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A few moments before…

The Zeavert army listened to my word and maintained a group battle tactic.

We do look strange compared to other troops on the left-wing, but in the end, we are only about 100 people.

The whole battlefield didn’t change much.

We can keep fighting because the enemies are far weaker than us.

or rather, since this is the beginning of a stage usually the demon king only sends small fry to fight the hero so I hope this time also…..

Thanks to the demon king pulling his punch, our fight becomes easier.

Wait, since the capital did the same I guess it’s a fair game

“Viscount Krank is killed”

“It appears so”

Max reported to me, As I pulled my blood-drenched spear from the bisected body of a centipede.

Two of its hands hold a sword.

It had countless human arms in place of its feet.

Well, reporting that thing to me is useless, but it served as a reminder of how serious the battle has become.

“It looks like Welner-sama’s judgment is correct!”

Say the knight standing next to me as he together with his orderlies impaled a three mouth wolf.

No, that thing cannot be called a wolf.

It’s a wolf-like demonic beast with a mouth on each of its forelegs.

After that beast died they moved to the next enemies without even glancing at the corpse.

That knight has a nosebleed, but I don’t think it’s because of his excitement.

It’s probably caused by the terrible smell of the beast’s bodily fluids coupled with dust.

His tears are probably the effect of dust too.

Not only he, but many others are also swinging their weapon with a nosebleed, tears, dust, blood, and bodily fluid covering their face.

Their bodies also become victims of blood and bodily fluid.

It’s a relief that the demonic beast’s blood is not poisonous.

Honestly, on the battlefield where this terrible smell of the beast’s bodily fluids and excrements are mixed,  your nose didn’t work because of a nosebleed is rather a blessing.

The real battlefield is different from the clean battlefields that are often depicted in dramas and animes.

The sight, smell, and sensation of the blood and bodily fluid flooded my senses.

My eardrums are constantly pierced by chaotic screams and noises full of anger, pain, and hatred.

The dirty battlefield looks like a source of diseases.

I’m sure that anyone, not only the clean freaks, will avoid this filthy place.

Caution is also necessary on the battlefield.

A corpse can trip you or you can slip because of the bodily fluid.

A strong grip on your weapon is also needed so it won’t slip and fall.

Really, on the battlefield even standing is mentally tiring

“We will long collapse if not because of the group battle”

An orderly that’s standing next to the earlier knight added.

He already changed his weapon to a sword.

Though a spear is an effective weapon it is not suited for a long battle.

For one, it’s hard to create enough distance to use a spear, but that’s not all.

Its shape is similar to a pole with one side the metal spearhead and the other side being held, and it needs to be constantly balanced like a lever.  Even if you just stay still and keep a stance with a spear is taxing for my arms.

On top of it, because of the inertia law[1] when the spear moves your body will also inevitably move, wasting stamina.

The spear is not suited for a long battle.

On the other hand katana and sword (except the greatsword) to describe it in a simple way a sword is a well-balanced piece of metal with a length that makes it easier to wield, regardless of its blade.

The logic is the same with using an umbrella vs mopping the floor.

In a long rain, less stamina will be spent on using an umbrella rather than mopping the floor with a long handle mop.

Using an umbrella also places less burden on your arms

The longer you fight on the battlefield, the harder it is to keep using a long weapon like a spear.

Of course, people will choose to pick up a sword with a length that makes it easier to wield rather than a spear.

Back in Japan, some scholars said that katanas were barely used by the samurai in the Warring State Era[2].

Those scholars probably never hold a broom or anything longer than an umbrella because in reality holding a long object for a long period will make your hands numb.

Even if that object is only a light fishing rod made of carbon.

Not to mention a spear.

It has a sturdy but heavy handle and spearhead made of metal.

I really want to see if there is anyone in this world that can continuously wield a spear for a long period of time.

If that person existed, he must be a person that trained his body, managed his meal and lifestyle, and learned the most efficient spearmanship since he was little.

Someone with that much time in his hand is probably a noble.

Like, yes, me.

Well maybe if a war that ended in just a 30-minute episode like in taiga drama[3] existed, an ordinary soldier may be able to do it.

Anyway, unless that person is like me, who has the ability to move the spear, like moving your limb and has [Spearmanship] skill, using a spear in a battle like this will only be a waste of stamina.

As expected of a game’s world… How can something like skill even exist…

While I was thinking to escape my reality and stabbing the monkey that has sickle arms, the unit ahead of me became overwhelmed by a huge group of demons.

Isn’t that..

Viscount Mittag’s unit 

As I thought, they went too deep.

My hands were full trying to take care of the demonic beast in front of me, so I didn’t try to save them.

With a sidelong glance, I see several orderlies and knights successfully escape with their life, as I try to come up with the next move.

I wonder if the reason I’m mostly calm even when I see corpses piled up like mountains is that I see this world as a game, or is it because after 10 years I have become strangely used to this world

Well, let’s think about that later.

I lost count of the number of enemies I’ve killed.

Now that I think about it, isn’t keeping a count seems stupid

“Are the people we hired still here”

“Yes, somehow.

Well they probably wanted to run but can’t”

Another knight answered me.

That’s good because if they run away with our supplies it can cause a dent in my plan.

But in the still unstable battlefield, they, one way or another, remained

Though I’m reluctant to use this move now, let’s give the signal to the hunter’s sling unit.

While I just decided to do so, I heard cheers coming from the right.

“What happened”

“Welner-sama, look! The enemies started to retreat!”

I don’t need to hear his words to see the enemies in front of me retreating.

From the distance, I can hear a shout “The Knights from the capital had defeated the enemy’s boss!”

Max show a relieved expression

“It seems like the knight had finally done it.

This battle is our victory”

Max said with a relieved sigh and I tried to digest his words.

The knights from the capital defeated the enemy’s boss

That’s impossible.

The one that will defeat the devil controlling this outbreak is the hero.

At least, that’s how the first boss battle in the game went.

Plus most of the knights are still alive.

Story-wise, there’s no way that the enemies will retreat now.

I gazed at the retreating enemies once again..wait… they all retreated in unison

Don’t tell me… Realizing one of the possible reasons, I paled.

“Max, gather everyone! There are healing potions among the supplies that we brought so let the injured drink them then prepare to retreat!”


“Welner-sama, but the enemies….”

“Just do it! I’m going to the main camp!”

After shutting up Max and the knight’s complaints with a shout, I run to the main camp.

Not having a horse in this kind of situation is annoying.

En route, I was asked many times to state my identity, but I ignored them all.

After running with all my might I finally arrived at the main camp.

I gathered all my breath, and from the tired body that’s just arrived in front of the tent, I let out a shout.

“Your Highness, please allow me to offer counsel!”

[1] postulate in physics that, if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force.↵ 

[2] Also known as civil war/sengoku era.

Era in Japanese history where the samurai family fight against each other for territory.↵

[3] is the name NHK(Japanese broadcasting company) gives to the annual year-long historical drama television series it broadcasts in Japan.↵


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