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I signalled Frenssen to fetch a blue box.

Inside of it are items purchased by the merchants corps.

Some items will be pretty useful to me since they are similar to the items in the game.


I retrieved one item.

It might be better to test it first before we all use it, but well this item works in the game so it should be fine, right..


“This is the thing that I want to show..”


“What is that”


“Ah, I remember! Isn’t that one of the items the merchants brought in some town”


It seems like Feli recognized this.

It’s the Skywalk.

It’s a keychain-sized pair of adventurer shoes decorated with feathers.

It’s a common design in my past life.


Though I hope Feli remembers the name of the town, not just ‘some town’ since Feli’s memory of town names is important for my plan.


“So what is this” Mazell ask with a curious tone


“It’s a magic item that can be used by a party.”


Maybe not many people know about this item.

It’s true that when I was playing the game and I’m still in the royal capital, the tutorial to use this item didn’t exist.


“So, how do you use this item”


“Usually it will be used by a party or a team, but I think it can be used as an individual too.”


In the game, Laura the High Priest and an old Wizard named Uwe will also be part of Mazell’s party.

But here, the two of them have yet to join the party and in their place, there’s me and Frennsen so it shouldn’t exceed the maximum number of people this item can move.


For our first time, I think going to Hafen town will be fine.

After telling Frenssen to hold the box securely, I give a Skywalk to Feli.


“Feli, hold this and think about Hafen town, then say ‘to Hafen’ ”


“I don’t really understand why you want me to do that, but sure. To Hafen.”


Right after Feli said that, the surrounding space became distorted.

In the game, both the moving and the sound effects are the same as an old anime so it gives out a cheap feeling.

I feel kinda sick since my semicircular canals are being shaked.


By the time we finally regained our senses, the whole group was standing right in front of Hafen town.

Yup, it worked.

“…Hey, what in the world is this!”


Luguentz said that while staring at me.

Well, that’s an understandable reaction.


“Let’s enter the town first.

It’s going to be troublesome if demons attack us here.”



But you will explain everything thoroughly later, right, Welner”


Oh, even Mazell speaks up.

Well, of course he will, huh.

Still, I can conclude from this that Mazell didn’t know about Skywalk.

I wonder if he will buy my explanation later.


Frenssen took care of the gatekeeper.

Our cover story is that we are a noble accompanied by his guards that’s in the middle of travelling incognito to play.

I think that Frenssen is also confused like Mazell and company, but he still remained calm enough to talk with the gatekeeper.

Surprisingly, Frenssen might be quite competent.


Come to think of it, we were teleported to a secluded place.

I’m glad.

I mean, if a group of people suddenly popped out of thin air, won’t it cause a ruckus


“Now then, shall we listen to your explanation”


“Don’t look at me like that.”


We entered a bar and placed a simple order.

When the food was finally laid out on our table, Mazell and Elrich were glaring at me while Luguentz’s expression was practically like interrogating a criminal.


“This item is called Skywalk.

It can’t be acquired in the capital.

I think you need to buy it from towns far from the capital.”


“Ah, I see!”


Out of the blue, Feli extended his arm and said this.

He also said, “Oh, it disappeared because it was a single-use item!” I guess it literally disappeared like in the game.


“Just like Feli said, it’s a single-use item.

As you have experienced, it’s an item that uses magic to transport you to any place you’ve been to in an instant.”


“Wait, that kind of thing actually exists!”


Frenssen gasped in surprise.

Hmm… even though Skywalk can’t be purchased in the capital, it is still strange for even people that served a noble house to not know of its existence.

I should investigate this matter later.


“I also don’t know the principle behind it.

It was apparently a relic of an ancient kingdom.

Using it is simple, as you all have seen earlier.”


“It is simple to use but I didn’t know this kind of thing existed…”


As if asking, ‘where did you learn about this item’ Mazell looked at me.

Well, I’ve prepared an excuse for that.


