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Ruler Of The Realms Earth Tribulation (2)

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Successive collisions between the barriers erected by Ji Chen and the relentless earth projectiles reverberated throughout the surrounding sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the pressure from the multitudes of attacks was nearing the limit of the barrier, Ji Chen changed his stance by swinging his sword diagonally.

His strike brought a rushing stream of sand that could effectively encircle and trap his opponent. However, he did not execute this sword art for that purpose as he wanted to fight fire with fire, in this case, sand with sand.

Controlling the sand that was formerly under the control of tribulation, he formed layers upon layers of sandy barriers that greatly dampened the force of incoming projectiles, greatly reducing the pressure on him.

However, it did not last even half a minute before his barriers shattered. This was within his expectation as the earth projectiles were nearing the attack of Great Emperor Realm already.

I need to show my aces now. He decisively brandished his sword once again but this time, it was countless times deadlier.

Tri-absolution Sword Art: Mortal Absolution

As he brandished his sword horizontally, a sharp and thin sword image swept outward, attenuating most of the earth energy contained in the incoming projectiles. It was as if they were drained of energy, the projectiles slowed down and almost half fell to the ground instantly.

This attack was seen by the four elders and the three leaders watching from afar. The leader of Golden Wheel Merchant Organization and Myriad Beast Sect had left after the side comment of the City Lord. Regarding their future plans, the City Lord did not care as long as they would not act in front of his eyes.

"Such a simple yet powerful sword art."

"This is his famous Tri-absolution Sword Art."

"I believe it can contend with the art manuals of the River Sword Sect in Wind Abyss City." The Pavilion Lord of the Edgewater Pavilion commented.

"Such high evaluation coming from you, Pavilion Lord Su. He will surely be happy to hear it." Jiang Feng replied in surprise.

"I can already imagine the Sect Masters smug face." Long Zhu felt irritated just imagining it.

The atmosphere after the other two leaders left became light and everyone communicated more freely. It was as if some annoying flies were finally removed.

The four elders knew that Ji Chen treated the Edgewater Pavilions Lord and Emerald Stone Verandas Lord as his friends ever since the two intervened together with City Lord Feng during the critical times when the sect was being besieged.

Specifically, they intervened when his life was in peril. This was not just a debt of the sect but a personal debt from having the life-saving grace. Thus, the four of them also felt at ease when dealing with these three leaders.

Mister Lee of Golden Wheel Merchant Organization and Sect Master Qujiko of Myriad Beast Sect, on the other hand, had amiable interactions with others before their forces besieged the Three Peak Sect.

"What is that?!" Suddenly, someone shouted as they all looked in the sky with horror written on their faces.

Meanwhile, Ji Chen, who kept resisting the incoming projectiles and the increasing gravity from all directions, stared wide-eyed at a large pillar measuring thousand of meters and as thick as thousands of old trees as it slowly materialized on top of him.

The aura the pillar produced was so horrible that he involuntarily trembled just feeling it.

"This is an attack equal to a great emperor." He muttered with a nervous tone as his thoughts raced in calculating whether he could survive the incoming attack.

"Lets ask the system. Maybe there is something like a protective talisman."

"System, what if I die in this tribulation?"

[Ding! Host, the system ensures its host will not die for a mere tribulation.]

After hearing the heavenly mechanical voice of the system assuring his safety and even labeling the tribulation as only so-so, he could not help but lift his chin up and even taunted heaven with a middle finger.


One more pillar materialized which jolted Ji Chen and made him retract the middle finger.

F*ck, although the system will protect me from death, I don want to be targeted by heaven itself.

Sweating nervously after learning to stay humble, he watched the two gigantic pillars turn into 12 smaller pillars before two of them quickly descended towards him.

"Mage Absolution!"

A vertical slash instantly created a hundred meter sword image which dimmed the surrounding miles. It was as if this part of the mountain range got drained of all light, extinguishing any signs of hope and life.

The slash was followed swiftly by three more before multiple layers of screen made of energy were erected in the sky.

At the same time, Ji Chen did not stop there and activated the Rushing Sand Sword Art to reduce the strength of the descending pillars, even by a bit.

The scene could be seen even in the sect where all disciples and elders stopped their cultivation and silently stared at the horrible pillars in the sky.

"Master, you can do it." Bai Ningshuang muttered as she clenched her fists and watched in anxiety. She knew that even if she was strong enough, she could not help someone undergoing tribulation. Still, she felt powerless at this moment.

Many cultivators in the Frozen Plateau City also felt the violent fluctuations of energies coming from the directions of the Three Peak Sect.

Inside of many taverns, loud discussions about propagated stories could be heard which ranged from tribulation of a great emperor, besiegement of the sect, invasion of demons, and all sorts of alarming ones.

In the forest just fifty miles away from the Three Peak Sect, Mister Lee and Sect Master Qujiko were looking gloomily at the distance.

"That old man interfered again. Are we going to let that fart Ji Chen succeed in his tribulation?" Sect Master Qujiko lamented with unwillingness.

"You think I don want to kill him now? Didn you hear what the old man said? Someone out of our league is involved with him." Mister Lee felt his heart being squeezed from this seemingly dead end.

"He will kill us once he becomes a great emperor."

"He will not dare since the Golden Wheel is a major organization in the Northern Capital. I am merely supervising the branch here." Mister Lee snorted. However, deep inside, he was afraid that the organization would sell him out since the other party was a great emperor.

"What about me and my sect? Damn it!"

In the opposite direction, about two hundred mountains from the sect, two concealed figures with cold and murderous aura were observing the figure of Ji Chen undergoing tribulation.

"Great emperor. Should we kill him? Or remain hidden for our mission?" One of the figures asked the other one.

"Kill him. We have four more cities other than this one. Killing a human powerhouse is more important." The other one decisively replied with a vicious expression.

"There are also a bunch of emperors. We can kill them on the way."

Unaware of the enemies lurking nearby due to his own tribulation, Ji Chen looked solemnly at the remaining 10 pillars, in which four of them were threatening to descend towards him in the next moment.

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