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After putting the various magic tools aside, the group finally looks like a proper army again.


The plan after this is to start the group battle training but actually, I don’t know how military training is done in the modern world.

I’m just an office worker, not a former JSDF[1]member.

I also can’t give them the training menu of … something boot camp[2] I forgot the program name.


I remember having a friend who is a survival game maniac.

I should have listened better to that guy’s story.

As an indoor person, I’m not interested in outdoor activities like survival games…Wait in the past, Am I really a shut-in


Let’s just seal that dark memory, tie it to a weight stone, and sink it into the Marina trench.

I just need to focus on giving the command to the troop.

Though the content of the command is the same as last time.

I told them to make a 5 man team.


Once again, I was forced to notice how much the knights of this world emphasized their strength.

Maybe because they are a knight A weak knight is lame after all.


This time though I need to let them get used to fighting as a group.

Their future opponent, the demons will only see them as food.

If the knights tried to look cool by fighting alone, they, their parents, and their siblings will end up in demons’ stomachs.


“So group fighting means moving as a group and defeating your opponent as a group right”


“That is correct.

It is better to fight against the demons as a group since there is no chance that the army will get caught.”


Right here is it.

One of the reasons why one-to-one battles are so prevalent in this world is because one of the knight’s main incomes is ransom money.



In a battle between countries catching the opponent’s nobles or knights and asking for ransom money is one of the knights’ main incomes.

Especially for the knights who have no land of their own.

Really, aren’t they partially bandits that just didn’t outright kill


Since catching them is much more profitable, the knights rarely did a group battle as they feared one against many battles might kill their future income.

They will use every means to catch their opponent.


There are many cases where a knight loses their fortune and ended up in debt to pay for their own ransom money.

If gambling is the number 1 reason a knight loses their title, thein paying their ransom is number 2.

Of course, knights won’t lose their titles just because they are caught, but often time their debt becomes so enormous that they have no choice but to sell their titles as a knight.

This is how the usual battle between knights end.


“In a battle with demons, you have no way to negotiate your life if you go captured.”

I wonder if negotiation is really impossible It should be, right If negotiation is possible then the kingdom won’t have to go through this much trouble.

Now that I think about it is the demon king’s reason for invasion told in the game


For now, that’s not important.


“So this is the target”



As the targets won’t attack back, everyone can focus on learning how to cooperate in a group battle.

Though I hope no one attack the horses.”


“Of course, no one will.”


The ‘targets’ is a bundle of tree branches tied together to the horses’ tails.

The target is as thick as a human body.

The plan is to make these horses run, creating a moving target.


I was hoping to create the targets with straws but since there’s no straw I have to be satisfied with these bundled tree branches.

Anyway, I never know that a horse’s tail alone is as thick as a human arm.


By the way, the people who make these targets are the people of the Zeavert army.

They will also be the ones that ride the horses.

These guys look happy to be exalted as elite.

I just hope when the training starts, they won’t bully the training knights too much.


20 horses faced the training knights.

The training itself is simple.

The training knights only need to stab these bundled branches that are tied to the horse’s tail.


At least, that’s what I told the training knights.

As for whatever the training is really that simple… Hehehe.


After a flag is raised, the 20 horses started to run.

The bundled branch on their tails kicked up more dust than my expectation.

In just an instant, a cloud of dust is raised on the ‘battlefield’ and the training knights lose their vision.


“It’s much more conspicuous than I expected.”


“It looks like a large army running on the battlefield.”


I was also surprised by the amount of dust.

Unexpectedly, using those targets on dry ground is this effective.

Now, if a group of soldiers chased the horses, people might go blind because of the dust.


The horses run toward the sides of the training knights and the knights started to move toward the horses, resulting in… Pure chaos.


“Hey, be careful!”


“You need to aim at this guy, not that guy!”




Some ended up rolling on the ground after being pushed by others, some swing their weapons recklessly causing them to hit their teammates.


There are even people who crashed with each other.

Good thing they use blunt swords for this training.


Beside me Count Shandel and the others are dumbfounded.


“It’s much more chaotic than my expectation.”


“This is what will happen if you’re used to one-to-one combat.”


This is the scary side of a group battle.

Chaos will happen if the team commander didn’t give clear instructions about who to attack.


But the team commanders who are used to one-to-one battle will only instruct by shouting ‘attack here!’ or ‘attack there!’ causing confusion and misunderstanding among the team members.

Adding to that, many team members will just do as they please.

A clear recipe for disaster.


To make the knights who have the most confidence in themselves understand the importance of executing the team commander’s order precisely, not just by their feeling, I set them up to mess up on purpose.


After all, the knights of this trust one-to-one fight too much.

I wonder if it’s because this world is originally a game And well this isn’t important but aren’t the Zeavert knights having too much fun ‘bullying’ the training knights


This much should be enough.

I raised the signal to stop the horses.

All of the training knights including the count’s subordinates who are covered with dust returned with dumbfounded looks. 



The Zeavert knights are going to show you how you should do it.

Zeavert knights, give your horses to the others.”


People will learn if you show them, tell them, let them try, and praise them [3].

They must now understand the necessity of observation.

From here on is the real start of the lecture about the group battle.


The kingdom’s military power has grown with both the way to tackle are magic and the group battle under it.

I have to work at least this much because I don’t have any cheat otherwise, I don’t dare to fight the demons.


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[1] Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) is what the Japanese army is called. ↵

[2] Referencing Billy’s Bootcamp.

The loss weight exercise program was developed by Billy Blanks and become a pop-cultural phenomenon in Japan. ↵

[3] This is a quote by Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Navy Admiral, the commander in chief of the Pearl Harbor attack.↵


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