason, people seem to think of me as a military man recently.”

“I have heard of your recent achievements.

Despite your age, you have an outstanding judgment in a war.”

“Thank you.”

His flattery was obvious the virtue of modesty and humility isn’t needed in this world so I just accepted his flattery.

“Anyway, that’s the reason I want to gather some equipment.

I hope you understand.”

There’s a risk of another demon outbreak while my house, which is always seen as a house of civil officers is suddenly being expected to take a military role.

It’s impossible for me to gather excellent knights on short notice so the least I can do is to gather good equipment.

That’s the pretext I said to Mr.Bierstedt but the truth is I want to gather high-quality equipment that in the game can only be purchased at the late game.


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