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Translator: Nisarah    Editor: Fleeting, Nisarah

The kingdom’s right flank is led by Marquis Norporth.

The Marquis belonged to the military faction, but he was a cautious man.

That was why the Crown Prince always trusted him.

Even now the important job of being the right flank commander was entrusted to him. 


“This is the time.

Give the signal to the 1st division!”


“Yes, sir!”


After receiving the order from Marquis Norporth, the cavalry started to move.

Before long, the sounds of horses’ hooves shook the ground, and the sound of battle cry resounded.

A black lump of cavalry pushed the left flank of the army of death and crushed them.


The destructive power of cavalry is affected by the speed of its charge, that was why cavalry needs enough distance from the enemy to be the most effective.

Yet, due to the fact that the cavalry soldiers were wearing full armor on top of the horses, a too long distance would rather tire the horses, causing the speed of the cavalry’s charge to fall.


That was why the commander’s ability to make use of the terrain’s topography and conditions was important in order to make a successful attack using cavalry.

Only experienced commanders like Marquis Norporth will be able to do so.

Even the Crown Prince nodded in awe as he observed the battlefield from the headquarters.


Not long after, the left flank also attacked the enemy.

This flank was led by Marquis Schramm.


Marquis Olaf Helmut Schramm is a rare noble that belongs to the neutral faction.

At the same time, he was the royal family’s future maternal relative as his daughter was engaged to the Royal Grandson.


That engagement was perhaps the result of political machination, but it was a good decision as the engagement resulted in him being able to keep his distance from both the military and civil factions. 


Just like Marquis Norporth, Marquis Schramm was an experienced noble with excellent ability in military art.

On this occasion, he splendidly commanded the 2nd division of knights to crush the army of death’s right flank.


This was when the army of death’s fault of having no intelligence became blatant.

The soldiers of death merely have the instinct to attack living beings, as such, they begin to abandon their posts and start to chase after the knights of the 1st and 2nd divisions.


In addition to the army of death’s leaving their posts, the difference between the movement speed and the reaction speed of the skeleton warriors and living death also caused The army of death to lose any semblance of unity in their movement.

“2nd and 3rd group! Start moving!”


After their enemy’s movement became disordered, Marquis Schramm judged that this is the time for the kingdom’s army to slowly retreat, as such, he gave the order. 


The 2nd group was mostly composed of infantries.

The speed of their charge was low, but their flexibility in a battle was high.

The infantry unit of the 2nd group led by Viscount Davrak attacked the army of death that had been chasing the knights from the sides.


Viscount Davrak was a noble who also participated in the retreat battle at the Veritza Fortress.

He was also the person that collected Marquis Knap’s corpse.

He was one of the nobles of the military faction and was very confident about his own battle prowess.




Viscount Davrak brandished his axes as he stood at the helm of the infantry.

With merely one swing, a skeleton warrior was obliterated.

Before the remaining army of death was able to react, he charged into their rank and obliterated the enemies on his path.


A bit later, another infantry unit of the kingdom’s army’s left flank, led by the commander of the 2nd group, Count Muhe followed the Viscount’s unit to charge at the enemy’s rank, and they both began to mow down the enemy’s right flank.


“Do not falter! If we don’t defeat them here, the capital will be trampled!”


Viscount Davrak’s shout resounded across the battlefield.

As the relative of Marquis Knap, Viscount Davrak needed to play an active role on this battlefield.


But even without that, it was true that the Viscount fought very skillfully to the point that after this battle was over, he would receive the Crown prince’s praises.


On the other side, Marquis Norporth has also given the order for the 2nd and 3rd groups of the right flank to move.

The leader of the infantry unit of the 2nd group is Viscount Degenkolp.


Originally, the Degenkolp house belonged to the civil faction.

At the time of the demon outbreak incident, Viscount Degenkolp gave only a few soldiers to his younger brother and sent him to the battle in his stead.

As a result, the Degenkolp house did not have any significant contribution to that battle.

It was instead the Zeavert house that also belonged to the civil faction that took all the glory.


The Degenkolp house and the Zeavert house belong to the same faction, but Viscount Degenkolp still feels a competitive spirit with Count Zeavert.

