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*3rd POV

It’s natural for everyone to gaze coldly at the young man who shouted ‘give me command of the army!’ as soon as he entered the main camp.

“Do you people have no intention to save my father who is still in the fortress! I am the eldest son of Marquis Knap, Mangold Goslich Knap!”

“This army has been entrusted to me.

They have no reason to follow the order of others.”

Count Shandel answered the angry demand of the eldest son of Marquis Knap, Mangold, calmly.

Of course, it only makes Mangold even more furious.

“This is a chance to earn the great merit of protecting the fortress! Yet, you wish to just stand still! You coward! Shameless!”

“Courage is different than recklessness, Mangold-dono.”

It was the Count’s sarcasm to call him dono rather than Sir.

For the Count, there is no need to show manners to the person who also has no manner.

As a military house, it’s natural for the members of Marquis Knap’s house to be overbearing but they will still mind their manner as a noble.

But this son of Knap house seems to be mistaking his own ability and his family’s ability.

Rather than calling it a surge of impatience because his father is still inside the fortress, it was more of arrogance.

Count Shandel thought that this man’s attitude and calmness is no match to Welner von Zeavert who is more than five years younger than him.

Of course, the Count has no way to know that Welner is only calm because he knows that the fortress will fall.

As the Count re-evaluates his assessment toward Welner to ‘I see.

This is why he got into His Highness’ good grace’, Mangold in front of him kept shouting.

Since the Count had gotten sick of this troublesome man, he told his subordinate to bring the document box.

He then pulls out a document from that box.

“What is that! Why are you bringing out that useless thing! How dare you, a mere count, not listen to the words of a marquis’s heir like me!”

“This is an official document from His Highness the Crown Prince that stated I am the commander of this army.”

It was a cold word that must have poured cold water onto Mangold’s head.

The face of Mangold and the Marquis knights that didn’t stop him changed.

‘I don’t know if they can’t stop him or they didn’t stop him but whichever is it, these guys are useless.’ is Count Shandel’s cold evaluation of the Marquis’s knights.

“Please explain to me why despite this document that is written directly by His Highness existed, must the army follow Sir’s order”

“Well…That’s…In the first place why…”

What Mangold wishes to ask is probably ‘why did His Highness even take the trouble to write that kind of official document’ and ‘In the first place, why is there an army conveniently placed here’

The Count let out a big sigh.

At any rate, he no longer has the intention to amuse this dumbfounded group.

The Count glanced at his knight.

“Escort them out.”


In a far more violent way compared to the word ‘escort’ the Count’s knight expelled Mangold and his subordinate.

While shaking his head the Count returned the document to the box.”

“It seems that Marquis Knap failed to educate his son.

Still, I wonder if His Highness has foreseen this situation, that’s why he sent this document”

“I reckon His Highness prepared this document in case the Marquis wishes to take control of this army.

After all, the Marquis is not the type of person that will accept his defeat obediently.”

Viscount Grellman answered the Count with a tone as if he was amazed.

In the long years the kingdom has stood perhaps some people will still think this incident is a mere ‘coincidence’.

Still, this is too cruel.

If the oracle of the revival of the demon king is true, the kingdom can’t just stay still.

Both the palace and the Crown Prince have started to move.

The Crown Prince must have known there was a chance that the Veritza Fortress would get attacked and he used it.

Both the Crown Prince and Count Shandel didn’t think to go as far as eliminating Marquis Knap. 

Still, there’s a need to make the nobles that have no sense of the incoming danger realize.

Ironically, the person who has the least sense of danger is Marquis Knap.

The palace sends Marquis Knap to the fortress with the purpose to give a ‘rough wake-up call’ to these nobles.

In this aspect, you can say Welner and the Crown Prince were both known to have the same idea.

“But there’s no doubt that Marquis Knap is a loyal man.” 

“I truly hope that the Marquis can escape safely.”

But the difference between Welner’s thoughts with the thought of the Crown Prince and other nobles of the palace is that the latter can also use the Marquis’s failure.

It will be good if the Marquis can get off his high horse after this incident.

Even if the Marquis died in this incident, it would mean that the palace has succeeded in chipping away the power of the influential nobles.

No matter what the outcome is, there’s no disadvantage for the palace.

That’s why you can also say the nobles in the palace are still somehow underestimating the revival of the demon king.

T/N: This kinds of 3rd POV chapters are always interesting since I can see the thought of others like the kingdom, the crown prince, etc of what’s happening in the story.

Kind of the ‘behind the scene’ chapters


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