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*3rd POV


Mazell and Luguentz were both escorted out of the mansion by a butler.

Then, without actually meaning to, they both looked back to the mansion simultaneously and sighed.


“…That guy, he’s strange.”


“I think there’s a better description for him… but well I understand your meaning and I agree.”


Mazell answered Luguentz muttering with a bitter smile.

Even as his friend, it was still hard for Mazell to keep up with Welner’s thoughts.


That was reasonable.

Welner’s way of thinking was based on the game scenario, his experience as a Japanese, and the fact that this world was an otherworld.

Furthermore, all his actions were done to destroy his future death flags.


From others’ perspectives, it looked like Welner did not think about the advantages, disadvantages, losses, and gains of his action.

The basis of his action was a completely different set of common sense compared to the common sense of this world.

It would be hard for others to understand his actions.


“Is that how all high and mighty nobles acted”


“Or perhaps, that’s how a real genius acted.”


If Welner heard Mazell’s words, he would probably spat out his tea in surprise.

Welner himself was aware that he was just a mediocre person, not some kind of genius.

Welner was also aware that he was far from how normal nobles would act.


But from the perspective of Mazell and Luguent, that’s not true.


This is something that Welner did not know.

The devil who is the mastermind behind the demon outbreak left a chilling threat to Mazell and Luguentz as it died causing them both to think that the knights had suffered big damage.


Yet, when they hurried up and returned, they found that the damage suffered by the knights was far less than their imagination and they heard it was all thanks to Welner.


Mazell couldn’t help but be surprised as Welner had crushed the devil’s ploy.


After that, Mazell also saw how Welner skillfully prepared maps and people for the merchants’ corps expedition and he saw the Veritza Fortress fall as Welner had predicted.

All this time, Welner’s judgment has never missed.


As they both did not know about the game’s story, perhaps their misunderstanding is only natural.


“It’s hard for me to keep up with him but since he called me his friend, I need to do my best.”


“Haha, you sure are going through a hard time.”


Hearing Mazell’s determination, Luguentz laughed lightly.

Welner has always thought he will never be a match for Mazell, the protagonist, but the fact is, Mazell himself kept working hard to keep up with Welner.


In the first place, the reason why Mazell’s level is surprisingly high lies in Welner himself.

It was a result of Mazell’s effort so he won’t be left in the dust by Welner.

If someone else can peek at their thoughts, they will probably be laughing.


“First of all, we need to think about the person we will meet tomorrow.”



I’m curious about what kind of person he is.”


Though he says that, Mazell is confident that it’s going to be fine since Welner is the one that recommended that person.

Seeing Mazell’s confident face, Luguentz teased, “If you’re a woman you will already fall in love with Welner.”


“Hmm… I wonder I’m sure I won’t fall for his face though.”


Luguentz smiles bitterly when at Mazell’s serious answer.

Mazell didn’t realize that and continued his words, “But well, he has popularity among girls you know.”


“Ah…Well, maybe”


Personal valor was highly valued in this world.

That’s why when Welner just started to enroll at the academy, titles such as ‘The son of Minister of Ceremonies’ and ‘The heir of a Count house’ won’t make others think highly of Welner.

But now, others’ evaluation of Welner has completely changed.


The words that Welner fought bravely against the demon outbreak had spread.

After that, his accomplishment in the Veritza Fortress incident as the tactical commander has given him the reputation of being an excellent young general among the knights.

That reputation has also spread to the general public.


Adding to that, Welner has the peerage of vice count given to him by the royal family.

That means the royal family has recognized him as the official heir of the count.

There’s also a rumor that he’s liked by the Crown Prince.

Frankly, the words that Welner was ‘an attractive partner for engagement’ has continuously spread rapidly.


Ironically, Welner didn’t know about his fame.

After all, he’s recently been too busy to attend the academy so he never heard these things.


“After that, we need to confirm this thing Welner handed to us.”


As they were leaving, Welner gave them a drawing of the Veritza Fortress interior, along with the word ‘The merchants’ corps was still on their way to return’ It was a very simple drawing but that must be because it’s just a rough draft.

Well, this drawing alone was enough to conclude that Welner didn’t have the slightest bit of talent in drawing.


To understand the drawing, they need to do something close to ‘deciphering code’ but it was something Welner gave them so confirming the drawing accuracy as much as possible won’t hurt them.

The three of them knew that the drawing was supposed to be a national secret but none of them mentioned it.


“Welner is always obsessed with drawings.”


“Now that I think about it, that’s true.”


It might be the influence of Welner’s knowledge that this world used to be a game, but Welner is always obsessed with drawing (map).

This was also something that people of this world found strange.


The people of this world used drawing as something like a blueprint, but they didn’t have the concept of using drawing as a ‘means to understand’ so you can say that Welner’s obsession with drawings was strange.

After all, this world didn’t have drawings that are close to ‘satellite map’ or ‘surveyed map’


“Well, I don’t really care since it’s fun.”


“I feel that Welner will say why are you having fun!”


After Mazell says that, they both laugh and continue to walk in the night.

The next day, they meet Elrich Kluger and decide to form a party with him.


T/N: Misunderstanding continues.

It’s funny to know that Welner’s drawing is so incomprehensible that reading it is like ‘deciphering a code’

Hey, sorry for the late release I was sick.

My GERD acted up then I caught a fever.

All better now though still feel dizzy.


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