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After Welner left, Crown Prince Hubertus looked at Seyfart.


“What do you think about him”


“Well, if I had a granddaughter, I would consider him as my grandson in law candidate.”


Hubertus let out a bitter smile at the Duke’s line.

The son, daughter in law, and the grandchildren of this granduncle of his had all died in an epidemic.

Human fate was truly unpredictable.


Originally, for the sake of continuing his family line, he should have adopted a son to succeed him, but Seyfart himself respectfully declined to do so and even proposed to return the Duchy to the royal family, hoping only for a pension until the death of his elderly wife.


Welner and Seyfart may be alike in their lack of greed.


“What is your opinion, Your Highness”


“He is still young, but he’s a promising man.”




Huber had seen Welner’s ability in commanding a troop, his ability to precisely judge the situation at a war, his ability to make quick decisions, as well as his ability to draft creative plans as such Huber judged that Welner was a promising man.


Furthermore, his series of actions, such as his countermeasure plan against area magic and his aggressive approach to mowing down demons when escorting refugees, demonstrate his flexibility and willingness to execute his plan.


After all, any nobles could obtain information on high quality equipment, but not all nobles will bother to prepare their own merchant party to buy the equipment and even offer it to the royal family.

Other students might be able to draft a plan like Welner, but since Welner was also capable of executing his plan, Huber’s evaluation of Welner was quite high.


On top of that, he also didn’t have an intention to use his plan for his own benefit.

This also made the Crown Prince as one of the people that govern the kingdom to like Welner even more.

Had Welner himself heard this, he would probably have stressed that it was a misunderstanding.


“As for me, I liked his commitment to his job..”


For the noble of the royal capital, escorting refugees was a rather unspectacular job, and it would not be strange if a young noble that took the job will do it half assedly.

Yet, from Seyfart’s point of view, Welner was diligent in doing his job.


After all, when the content and objective of a job were clear, the most important thing was how serious the person did the job.

It can even be said that Welner successfully passed the Duke’s hidden test.

It may be undeniable, though, that this was the influence of his workaholic Japanese side.


Also, the various reports of the demons appearance rate submitted by Welner acted as reference and evidence of the fact that the the demons appearance rate has increased.

Even now, a countermeasure plan against the increasing demon’s appearance rate based on the information presented by Welner was being discussed at the meeting before the king.


Another reason for Seyfart’s high evolution of Welner is that he always prepares and submits easy-to-understand diagrams and data.


“I wonder if this was the result of the count’s education.”


“I don’t know but I do feel that his abilities are great to the point that I feel it is a shame that his older brother has died.”


Simply put, they both thought that if the Count’s eldest son was still alive, they would have been able to bring Welner to their side.

They both exchanged glances nonchalantly.

After a while, a smile formed on Seyfart’s face.


“His proposal seems a bit shallow, though.”


“You cannot expect that much from him, considering his age.”


“I suppose so.”


Welner’s proposition to create a government bond was astonishing.

Considering that he even had a grasp on the concept of the necessity of additional financial source to repay the debt, Huber and Seyfart judged that Welner’s way of thinking was far more mature compared to his age.

However, they did not know that compared to Welner’s actual mental age, his proposition was rather rough.


After a short silence, Huber started to speak.


“But creating an orchard I wonder what his intention is.”


“During this campaign, Sir Welner had experienced the effect and benefit of fruits and dried fruits.

On top of that, the situation from now on will change.”


In a normal war, it might be impossible for the kingdom’ supply line to be completely cut off.

However, the war this time was against the demons.

The kingdom might need to maintain the state of being in a semi battlefield all year around.

There was a chance that in the future the capital with its consumptive citizens would face a lack of food.

In that case, creating an orchard might be beneficial for the future.


Watching Huber’s nod, Seyfert strokes his chin with a smile.


“I do not think gauging someone like that is a good hobby, Your Highness”


“It’s a habit.”


Huber smiled wryly. 


Huber’s evaluation of his father was that he was neither a wicked king nor a foolish king, but he was hardly an outstanding military man.

Politics was a matter of thinking for a long term benefit, whereas military affairs needed the ability to make quick decisions.

Huber did notice the fact that his father has no aptitude to become a military man.

Huber trusted Duke Seyfart more than his father if the matter was related to the military.

That was why he called the Duke here.


“You called me here because ‘he was still young and inexperienced so I hope you can take care of him’ or something along this line, right”


“It would be a waste to let the jealousy of a random noble destroy his talents so Duke, please help him.”


“As you wish.”


Both Huber and Seyfart were aware that it is the duty of elders to nurture the youth.

Though in Seyfart’s case, it might be more of a ‘protecting an excellent disciple’ kind of feeling.


Welner himself, of course, was completely oblivious to his thought, but for Welner’s father, Count Zeavert it was a situation in which he could let out a wry smile.

T/N: For some reason, the scene of the Duke and the Crown Prince laughing evilly while pushing jobs to Welner appeared in my head when I was reading this chapter.

Ganbatte, MC!


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