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“I shall accept your request then, but as it’s a quite difficult task so I will ask for a handsome compensation.”

“I know that.

For now, I want you to deliver 8 weapons of each type and 8 armor of each type to the Zeavert’s house.

I will cover the cost.”

If possible I also want to buy equipment for soldiers of the royal palace but that has to wait for later.

I mean, the amount of money I had isn’t enough to even provide the equipment for all soldiers of Zeavert’s army, let alone the entire royal palace.

My plan is to present half of the equipment to the Crown Prince because my current priority is to make the upper echelons of the kingdoms move by showing them what high-quality equipment could do. 

Before the demon attack to the royal palace I need to make sure to equip the knights and soldiers with a high-quality equipment.

For that, I need to push the kingdom to fork out money.

“In the case we could get more equipment than what you have requested”

“If you can carry it here, I don’t mind you selling it to the commerence guild as long as I got a cut.”

It’s more beneficial for me if the high quality equipment entered the capital market rather than me monopolozing it.

It’s because in the current state of affair introducing the existance of a high quality equipment is much more important than money.

If everyone know the existence of high quality equipment then the future battle situation with demon king army might change.

Plus, I won’t lose too much because the amount of additional equipment that the merchant can brought is probably only few.

In the game, there’s an inventory system so I can carry around many armor.

I remember that I hoarded many expensive armor drop so I can sold it later on.

But this world didn’t have that kind of convenient inventory system.

Though magic bag that can carry many item existed in this world  but it’s really expensive.

If it Mr.Bierstedt then he might be able to gather some.

“But there are several towns in the list that I have never heard before.”

“I will provide a map.

I also have an official permit from the Crown Prince to cross the border.”

At the mention of a map, Mr.Bierstedt’s eye lit up.

That’s a merchant for you.

For him to be unable to conceal his interest in front of a young person like me, the value of map must be really high.

“Will you give me the map as well”

“Someone of the Count’s household will take it and that person will guide you to the towns.

You won’t need direction to go to the towns for a second time, right”

“Of course no.”

Well he didn’t pester me.

He must be afraid I left and ended up offering this business to another merchant.

He didn’t ask me where I got the map.

It’s because I said I’ve gotten the Crown Prince’s official permission to cross the border.

He probably thought that the map I have is provided 

I don’t know how long I can continue to hide the actual source of the map from the sly merchant.

“We also will not know if the actual quality of equipment available in the list of towns you have given me before we went there.”

“That’s a given.”

The equipment are sold in the various towns back when I played the game but I don’t know if the same equipment are sold in this world.

I already expected that they might be some equipment that didn’t exist in the game.

In the game, despite the fact the enemy that appeared in the towns and village I listed in the demonskin parchment are strong but those villages and towns didn’t get destroyed.

I suspected that the availability of the high ranking equipment is why those village and towns can protect themselves from demons.

That means as long as those village and towns  existed and survived in the real world the chance that the equipment I wanted also existed is rather high.

I can obtain the equipment without any difficulties then.

All I need now is time.

Once I got the equipment and proven the superiority of high quality equipment the kingdom will also make move to buy them.

Still, the game events will continue to happen and this world will got more and more dangerous.

If that happens, the places I want to buy the equipment from might become inaccessible in the future.

That’s why I need to buy the equipment now.

Time is of the essence.


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