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With a pale face, we reported the earlier scene to Count Shandel, and he and his men’s expressions changed.

After that, we collected the corpses of Marquis Knap and his men and immediately left the fortress.


We are walking at top speed to the capital while still keeping our vigilance to demonic beasts’ attacks.

The refugees are all placed in the middle of our rank.

Everyone barely speaks.

I don’t think the fall of Veritza Fortress is the only reason for this silence.


Among the people who have seen that scene, some looked lifeless.

I never thought there would come a time when I feel the clear difference between the game and this world like this.


Because we walked while carrying the injured and encountered demonic beasts on our way, we only arrived at the palace late at night.


The Count and Viscount Grellman went to report to the King as soon as we arrived.

We can’t exactly just disband so we spend the rest of the night tending to the injured and confirming the damage done to the army.


The next morning at the palace, in the room where His Majesty, The Crown Prince, and all ministers are present, Fogto-san and I are explaining the details of the situation at the fortress.


The truth is I don’t want to do some explanation as I don’t want to remember that incident.


“That is all.”


“Good work.”



You sure put our mind and body through hard work.

I don’t want to do this ever again.


People who heard our explanation all show different expressions but none of them show good expressions.

That’s natural.

Rather, I am surprised by Father’s calm expression.


“Sir Welner, Sir Fogto, both of you may return.

First, let us mourn for Marquis Knap’s death.”


Ah, that’s right.

His Highness called us with Sir given name because this is the royal court.

I just returned from the battlefield so it’s a bit strange to hear that.

Well, His Highness’s words sure saved us so we both left the room.


Just before the door was completely closed, I glanced inside from the crack of the door and saw Count Shandel among the people inside.

I guess since the Count is the commander of the army he didn’t get excused like us.


“My stomach hurts.”


“Me too.”


I blurted out a complaint and Fogto-san chimed in with a bitter smile.

Somewhere inside my head, I must still think this world is just a game.


It never crossed my mind that a nameless boss that only appeared in the beginning stage of the game can give me this much impact.


…A nameless boss, huh.

In other words, he’s a mob just like me.


“Sir Welner,” While thinking to verify my hypothesis, Fogto-san who is also in deep thought suddenly talked to me.

Somehow, his tone is different.




“I truly admired Viscount’s foresight.”




Huh What’s he talking about


Did he misunderstand something Without caring about my bewildered face, Fogto-san continued to talk with a respectful expression.


“I have to admit that until yesterday, I have been thinking there is no need to hurry in the development of countermeasures for area magic.”


Ah, I got it.

There are barely any demons who can use magic in the vicinity of the capital after all.


If it was in labyrinths though, adventurers had probably encountered enemies that use magic.

Still, they won’t feel any sense of crisis like death is approaching them.

At most, they will think ‘ah, a mage, that’s a bit dangerous.’


“It was only after I saw the inhuman scene yesterday that I deeply felt the danger of area magic.”


“I see.

After all, there are probably more than 1 or 2 future opponents that will use area magic.”


In the game, even the Black Mage is only the Veritza Fortress’s dungeon random encounter.

I’ve encountered opponents of his level so many times to the point I got sick of it.


“That mage said their next target is the royal palace.

I now understand how urgent it is to create a countermeasure for area magic.”


“I understand what you are trying to say.

So creating a countermeasure against area magic is even more urgent than your imagination.”


“The notion that it’s ‘urgent’ didn’t even cross our minds until yesterday.”


Ah, so that’s why he said he admired my ‘foresight’.

I do think it’s a bit of a problem for me, the one who has that ‘foresight’ to be the slowest one to understand his meaning though.


“If not because of you, Viscount, we will only be at the stage where we will prepare to research how to counter area magic.”


“Your praise is excessive.

I am merely a coward.”


That’s my thought and it’s the truth.

I’m a coward that’s just afraid to die.


“They did say cowardice will give birth to wisdom.

The fact that Viscount accepted your cowardice alone is already splendid.”


“Please cease your praise.”


It’s embarrassing to be praised like that by an older person who is also a royal court mage you know.

Plus, I can’t say this is an idea based on my ‘foresight’.

It’s just something I came up with because I know about the game.


Being humble is not my thing so Fogto-san, please stop staring at me with the eyes as if to say I need to be humble.


“The countermeasure against area magic is something that we, the mages, will need to use all our ability to create.”




After Fogto-san finished his words, a voice from the side suddenly called him.

It’s a man wearing the royal court mage uniform who is around the same age as Fogto-san.


He’s a man that radiated the aura of a calm elite, like a typical smart character in a game.

Glasses will look good on him



What happened”


“I want to hear your opinion.”


The man gave me a slight bow when he saw me and continued to talk with Fogto-san.

Their conversation is full of terms that I don’t understand.

A magic wave that didn’t exist in other tools What’s that


“My apologies, Sir Welner.

I need to go to the laboratory now so let us part here.”


“I understand.

Then, I hope we will have a chance to meet again later.”


“Please leave the development of the anti-area magic tools to us.”


“I shall do so.

Thank you.”


After that, we separated.

Fogto-san and Puckler-san keep discussing while they are walking.

I’m glad they have become serious about developing a countermeasure against area magic.

I have no choice but to rely on them for this after all.


Even if I return to the mansion Father won’t be there and I also don’t feel like returning to the academy so let’s take a walk first.


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