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Chapter 1523:

“Kid, I told you my father and the other Kings took this threat too seriously, especially after the Ice Phoenix Queens disappearance in this Maze.

So they made a treasure just for this maze itself.

Thats how old managed to find you all without getting lost,” the old man rolled his eyes.

“Now stop wasting time!”

“This…” Long Chen wanted to believe the man, but he was still not able to.

He didnt want to leave his future in the hands of the White Tiger King, but he also couldnt stay behind.

He decided to keep Tensha with him just to make sure they were going on the right path.

Long Chen flew after the White Tiger King with Tensha and Xun.

Baihu Ling also followed behind, occasionally taking a glance at Xun, wondering what her relationship was with the young man.

Even though Long Chen kept Tensha with him, Tensha couldnt find any flaws in the selection of the middle-aged man.

Somehow he was selecting all the right paths.

Long Chen finally started trusting the God Beast King and sent Tensha back, only keeping Xun with him.

The other half of the journey that Long Chen thought was going to take around a week appeared like it was going to be cleared much faster.

At the speed the White Tiger King was selecting the paths, it didnt look like he was going to take even a second.

Moreover, somehow he was also able to see all the switches of the paths before they happened.

Even Long Tian was surprised.

He believed that this Maze was a treasure that was even stronger than the Sword of Time, but now he realized how wrong he was.

The Maze of Death was a powerful treasure, but if there were treasures that made this maze useless, then it didnt have any worth left.

On the other hand, the Sword of Time was always going to have that use.

After traveling for thirty hours straight, the old man finally stopped as he noticed a door in the distance.

Finally, he had reached the exit.

“And here we are.


Its really unfortunate I didnt find any of my men along the way.

That can only mean they ended up on the wrong path.

Most of them might be dead already unfortunately,” the middle-aged man glanced back at the empty pathway.

“So it was luck that you managed to meet us” Long Chen inquired.

“If we were on the wrong path, you wouldnt have found your daughter”


I can never lose my daughter.

The ring I made for her helps me find her, no matter where she is.

Thats how I found her.

It was a different matter that she happened to be on the right path.” The White Tiger King calmly stated as he pushed the massive doors open.

Baihu Ling gazed at the ring, only just finding out that it wasnt just to keep the spirits away but also worked as a tracker.

She didnt like the fact that she had a tracker on, but in a situation like this, it really came in handy.

The door was opened, letting in a gust of fresh wind that felt somewhat sweet.

The man stepped out of the Maze with his daughter.

Long Chen also stepped out with Xun, letting out a sigh of relief.

He had managed to get out of the Maze of Death without dying! Now all that was left was to find Tian Shens body and to kill him.

“What is this place” Baihu Ling asked Long Chen, noticing what appeared like a cave before them.

There was a statue on each side of the cave, depicting a human.

Both the humans looked different, and none looked like Tian Shen.

“Is one of them the person we are here to kill” she asked Long Chen since only he seemed to have some knowledge about this person because of the Spirit.

“Why are you asking him Its not like he saw that person.

He only read about him,” the middle-aged man lazily stated.

“But it doesnt seem like any of these statues is that person since a person as strong as him wont have his statue standing on equal footing with another person.”

“Father, I think I forgot to mention.

He might not know how that person looked, but there is someone who does.

Its the Spirit of a Great Warrior who was just as strong as you when he was alive.

Unfortunately, he was killed, and his soul was sealed.

He had been helping Long Chen along the way.”

“Oh So thats how someone as young as him became somewhat strong.

He is being helped by someone from the past.

No wonder,” The White Tiger King gazed at Long Chen in amusement.

“What is his name Who was he If he were really so strong, I probably would have heard of him.”

“I doubt you heard about him.

He was a secluded expert in his life,” Long Chen made an excuse.

“Hmm He couldnt be so secluded as for us to not know of him.

Tell me his name.”

“His name is Senior Long Tian,” Long Chen explained.

“He was a human who attained enlightenment just like the person we are here to kill, but unlike this person, Senior Tian didnt use his strength for the worse.

He lived in seclusion and only focused on his dao.”

“A human who became as strong as a God Beast King May I ask how he did that” The old man didnt stop his questions.

Long Chen looked at Long Tian blankly, not knowing what to say.

He let out a tired sigh.

“This guy wont leave you alone.

I think he is suspicious about my identity.

Just tell him some vague words that he wont understand.

Thats right, tell him I said the path of Dao is mysterious.

It can only be experienced but not explained.” Long Tian helped Long Chen out of this complicated situation.

Long Chen kept nodding his head as if he was talking to the mysterious expert spirit.

After a long time, Long Chen turned to the old man before he calmly stated.

“I have his answer.”


Let me hear how a human did something which should be impossible.”

“Senior Tian says that the path of Dao is mysterious.

It can only be experienced but not explained,” Long Chen answered.

“I dont know what these deep words mean, but Im sure that Your Majesty is wise enough to understand these words, right”

The middle-aged mans face twitched in response.

This wasnt an answer he could understand.

This didnt make anything clear.

Unfortunately, with his last line, Long Chen left no room for the man to question.

If he said he didnt understand, that meant he wasnt wise enough to understand those words, which was embarrassing.

“Oh, of course, I understand.

Its mysterious indeed.” White Tiger King nodded as if he understood everything.

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