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The guild’s main income is from the sale of various materials from purchased demonic beasts and demons’ carcasses and the guild’s commission fees.

most troublesome commissions like mine are sent to adventurers via the guild.

There’s an unwritten rule that you must pay an additional 20% of the total adventurers fee for the guild commission fee.


The typical posting of the commission on the walls existed but the postings often only contains a bare minimum of information.


I guess that’s to be expected.

There’s not enough space to write the detail of the commission.

There are also cases where the client is someone in a delicate position or when the commission involved a spying activity in which the detailed information can’t be easily disclosed.


That’s why when adventurers decided to take a commission, they will first ask the guild the detailed information about the commission.

The client often already told the guild the information beforehand so the guild can explain it to the adventurers.


But the clients’ explanation to the guild can take a considerable time.

This is because to ensure the guild can provide a reliable explanation to the adventurers later on the guild will ask many detailed questions.

There are also cases where the basic explanation without the guilds’ question can take several hours to complete.


Though you can still know the rough content of a commission by looking at the symbol on the upper right corner of the posted commission.

If the symbol is a double circle it’s a subjugation commission, If it’s a triangle and a circle then it’s an escort commission, and so on.

With this even adventurers that can’t read will be able to comprehend some information.


Other than providing a detailed explanation and payment, the clients must also abide by various rules and regulations of the guild.

Unless the commission is simple stuff like looking for a lost cat, making a commission to a guild is quite troublesome.


Back to the topic of commission, if the guild cannot explain the commission in detail, they will ask the adventurers to contact the clients directly.

I think my commission this time will follow this pattern.


“Then, may I ask for the contents of the investigation” 


“All I can tell you now is that I want to investigate the frequency of demons’ appearance in the suburb of Gulbelk, the situation of demons’ appearance in the Heat Haze Ruins near Delmenln, and the state of security in Bielelitz Bridge.”


Because some places I’ve talked to are located outside the kingdom the guild official looked at me doubtfully.

Well, sending scouts to foreign nations might seem to be a preparation for war.


The reason he asked me for the content of the investigations is to make sure I’m not trying to investigate the actions of the kingdom’s nobles.

It’s the guild’s policy to stay far away from the kingdom’s political strife.


“You see, I need to buy some goods from the places I mentioned so I’m going to send a merchant party there.

But because of the recent peculiar demon outbreak, I’m trying to be cautious.”


“Ah, so that’s why.”


Obviously, the information about a devil causing a demon outbreak has reached the guild.

I made a commission to hire scouts to ensure that a similar demon outbreak didn’t happen in another era.


If the information I want is just the simple ‘the lord of this place is incompetent so there’s been an increase of bandits!’ I can just buy it from the guild.

But for information concerning a possible demon outbreak, the information should be real-time information hence the need for scouts.


“My plan is for the scouts will go first to the location and will gather the necessary information.

After that, they will join the merchants and share their information with the merchant.

Then after the merchant finished their business, the scouts will return here together with the merchants.”


“I understand.

Then, in the case that the scouts are involved in protecting the merchant…”


“I will provide additional compensation.

But, if the information gathered by the scouts leaked outside, I will deduce their compensation as a penalty.”


“What if there is someone among the scouts that wish to return to the capital first”


“They are free to do so as long as they reported to the person in charge of the merchant party.

In that case, they will only receive the amount stated on the original contract.”


“That’s fair.

As for the cost of investigation”


“It depends on where they are going to investigate.

I expect an investigation in the town will cost some money but I can’t provide an unlimited amount of money for the cost.

The amount of money given to the scouts for an investigation will be decided after a discussion with the scout in question.”


That’s how I finished explaining the detail of my commission and various condition for payment to the guild.

I need to share as much detail of the commission as I can because If I don’t there are risks that various trouble will occur in the future.


I’m pretty sure when the scouts return, they will report ‘the latest local information to the guild.


I have to assume that this is a matter of course and, because of the revival of the demon king, I’m sure that the frequency of demons’ appearance in various places will drastically increase.

The guild should have up-to-date information about demons’ appearance rate.


Because with an accurate up-to-date information, the number of potential death can decrease.


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