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“Once this is finished, I guarantee that you will be able to sleep as long as you want so for now keep going!!!”




“Show them the pride of knights!”




Even though I didn’t explain anything, everyone followed me without complaining.

Neurath also gave them encouragement.

I’m really sorry for forcing you all to do this.

The horses also seem to be exhausted.

I’m sorry horses but please hang in there a little bit more as our time is really precious now.


It’s been almost a day since we left Valeritz in the middle of the night.

Since we’ve also just arrived in Valeritz after an entire day of march, we’ve practically been staying up all night for 2 days now.

Even counting my previous life, this is the first time I’ve been this reckless.


Maybe the reason why the knights and I can handle this much burden on our bodies is that this world was a game.

The existence of the potions also helped a lot since we can use potions to recover our stamina.

Well, because of that our supply of potions is now running thin.

We also need to leave some potion in case someone gets injured.


I wonder how much time we have left.

The enemy had gathered information about Mazell, learned his origin, and told it to the demons outside of the Great Temple.

It was probably only after that Feli left the Great Temple and told me the story.

We’re one step behind.


I can only pray that the information that our enemy gathered in the Great Temple reached Beliulace late.


Actually, what I did is a clear violation of military law.

I left my army with a few elites even though I’m the commander.

I passed the responsibility of the commander to Max but still…


I have no choice.

Currently, I’m the only person who knows the location of Alea Village even though I only know the direction to Alea Village and its rough location.

But that’s better than nothing.

In the current situation, if I want to reach Alea Village in time, I need to do whatever I can.


Because using the main road is a big detour, I used the path that cut through the forest.

Well, I don’t know if I made the right choice.

Damn it.

If only at least Iron Hammer was with me.

Not that I can make Iron Hammer magically appear here by complaining.


In the first place, there’s no guarantee that the Iron Hammer is in the capital.

What would I do if I used the Skywalk to go to the capital and found out that Iron Hammer wasn’t there Not to mention I didn’t know the maximum number of people that can travel using Skywalk.

I don’t know the number of enemies so I have no choice but to at least bring some people along with me.

If I had some cheat ability, I would have been able to confront our opponents alone but I don’t.

I am just a normal person.

I need to bring my allies.


While taking small breaks and changing our horses in between, we kept going.

By the time we got out of the small path onto a hill, it wasn’t sunset but sunrise.

In the game, I remember Alea Village is somewhere around here.


In the game, things like uneven roads with hills and slopes didn’t exist, but of course, they exist in reality.

That is why we can’t keep going at the same pace.

Fyuh… I think I need to calm down a bit plus the horses need to rest so let’s take a break here.


“Just a little bit more! Let’s change horses here and…”




Suddenly one of the knights pointed to the direction across the hill.

The second he pointed it out, I knew that something had happened there.

After all, I can see the crimson flame burning brightly in that direction.


“Let’s go!”


“Make sure to follow us.”


It was Schunzel, not me, who gave the order.

I was single-mindedly going in the direction of the flame.

Everyone seemed to understand that it was an emergency.

As expected of the 10 hand-picked knights, they all safely arrived at the Alea Village.


The number of demons here isn’t enough for them to be called a demon outbreak but the situation of the village is as chaotic as if it was attacked by a demon outbreak.

Houses went up to flame and villagers were running around trying to save their lives.

I don’t have time to calmly assess the situation.


“Protect the villagers first! We can put out the fire later!”


“Yes, sir!”


“Neurath, take two people with you and go left.

Schunzel, you go to the center.

Don’t fight one-on-one with the demons! Two people follow me to the right!”


I can’t waste my time waiting for their answer so I immediately dismounted and ran.

Using a horse in the midst of the chaotic villagers will only slow me down.


If the village’s structure is the same as in the game, then Mazell’s house will be located near the village’s main entrance.  But since we entered the village from the side entrance, Mazell’s house is rather far.


After moving inside the village for a while, I began to notice that the structure of the village is roughly the same as it was in the game, but there are more villager houses here compared to the game.

Or maybe it will be better to say that the game’s village has way too few houses.

I always wonder how the heck did rural villages in RPGs even function as a village with only 5-6 villager houses.


“Piss off!”


I pierced an enemy with one strike.

This is the time when I’m grateful that I have [Spearmanship] skill.

Even someone of my ability can fight better than your average knights or soldiers as long as I use a spear.

Plus my spear is a weapon that’s going to still be usable on the stage after the Counting Star Tower.

Using it on the enemies that appeared in the Great Temple Finnoi stage is overkill.


Great Temple Finnoi, huh As I stabbed the second demon in its neck, I began to assess my surroundings.

Beliulace’s subordinates in the game are reptile-type demons and the demons in my surroundings including the Alligator Warrior I just killed are also all reptile types.

As expected, this attack is done under Beliulace’s order.


Since it looks like the demons here are weaker to me in a one-on-one fight, I can safely increase my pace.

I needed to hurry since I saw flames rising up in the direction of Mazell’s house.

I do feel bad for the two people that are following me though.


Even the armor that I wore is something that I can use up until the middle point of the game.

The advantage of my armor is that it’s easy to move in.

I ran leaving the two knights behind me in the dust, took a turn near a store, and finally, I saw them.

A person lying on the ground who’s covered by another person and in front of them a demon holding a curved sword.


I gathered the strength in my feet and used the weight of my armor to my advantage to leap.

Dark blue blood splashed onto me as the tip of my spear pierced the demon’s stomach. 


Due to the remaining momentum of my leap, I fell forward but that’s fine.

After all, I made it on time. 


“Are you alright Do you have any injuries


I put my foot on the demon’s corpse and extracted my spear.

Turns out that the two people I saw were a man covered in blood who was lying on the ground, and a woman, probably his wife, who embraced the man while using her body to protect him.

What a brave woman.


Looking at the woman more closely, she is Mazell’s mother.

There’s no CG depicting Mazell’s mother in the game but she looks similar to Mazell and she is also wearing the clothes I gave her before so there’s no doubt she’s Mazell’s mother.

I never thought that the clothes that I gave her would become something that would make me able to identify her.


But she sure doesn’t look like a woman who already has a son of my age.

She looks young and beautiful. 


That silly thought crossed my mind for a moment before her words pulled me back to reality.


“They…They took… My daughter..”


“What! Which way did they go”


“Tha…That way…”


Her trembling fingertip pointed in the direction outside of the village.

Damn it!!


“Treat their injury and protect them!!”


Leaving behind that instruction to the two knights who finally caught up to me, I ran off.

Since I have come this far, I will definitely succeed!

T/N: Sorry for the wait! my mid-term finally ended!


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