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That shout sounds out of place in the main camp that was covered in strangely relaxing air after hearing the news that the knights had overturned the situation and were now in the pursuit of retreating enemies.

“Your Highness, I shall go and inquire this fellow’s identity.”

“No need, bring him in.”

Because the voice sounds desperate, perhaps it was late news of a high officer’s death or injuries.

Crown Prince thought as he ordered for that man to be brought in.

Well, the news bearer’s choice to use the word ‘counsel’ was strange, but it may be a misspoke caused by his distress after a difficult battle.

The blood and mud that covered the knight’s body made everyone fail to recognize him.

He look young, yet it was obvious how hard he had worked in this battle.

That appearance also caused the Royal Grandson to hold his breath in shock.

‘Maybe, it’s still too early to bring him to a battlefield’  thought the Crown Prince.

Then, he asked the knight a question.

“You are” 

“I am known as Welner von Zeavert from Count Zeavert’s household”

“Oh, the son of the Minister of Ceremonies.

I’ve heard about you.”

Though the young man’s manner had a bit of a problem, as they were on a battlefield, there was no need for a harsh scolding.

On top of that, the Crown Prince valued a young talent like him.

But the young man’s next word caused the Crown Prince to frown in doubt.

“Your Highness, please deliver an order for the army to retreat.”

*Welner’s POV

“Your Highness, please deliver an order for the armies to retreat”

Come to think about it, the royal family knew me as an excellent hard worker, right If not because of that, the Crown Prince probably will dismiss my word as nonsense.

Good job, past me!

The surrounding knights’ expressions of ‘what the hell is this brat talking about!’ are well within my expectation.

I’m also really surprised you know To think that trapping an army that’s been drunk in victory is this easy….

“W…What are you…”


Sir Welner, explain”

The Crown Prince raised his hand and stopped the action of a knight behind him.

For better or worse, his expression is still soo calm, to the point it makes me nervous. 

Maybe, if this Crown Prince had proper information, the knights’ wouldn’t suffer a devastating defeat like in the game.

“Our enemies’ movements are strange”


“The enemy retreated because we had defeated their commander, what so strange about that!”

With the expression that seemed to say ‘this is why the youngsters are…’ the Crown Prince’s underling..cough I mean a knight who’s probably the Crown Prince’s close aide butted in.

With the expression that seemed to say ‘this is why the youngsters are…’ the Crown Prince’s underling..cough I mean a knight who’s probably the Crown Prince’s close aide butted in.

“The enemy did not scatter away aimlessly.

They retreated in unison.

Including the supposed unintelligent insect-type demonic beast.”

I said the fact in one breath.

That’s right the enemies who should have just lost their commander didn’t scatter aimlessly.

They retreated in unison to the direction of the forest.

Our opponents are insects and beasts.

Fighting in the forest won’t be a problem for them.

On the other hand, for the knights who are wearing heavy armor….

Since his expression has changed, it seems the Crown Prince understands what I mean.

He stands up.

“Ring the retreat bell! Call the knights who are pursuing our enemies! then reorganized our formation using men that are currently available!”

“Y..Your Highness”


With the Crown Prince’s urge, that knight started to move.

I see, so this is a person who’s accustomed to giving an order.

I almost obeyed him reflexly too.

After that, I said another sentence, this time my personal opinion.

“Your Highness, if I may be allowed to presumptuously offer another counsel, The role to protect our capital’s gate would be an excellent choice for His Highness the Royal Grandson.”

A.K.A How about sending away a bothersome child first

Maybe he takes my advice as it is, or maybe he noticed my actual meaning, the Crown Prince nodded.

“Mairing, Fassbinder, aid Louwen.

Go to the north gate.

Bring the supply corps and the injured along with you!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

“As your wish!”

The two knights brought the frozen Royal Grandson away from the main camp.

So his name is Louwen.

This is the first time I heard it.

In the game, he’s a nameless extra who only appeared as a description of  ‘the Crown Prince and his son died in that battle’

“Sir Welner, I will have you work a bit more.

Bring your army here and merge them with the main army.”

With the sharp sound of a metal bell as the background, you sure give a great order, Your Highness.

Well, it’s not like I can refuse…


I shall bring them here.”

sigh…Let’s work hard a bit more….


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