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“Stampede (Demon Outbreak)”

Early morning, the surprising information that we heard from our teacher made Mazell tilt his head in confusion and I struggled to control my expression.

All my practice and experience in using ‘poker face’, a basic skill of noble, seem to pay off as I succeeded in making an unbothered expression.

It’s here.

I just remembered.

The start of the game story.

A sudden demon outbreak happened near the capital.

The students in this academy are sent to that battlefield as a support unit.

In the game, the protagonist will receive a recovery medicine by talking to a teacher.

What a convenient plot.

Since I’m not the protagonist, my only choice is to return home and prepare the medicine myself.

Because I’m a noble, No one will be getting suspicious even if I bought them in large quantities.

“It’s a large-scale demon outbreak that happened around once every 20 years.

It’s rarely happened near the capital though.”

I silently listened to the teacher’s detailed explanation, trying to catch, if any, differences from the game setting.

By the way, in this world, beast-like and insect-like creatures that attacked people are called [Demonic Beast], creatures that have higher intelligence, have their own culture and even society are called [Golem], while the undead creatures are called [Demon] 

Last, creatures that are human-like … even if they have wings of feather on their back…as long as they walked with two legs, and have high enough intelligence to make and use plans and strategies are called [Devil].

The ability to use magic is not one of the classification criteria since even demonic beasts can use it.

Well, this classification method is not absolute.

Useless debate regarding this classification method often arose.

For example, if the [Big Bird] becomes an undead, will it be considered a demonic beast, or a demon Sometimes, people also used [Demon] to refer to both the demons and the devils.

[Demon Outbreak] is also used to refer to an attack caused by devils.

“Since they attacked us with a huge army, villages near the capital will get destroyed if we did nothing.

Still, it won’t be a big problem as long as we prepare a proper countermeasure.”


But the outbreak this time is caused by the common RPG plot, the revival of the demon king.

Devils are probably pulling the string.

Despite knowing this fact, I don’t have any means, fame, or influence needed to make others believe my word.

I also don’t have any cheating ability that can make us win this sure-to-lose battle.

The only thing I can do is grit my teeth and try to survive. 

It is a selfish decision, I know.

People, even my acquaintance from the academy may die, I know.

Still, I won’t, or rather I don’t have any leeway to regret my decision.

My hands are already full in trying to protect my life.

“For the students who came from a noble house, return to your own mansion in the capital and wait for further order from your family”

“Yes, sir”

Several people in the class, including me, answered.

It’s a start of an event, with a different meaning than the game event.

It’s been 15 years since I lived in this world.

That means it’s been 30 years since I last played the game.

It’s a game that I only played in moderation, so my memory of its story is starting to get blurry.

Fortunately, I managed to somehow recall the detail of this event.

The knights that are dispatched to this battle will suffer a devastating defeat.

Most will be killed while the surviving knights left the capital and are scattered around the continent.

The same thing happened to the hero too.

The Hero will then travel across the continent, including the neighborhood country.

It’s a plot device made by developers to make the hero adventure throughout the world.

“For the student who didn’t come from a noble house, you will be dispatched as a support unit responsible for supply transportation and tending to the injured.

I doubt you will get attacked but don’t let your guard down.”


People from commoner houses including Mazell answered spiritedly.

The reason they are so relaxed is probably that they thought it’s not going to be dangerous.

It’s not like there are descriptions of student’s death in the game…I think…  Like there are no descriptions of other noble’s fates.

I don’t even know if the government or civil officers even existed in the game.

I guess because they are irrelevant information, the developer didn’t bother to put it in.

Many other RPG games are also like that.

“Welner, what are you thinking so seriously”

“It’s nothing”

I gave Mazell that short answer and continue to try digging into my memories for detail of this event.

Hmm… Nope.


I only remembered one sentence ‘The knights suffered disastrous defeat’ talked about by an NPC teacher.

I tried harder in remembering… Finally, I found one piece of important information.

It’s something that I can’t say here.

If others were to ask where I got this information, I won’t have an answer.

One wrong step, I might incite anger from others for saying nonsensical things.

Before my face changed, I steered the conversation away.

“I’m going home but you need to treat the injured later right How about keeping some recovery medicine with you Try to talk to the teacher about it.”

“It’s true that you can never be too prepared.

But Welner, you care about me this much, eh”

“I just felt sorry for innocent soldiers that will end up in your hands.

Anyway, be careful.”

“You too.”

I gave him a slight nod.

In the game, the hero will work together with some adventurers to complete a reconnaissance mission and will encounter a Devil.

Their fight with the Devil is the game’s first battle scene

‘What the hell is the commander thinking, sending a student on a reconnaissance mission’ was what I used to think but well, it’s game logic.

No use in complaining.

Now, in that this become a real world, I just don’t have any spare energy to complain.

I need to think about how to survive.

Unlike Mazell, I didn’t appear in that event, so I don’t know what my fate is going to be.

First, let’s return to the mansion.

“Where is my father”

“He’s with His Majesty.”


I know that last year, father was appointed as minister of ceremonies.

It’s a position that required the ability to handle diplomacy and domestic affair but has nothing to do with military might. 

But currently, a demon outbreak happened near the capital.  Because of ‘noblesse oblige’ Zeavert Household also need to provide support.

Since my father is away that means…

“Currently, Welner-sama is the commander of the county army”


I wanted ..

or rather I blurted out a complaint

“You’re going to let a student lead an army”

“Welner-sama will be commander in name only.

The one who will lead the troop is captain Max Lyman.

Also, the Zeavert’s participation is only for show.”

Norbert is not saying that to belittle me.

After all, I’m the heir and an excellent student of the academy.

The second half is probably why my father gives me this kind of responsibility.

In his eyes, this demon outbreak is not that dangerous. 

Not to mention, Zeavert is known as a family of civil officers.

From what I remember, my late brother’s skill is [Negotiation].

If he’s still alive, he will probably become a diplomat or has a job related to it.

People born with combat skills like my [Spearmanship] are rare in this family.

Since we are known as a family of civil officers, Zeavert Household participation will only be for show.

Father probably thought that the most I will do is to watch the battle from a safe distance.

But that won’t happen.

This is a sure-lose battle, at least according to the game and now  I’m going to have to participate regardless of my will.

After gathering what I remember from my past life, I decided what I needed to do.

“Norbert, call Max.

Post an army recruitment notice then go buy some supplies.”

“Recruitment and supplies”

Norbert’s voice is full of doubt.

Well, that’s not strange.

Even if I know this is a sure-lose battle, I still need to thoroughly prepare for my survival.


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