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Since noon I’ve been in the royal place for a meeting with both the Crown prince and Father, then went to Adventurer Guild for another meeting, after that, I was training my spearmanship.

I’m just a student but why is my life as busy as some kind of manga protagonist

In the game, you only need to appoint a person in charge then the expedition will depart on the same day, but the real life isn’t that convenient.

You need to prepare a lot of things that even one weak is too short for preparation time.

I have no choice but to use my authority as a noble to pressure the merchants to hurry with their preparation.

Other might be confused about the reason why I’m in hurry, but as someone who has the game knowledge, I know we don’t have enough time.

While spending those busy days, finally the Hunt&rearday has come.

“Let’s not drag this out and go ahead with the introduction.

I’m Welner von Zeavert.”

“I am Mazell Hearthing.

My occupation is a student.”

“I’m Luguentz Lazer, and adventurer.”

“I’m Oliver Gekke.

I work as a mercenary.”

“I am Avant from Bierstedt Company.

I have been entrusted as the person in charge of the merchant corps.”

“I’m Felix! You can call me Feli.”

Three of us are the game’s important characters while the other three are characters that never appeared in the game.

It’s a strange combination.

Most of the people here look confused by Feli’s existence in this meeting.

The oldest here is Avant, though he’s still in his thirties.

Two of us are students and there’s one 14 years old kid.

I’m glad none of them seem to be dissatisfied with the tea poured by one of the count’s maids.

Especially Feli.

That guy keeps throwing sugars into his tea without any reserve.

Doesn’t he know how expensive sugars are

“I am thankful for everyone’s willingness to gather here… is what I want to say but since I’m sure everyone is busy so let’s just skip the pleasantry.

No need to mind your manner either.”

I said that but I think the only person here who’s used to noble manners is Avant.

Plus if I use a noble manner in front of someone like Feli I’m sure he will get sick of me and just go home.

“First, Mazell and Luguentz.

Please tell us about your experience in the ancient shrine when both of you went there last week.”


While I was running here and there to prepare for the expedition of the merchant corps, I heard Mazell and Luguentz going to the ancient shrine to train.

Their training itself went without any problem, but Luguentz noticed a strange phenomenon so they have been investigating it.

“When Mazell and I were on our way to the shrine, I noticed that many unfamiliar demons have appeared.”

Luguentz spoke first and after that Mazell added, “At first, I thought they are the remnants of the recent demon outbreak but after some investigation, I found that none of the demons matched any demons I have fought in the outbreak.”

“I have heard of a similar phenomenon from my fellow merchants.

They said that recently they have witnessed many unfamiliar demons appear in the vicinity of the capital.”

As expected, a merchant’s network is quite wide.

Though both Feli and Gekke stayed silent while drinking their tea, their expression are also serious.

“It seems like the situation has become more troublesome than I’ve expected.

Avant-dono, Gekke, Feli.

The journey of the merchant corps might be pretty dangerous, are the three of you fine with that”

Half of my word is a lie.

The situation is actually close to my expectation.

Despite that, I still need to confirm their willingness.

Gekke put down his teacup and give me a simple answer, “Since it’s a job it’s not a problem.

I just need to be more vigilant in protecting the merchant corps.”

By the way, I was surprised when I heard Gekke is willing to be the leader of the merchant corps escort team.

It seems because of my action in the recent demon outbreak, Gekke evaluation of me is quite high.

A connection to a noble must be both blessing and a curse for Gekke.

Despite the risk, he still chooses to take up the job of being the leader of the escort team.

It’s outside of my expectation, but I’m really grateful.

After all, he’s someone who was appointed in a commander role at the recent demon outbreak.

His ability as a leader is no longer a question.

If I have one complaint… maybe because he’s a former noble but he’s handsome.

I’ve always wondered why is the ratio of handsome men near me is so high

“I also don’t mind, I just need to be more vigilant and the chance of getting attacked is high.

Only these two right”

Feli say it lightly but other than me, everyone looked a Feli with doubt.

“It’s not my place to say this but it’s going to be really troublesome you know.”

“I will do it.”

After an immediate reply, Feli put a pastry into his mouth.

I don’t know what happened since our last meeting for Feli to be this determined but well I guess it’s fine since it worked in my favor.

Perhaps being convinced by Feli’s determination both Gekke and Luguentz didn’t say anything.

Rather, the person who asked me in a whisper is Mazell.


It’s really fine to trust him right”


You can trust his ability.”

“If you said so I guess it’s fine.”

Why are you trusting him just based on what I said I’m worried you’re too gullible to the point you might believe some strange cult in the future, Mazell.

Or maybe Mazell just instinctively sensed that Feli is going to be his future comrade

Anyway, there’s one thing that I’m curious about Felis action.

“I’m thankful that you’ve become determined, Feli.

But why”

Feli stopped eating the pastry and with a serious expression, he looked into my eyes.

I instinctively straighten my back.

“You remember that day when I ask you about the job”

“Ah, yeah.”

Though I was surprised since it was so sudden.

“That day, a child in the orphanage was suffering from a severe illness.

But the orphanage has no money to call for a doctor or to buy medicine.

That’s why I wanted a job.”

Ah… I see.

That’s why despite being the one that first ask me for a job, Feli seem disinterested when I explained to him about the expedition but seem to change his expression when I give him the money.

What Feli needs is a job that can give him money right away not some long-term job.

“But because of the money you give me, I can bring that child to a doctor and also bought some medicine.

That money saved that child’s life.”

He said that while looking directly into my eyes.

The will of his gaze doesn’t seem to be something that belong to a 13-14 years old buy.

So this is the gaze of a member of the 

hero party.

“I owe you a debt, Viscount-sama.

That’s why I’m willing to do this job.

That’s all.”

“I understand your reasoning, but stop calling me Viscount-sama.

It’s up to you to think of it as a debt but do know I have no actual intention to put you in my debt.”

He just nodded.So do you or do you not understand… Ah well whatever.

I understand where his willingness come from.

Though I never expected my investment to return this way, I guess it’s fine since in the end everything turned out well.

From Feli, who continued chewing the pastry, I turned to Avant.

I also saw Mazell nod his head.

Though I don’t know if Mazell understood Feli reasoning, or if he was just convinced that Feli can be trusted.

“I am also fine with it.”

Avant nodded deply.

Since he was the one who was less accustomed to fighting, I asked gim again just in case.

“Are you really fine with it”


You see, price raise in the time of danger so I will be able to make more profit.”

This guy he was thinking about profit Merchants are amazing.

To think they are willing to risk their life fighting monsters for some profits, the people of this world are amazing.

While still filled with amazement, I continued our discussion.


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