“When I was investigating the ancient kingdom because of the equipment that I wanted the merchant party to buy, I discovered this item.”


“I see.”


Mazell looked at the remaining Skywalks in the box fixedly.

Other than the Skywalks, there’s also a medicine bottle that looks like potion, but is not a potion.

Should I also explain about it


While I was thinking like that, Elrich, who was also looking at the box, turned his attention toward me.


“Could this power be a national secret”


“I don’t think it is.”


At the very least, I’ve never heard about this item from people in this world.

Though, I have to agree that it was strange for items that no one knew how to use to be so expensive.


Maybe the seller just sold it with a hefty price because it’s a premium item that could only be acquired by excavation Even if that’s the reason why these items are expensive, the fact that all vendors in all towns sold this item with the exact same price is also strange.

In the past, I didn’t get bothered by this because it was a game.


Maybe only people of certain professions have the knowledge about how to use this item.

Well, even if that’s true, it didn’t matter.

All that matters is that this item is useful.


“Even if these items are national secrets, it should be fine for you all to know how to use them, especially for the sake of the future.”


“What do you mean”


Mazell asked me doubtfully.

Well, I knew that in the future they will be pulled into a lot of hassle.


“Now that all of you have fought the demon army and Mazell have even killed a Demon General, I’m sure that in the future you will all be pulled into a political affair.”


“…I guess that’s given.”


Luguentz seemed to have understood, and Elrich nodded.


“Although His Highness seems to have no intention to shackle all of you using politics at least for now, it doesn’t mean other nobles won’t try to.”


“I still don’t really understand.”


I shrug my shoulders in response to Mazell’s words.


“What I mean is that in the future there might be a noble that wants to shackle all of you using politics.

If that happens, you can use this to run away to another town.”


“Hahaha, I see!”


Laughter escaped Feli’s mouth.

After that, Feli turned to me with a serious expression.


“Big bro, does that apply to me too”



From the perspective of nobles, you are part of Mazell’s companion.

Plus, I also have a request for you, Feli.”


“A request”


For now, only Feli and Frenssen have gone to various towns.

But since Frenssen is no expert in combat, only Feli would be able to help Mazell’s party in their journey.


On top of that, Feli was originally supposed to join Mazell’s party after the Veritza Fortress incident.

I will brush off the fact that he had joined earlier than he did in the game.


“You’ve been to many towns so I want to ask you to help Mazell and the others in their journey.”


“Can’t they just use this thing to travel to all towns I’ve visited so I don’t have to accompany them”


Feli is right.

That’s possible but the problem is…


“You can buy 3 swords in the capital with one of these.”




This thing is too expensive.

Actually, the amount of gold and silver coins I gave to Feli when we first met wouldn’t be enough to buy even one of these.

In the game, the amount of money given to the hero’s party by the king was also not enough to buy Skywalk.

The game’s king is too stingy.


One other problem is that there’s a chance that the current Mazell’s party won’t be able to defeat demons that appeared in far away towns.

The report from the merchant party said that the appearance rates of demons have increased.

In the future, the appearance rates of demons might increase even more.


Currently, I can’t let Mazell’s party go to far away towns unless it’s an emergency.

After all, the cheat that Mazell’s party has right now is just the party members, my knowledge of the game, and equipment.

I doubt the overall strength of the current Mazell’s party can handle stronger demons in far away towns.


“That’s why I want you to accompany them to visit various towns as their guide, Feli.

I will also appreciate it if you can share any information or unusual stories you’ve heard on the journey with me.”


“I understand.”


Feli and Mazell agreed without any fight, but it seems like they noticed the fact that I didn’t trust their current combat capability.

Originally, I thought they would get angry about that.


“In exchange, I have a request for you, Welner.”



What’s it”


I also feel indebted to you so I don’t mind hearing your request.


T/N: we will be changing merchant corps -> merchant party.

Also, if you’re curious on what happened next, try to visit our patreon here with chapters freshly out of oven!


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