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“Honestly, even if it’s Welner-sama order, I’m still not convinced”

“Demon fighting a knight is like one person fighting a pack of wolves.

There’s no doubt the pack will win, so what’s the point of this strategy”

The strategy that they are complaining about is the group fight strategy.

The five-man team and their orderlies will work together to kill a demon.

After that, they will continue to help other teams.

It’s a simple but effective strategy.

The problem is the knights think that telling them to use this strategy is equal to underestimating them because all this time they easily kill demons and demonic beasts without it.

Really, this world that puts personal might over everything makes my head hurt.

I guess this is the reason why a hero that defeated a demon king with only a small team makes sense in this world.

But, a normal person can’t afford to use the game’s way to fight.


“We still don’t know the scale of this outbreak.

What if it’s huge and we ended up fighting for a month No one has enough stamina to fight for a month straight.

This way, we can preserve our stamina.”

 Now that I think about it, the game hero that can go to battle without a wink of sleep is really something.

“It’s also safer.

With a team battle, our people won’t get injured.

This means that the situation of dying because healing can’t catch up to injuries won’t happen.” 

“Well if you said it like that….”

Since Augen nodded, the other knights swallowed their complaints.

“First of all, this is only His Highness the Royal Grandson’s first campaign.

It wouldn’t matter if we stand out too much.”

I throw the Royal Grandson’s name as an excuse.

To be fair, The Zeavert army is only about 1/40 of the entire army.

It’s not a number that will stand out.

It’s not like we’re an elite too.

Though it’s a pity if people are going to gossip about how our army shouldn’t be that conspicuous on Royal Grandson’s first campaign, in the end, they will understand that it’s the truth.

“Our goal is for everyone to return alive.

Therefore, raise your military merit in moderation and return home safely.”

Even if I said that I know that it won’t go that smoothly, is my thought but there’s no way I can say it here.

The battle with the demon army will continue until the hero defeats the demon king.

What a normal person should first do is fight for survival.

I can feel goosebumps appear all over my body.

Is this the atmosphere of a battlefield

On the formation, the Zeavert army is placed in the second row of the left flank.

We’re quite close to the center.

I’m glad that the elite First Division is right next to us, but the tense atmosphere washes away that sense of relief.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake.

A cloud of dust appeared from the direction of the forest, accompanied by a rumbling noise.

Hordes of demonic beasts started to fill my vision.

Hunter Wolves, Six-Legged Rabbits, there are various types of demonic beasts that often attack people.

Even the ones that usually stayed inside the forest are among them.

There are also insect types of demonic beasts like fleas the size of large dogs and cockroaches that are even bigger than them.

What with that amount… Give me a break.

The image of demonic beasts charging toward us is like a flood. 


“Get off your horse!”

With the opponent as tall as those insects, the advantage of a horse becomes useless.

It’s only natural that a dismount order is given.

Because horses are expensive properties, securing them is usually the job of orderlies.

But it’s a waste of fighting force to left tending horses to the orderlies, so I gave them an order to left the horses to the porters in the back and return

Fortunately, I already divided the team, so the orderlies can easily return without getting confused.


Archers and mages started to attack from a distance.

Arrows, fireballs, ice lances, and lightning balls are fired at the enemies in succession.

Appearance-wise, it’s magnificent.

Usually, some demonic beasts will fear that attack and stop, but now they keep advancing.

I see, so this is an outbreak… is the only thing in my mind, but the other isn’t like that.

I can see that some of them started to feel uneasy.

They must realize that this outbreak is different from what they had previously imagined.

Other armies in the left flank started to advance, but the Zeavert army stayed in place.

Before long, those armies that went first finally confronted the demonic beasts, like a bull that rammed into a wall. 

A bit later, the Zeavert army also came into contact with demonic beasts.



With one order from their commander, each team simultaneously stabbed a beast and turned it into a corpse.

I also killed one, but another appeared immediately.

I was surprised, but maybe because of my training, my body moved on its own and killed it too.

That beast is an insect with the head of a bat, it almost bit me,  and the body of a grasshopper.

It would be a lie if I said I’m not disgusted. 

“So this is a war…”

It’s heaven and earth compared to a one-on-one battle.

Enemies appear in front of me without pause so I need to continue fighting If I don’t want to die.

It’s an endless battle.

While complaining, I swing my spear without stopping.

The enemies continue to fall.

I’m glad that I’m surrounded by the other knights, so I can focus on the enemies in front of me.

Others from the Zeavert army also defeated many enemies, but they kept coming.

I think I saw people from other troops being isolated, but I don’t have enough leeway to help them.

“Don’t recklessly swing your sword! Pay attention to the comrades surrounding you!”

“Don’t break the formation! Don’t take your eyes from your comrade on your right!”

Supporting and being supported.

This is the basics of a team battle.

Though I’ve only explained it with words, I see that everyone is doing it properly.

The feeling of wanting to stay alive must be mutual.

The team battle is efficient, but it also has a weakness.

You can’t avoid the enemy’s blood..

or in this case their bodily fluid.

Those disgusting fluids splattered onto your clothes and made the ground slippery.

Then the smell..

urgh I don’t want to describe it.

Though, since the enemy kept coming I stopped caring.

“So the kingdom’s decision to fight an open battle with this outbreak is the same as making light of it”

While complaining, I continue swinging my spear.

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