This time, the Viscount gathered his force and participated in this battle with the purpose of ‘getting back his family’s honor’


“Surround them! But there is no need to rush.

It’s fine to defeat them one by one!”


Though Viscount Degenkolp belonged to the civil faction, that did not mean that he was a coward.

As the soldiers of Viscount Degenkolb kept defeating the living deaths and skeleton warriors on the frontline, the commander of the 2nd group of the kingdom’s right flank, Count Harfolk, led his soldiers to keep pushing the army of death to the center.


The army of death has no intelligence.

They move via their instinct.

Their instinct dictated them to rush toward places that have living beings.

They cannot tire, but they were not invincible.

As the kingdom’s army kept pushing them from both flanks, their rank fell apart.

Slowly, the kingdom’s army guided the army of death to gather at the center, while preventing the soldiers of death from being able to work in a group.


After that, the 3rd group from both flanks of the kingdom’s army went around the 2nd group and attacked the rear of the army of death’s both flanks.


The centerpieces of the 3rd group of the kingdom army’s right flanks were the men of both Marquis Norporth and Marquis Schramm.

But all cavalries were given to the 1st group, and the 3rd group also had split some of their men to the 2nd group, as such, the number of remaining soldiers in the 3rd group was simply insufficient, even though their soldiers were all of high quality.


But their mobility was nothing short of excellent.

After all, their main job was to attack the rear of the enemy’s flank.

All soldiers of the 3rd group wore light equipment, unlike the heavily armed 2nd group.


Since mobility was the most important trait needed by the 3rd group, the experienced mercenaries and adventurers were put into this group.


“This is the first time I had this kind of battle”


“Well, this kind of large-scale battle is rare after all.”


The mercenary, Oliver Gekke, who just returned to the capital along with the merchants’ corps 3 days ago was commissioned by Marquis Norporth to join this battle


It was natural for a famous mercenary like Gekke to be commissioned to join this battle since he was in the capital.


The person that talked with Gekke was his old friend, Luguentz Lazer.

Luguentz wore a conspicuous new armor and sword.

He was in the midst of battle, yet, he looked quite relaxed.


“You also have to be careful, Mazell.”


“I am fine with this much.”


Beside Luguentz and Gekke was Mazell.

He too wore a set of new unfamiliar equipment.

As a student, Mazell has no obligation to participate in this battle, but he himself wished to help the capital that has fallen into a crisis, as such, he participated in this battle as a newly registered adventurer. 


Rather than himself, Mazell was actually more worried about the boy beside him.


“Don’t force yourself, Feli.”


“I know!”


Feli also participated in this battle.

In short, all members of the mercenary corps have returned safely along with the new equipment.

Mazell’s group borrowed the new equipment from the Zeavert house.

They were able to gain the Zeavert’s house permission to borrow the equipment because one, they said Welner wanted them to use it, and two because they promised to take all responsibility.


It was also thanks to Gekke and Feli’s persuasion.

Gekke said, ‘These boys are better at fighting than your average soldiers, so you can let them use the equipment with ease’ while Feli said ‘ Big Bro will definitely let us borrow them!’ Feli’s words especially held a strange persuasive force.


“Please do not worry.

I will help him.”


“I apologize for your troubles.”


Elrich, then one that had been helping Mazell’s group to train while the Zeavert’s army was away from the capital, reassured Mazell and Mazell replied to him with a bow.

Elrich too was wearing a new set of equipment.

Mazel’s group was especially conspicuous among the army.


“Well then everyone, let’s go.”


“Don’t let your guard down.”


With that, the 3rd group which was composed of the Marquis’s soldiers, mercenaries, and adventurers went around the 2nd group and attacked the rear of the army of death’s flanks almost simultaneously.

Without any time to react, the soldiers of the army of death were obliterated.


Then, the 1st and 2nd divisions of the kingdom’s knights that had been destroying the enemy’s flanks joined forces to begin another attack.

T/N: Hello, Nisarah is here! So since my uni starts tomorrow, the release schedule will be moved to Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Anyway if you find any mistakes or confusion in this chapter (Since a war chapter is honestly harder to translate) you can mention them in the comment.


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