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Even though I understand Father’s words, to have the situation change this much it’s troublesome.

I also have my agenda after all.


Thankfully, the preparation of the army, or to be more specific, the preparation of the Zeavert troop has been done by Father.

I also had Nobert hire many scouts from the Adventurers Guild. 


If later on, demonic beasts attacked the refugees it would cause panic and casualties.

It’s better to fight them before that happens so that’s why I need people that can scout our surroundings.

It’s best to leave the job to the professional.


I also need a map so I’ve sent a servant to the palace to create a copy of the map.

I need the kingdom to at least be willing to let me have a copy of the map otherwise I’ll be troubled.

I know a map is a military secret but this is also a military job you know.


Then, I sent a messenger to Mazell to call him to the mansion.

It’s best if Luguentz can also come but even if he doesn’t Mazell alone should be enough.


Mazell is still living in the dorm so it’s easy to get hold of him.

That’s great.

If he has started his journey it will be hard to contact him.

I need to do something about it but I don’t know what.

I mean, it’s not like this world has smartphones.


I read the list that contained the required arms and goods needed by the Zeavert troop.

I want to have a secretary.

I never had a secretary in my past life, but then, I’m not as busy as I am now.

It’s fair for me to want a secretary right.

I know technically I’m a student so I’m just a kid but still…


While I complained about this in my head, Mazell finally arrived at the mansion.

He brought Luguentz with him.

That’s great.

I heard it was Mazell that went all the way to bring Luguentz here


“I’m really curious why you called me out at this time.”


“My bad.

Sorry to you too, Luguentz.”


“Nah, it’s fine.”


He said that but he came here with a sword strapped on his waist.

Is it his habit as an adventurer that be constantly on a battlefield On the other hand, Mazell is wearing light equipment.

I don’t know which of their outfits is common in this world.


The maid, Tilla-san, poured us some black tea and left the room.

Both Mazell and Luguentz are probably no longer strangers to her.

I gulped the tea to quench my thirst.

The tea snacks that have been prepared for today are cookies.


Mazell also drinks his tea while looking straight at me.


“So, what happened”


“Triot got destroyed by the demon’s army.

This is still a secret though.”


A loud ‘clank’ sound resounded in the room.

It was the sound of both Mazell and Luguentz putting down their tea cup to its saucer.


“…What did you just say”


“That’s why there are going to be refugees from Triot flooding into our kingdom.

I need to go to meet them.”


I calmly replied to Luguentz’s astonished question.

Oh please, I also don’t know the details so can you stop glaring at me.


Mazell looked at me with a serious expression.


“If Welner is going to be sent out, then it’s true right”



The problem is I don’t know how long I will be away.

That’s why I called you here.”


Originally, I planned to introduce Elrich to Mazell but since now I don’t have time I have no choice but to let him meet Elrich on his own.


“I met a person that seems to be reliable.

Both of you are not good at using healing magic right”


At least for now.

In the future, Mazell will also be able to somehow use healing magic.

After all, omnipotence is one of a hero’s… or rather a protagonist’s common plot device.


“I can use a bit of healing magic but not to the point I can say I’m good at it.”




That’s a surprise.

That means Mazell’s current level is higher than my prediction.

I turned my gaze to Luguentz and he silently shook his head.

I don’t know if that means Luguentz can’t use magic at all or he just can’t use healing magic.

Well, whatever.


“Anyway, I met a person who can use healing magic and he also looks like he’s quite strong so I want both of you, Mazell, to meet him.

I should’ve gone with you but as you know, I can’t.

That’s why I want you to meet him by yourself.”



If it’s someone you recommended,  I’ll try to meet him.”


Though I’m glad you easily agreed, Mazell, aren’t you a bit too reckless I guess a good person who easily trusts others is the personality of a typical protagonist of a game.

Even in the game, there was no instance that Mazell doubted the information he got in a town.

Yet, he never got into a bad situation because of that.

Is it another one of the protagonist’s plot armor


“His name is Elrich Kluger.

This is the inn where he currently stayed.

I will also send a notice to him that you will come.”


“Got it.”


“I’m going too.”


“That’s fine.

I was just about to ask you to do that, Luguentz.”


It’s great that Luguentz is also willing to go.

As for the details, I will just leave it to them.

There’s one other thing I want to discuss with Mazell.

This thing is also important.


 I’ll arrange it on my side and I’ve also told Norbert and my father about this.

if the merchant corps returned to the capital before I did, you can do as you like with the weapons and armors they brought.”




Strangely, Mazell and Luguentz are in unison.

Is my world that strange


“You’re not saying that you will give all of them to Mazell right”


“That’s exactly my meaning though.”


“Welner, is that really fine”


With a confused expression, both Luguentz and Mazell asked me.

Well, I plan to give them all to Mazell from the beginning.


“I didn’t let them purchase those armors and weapons for decorations, you know.

As for me, I just need a spear.

If I need more equipment I can just buy them later.”


Since my skill is [Spearmanship] swords are useless to me.

Well, I can use them to a certain level since there’s a swordsmanship lesson in the academy.

My grade in that lesson ranked in the bottom half or about the middle of the class though.

I’m no match for Mazell.


Plus, the equipment I had the merchants’ corps gather is a sample for the kingdom.

It’s better for me if that sample can prove its usefulness.

If there’s a problem with the equipment, in reality, there’s no other choice but to shove them into the warehouse but if there’s no problem then making a skilled person use it is the best.


“If you’re bothered by me giving them to you, let’s just say I let you borrow them.

For me, the stronger you two become the better.”


“I’ve always wondered…” With a baffled expression painted on his face, Luguentz started to talk.


“Why are you willing to go this far”


“I don’t understand what things I’ve gone ‘this far’ but if you’re talking about the equipment, then a personal reason would be because Mazell is my friend.”


This isn’t a lie.

Maybe it’s because of something like charisma but I’ve never felt unwilling to help Mazell.

Now that I think about it, everyone is friendly to the game’s protagonist.

Many characters were willing to help him without any compensation.


In the game, no human has ever deceived the protagonist.

He also never got arrested for intruding and ransacking random people’s houses.

The latter should be a crime though.

Although in real life he didn’t go around ransacking people’s houses.


I wonder if there’s an invisible force that influenced me in this world that was formerly a game.

I mean, I kept helping Mazell like the characters in the game.


“Publicly, helping Mazell is something that His Highness has requested, though I’ll still help Mazell regardless.”


“As for me”


“I feel like I can trust you and it’s better to have as many people as possible that can fight with devils.”


I won’t say ‘it’s my investment so you guys can defeat demon king’ The word ‘investment’ isn’t even widely used in this world.

Plus, I didn’t lie when I said I helped them because Mazell is my friend and Luguentz is my friend’s companion.


“You’re a good person like Mazell,” With an expression that I can’t tell if what he’s saying is praise or not, Luguentz added.


“I feel like you’re saying that it’s unexpected for me to be a good person.”


I’m not as good of a person as Mazell.

All of my actions are done because I want to survive.

I can say that I’ve done it because of my noblesse oblige as an excuse but saying that to Luguentz is a bad move.


While I was still troubled about what other excuses I could say, Mazell looked straight at me and said, “Let me borrow them then.

Someday I will return the favor.”


“Yeah, I’ll let you borrow them.”


Don’t worry about that, Mazell.

Because someday you will bring me the demon king’s head


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