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It’s cute, it’s incredibly cute, but I’m flustered.

“I’m scared to sleep alone … I hope Noona comes early.”

Ash wiggled her fingers and avoided my gaze.

Indeed, only a few days has passed after the attack of the mass of black mucus.

Even though Ash is something that is not human, even if he’s the (self-proclaimed) Demon King of Twilight, he’s still such a young kid, so it must be scary.

I eventually promised to come back early and set out on the road.

“Nyaaaah (Isn’t that too much)…..”

“Kkyuu, kkyuuuu…..”

“Waeooogh (Little guy, your acting is terrible).”

The audience’s strict criticism was heard behind my back.

They’re cold.


Ki Yoohyun looked nervous when there’s only two of us after we left the cafe.

As usual, he smiled brightly.

However, he led me to a large, expensive-looking car parked in front of the store with a stiff attitude somehow.

The car was driven by Ki Yohyun himself.

“Rieul-ssi, what’s wrong”


I think you are good at driving.”

It felt strange to see him at the wheel like this because he always randomly appeared and disappeared as he wanted.

“I wanted to move quietly today, so I paid some attention.”


I can see the reason why reverse parking with parking ticket in the driver’s mouth has been talked about for a long time.

The side profile of Ki Yoohyun, who is driving the car smoothly while holding the steering wheel, looks cool even at first glance.

His slightly long hair was neatly brushed to reveal his straight forehead, and his clothes also matched his tall height.

What is he trying to say that makes him pay this much attention No matter how hard I thought, I couldn’t think of the reason why he would need to tell me separately.

What did we talk about the last time we met I’m sure that’s….


I swallowed a sigh.

I remembered the memory of a big hand that covered mine, and a voice that touched my ears.

“Just, there’s no need for Rieul-ssi to be in pain because of people like this.”

It felt like the warmth of his hand was spreading throughout my body.

His soft voice, the concern contained in it, touched my heart greatly.

It is too destructive to hear such words from such a person.

It seems that not enough time has passed for the handsome immunity to develop yet.

….that’s why I deliberately tried not to think about it!

My heart thumped loudly.

At this rate, it will be difficult to face Ki Yoohyun.

I creaked, desperately trying to think of something else.

Thoughts, other thoughts … hmm, so….

Come to think of it, I have a closet license.

I got my license, but I didn’t have time to practice because I used public transportation for work anyway.

Wait, when did I get my license Obviously that’s….


“Rieul-ssi, what’s the matter”

“Nothing … it’s just….”


That’s right, I’m back.

I got my driver’s license before I returned to the past.

In other words, I have to get my license again.

“……I was thinking that I should get a driver’s license.”

It was a bit saddening.

While I was sad that I had to get my driver’s license again, the car ran smoothly down the road.

Since it was the Hunter’s Night, the street was congested from early evening.

Hunter’s Night, simply put, was a festival-like event for Hunters held once a year.

It was held every year without fail even in situations where rifts suddenly broke out because it has a meaning to inform that Korea is safe.

The most popular event is the bargain sale of Hunter Market.

People has been waiting in line from the night before to buy a sale item.

In addition, a long line was seen outside the car window due to events held by each guild.

It’s a very different street scene from when we were panicked because of the black mucus lumps.

In order to avoid the crowds, he place where Ki Yoohyun drove the car was a restaurant located on the outskirts.

It seemed that he already made a reservation in advance because the staff immediately guided us to our seats.

The restaurant has a flashy atmosphere as if it’s a place where people would never visit unless something special happened, so my shoulders became stiff with tension.

A completely separate room for a quiet conversation.

The food came out shortly after we sat down at the designated seats.

Everything looked delicious, and I especially liked the fresh seafood dish.

Well, we’d better talk after we eat.

As soon as the cafe was closed, I came straight here, and I’m getting hungry.

All the food was delicious.

I tasted the dishes that come out one by one in the order of the course, then Ki Yoohyun suddenly spoke.

“Hunter Han Yiseong asked me to thank Rieul-ssi.”

“Yes Why”

I remembered the good-looking Hunter Han Yiseong.

However, no matter how much I thought about it, I didn’t remember doing anything that would make him feel grateful to me.

“Hunter Han Yiseong is on good terms with Hunter Kwon Jiwoon.”

Well, they looked pretty close when I saw them before.

“I see … then the two are friends”

“Rather than a friend…….”

Ki Yoohyun, who was choosing his words for a while, continued.

“As a Hunter, if you work in the guild for a long time, you will naturally find out that there aren’t many people you can trust.

For Hunter Han Yiseong, Hunter Kwon Jiwoon is a rare opponent.”

Even so, I don’t think it’s something I should be thanked for.

I was embarrassed by the unexpected words, but Ki Yoohyun, who moistened his throat with water, opened his mouth again.

“Rieul-ssi, what happened within the barrier that day”

“Ah, that’s…….”

That annoying meaningful experience … no, can I say that I met the saintess

It’s not that I don’t trust Ki Yoohyun, but I was reluctant to say it as I couldn’t understand the exact meaning of what the saintess had said.

“No, I’m sorry.

You don’t have to answer.”


“Asking Rieul-ssi about this first feels a bit … cowardly.

Let’s have this conversation again after I say what I have to say.”

“Yes, go ahead.”



For a moment, silence fell.

As if to finally bring up the main point, the black eyes filled with light turned straight to me.

The extremely serious expression on his face made me nervous as well.

It was the moment when Ki Yoohyun licked his lips and was about to say something.

Knock, knock. The staff opened the door, came in, served the dessert, and went out again.

Perfect timing as if you were aiming for it! I don’t think it would be possible to intentionally enter at such an exquisite timing.

The conversation was cut off naturally.

Ki Yoohyun swallowed what he was about to say and pushed the plate in front of him instead.

“Try this.

It’s savory and delicious.”

I suddenly felt a sense of incompatibility.

What is it I think I forgot something.

“Yoohyun-ssi, how about this What does this taste like”

Ki Yoohyun tasted the dessert on the plate without any doubt.

“It’s sour.

I think there’s citron in the sauce.”


“…what’s the matter”

“Yoohyun-ssi, it may sound strange, but … have you ever had problems with your taste buds like being unable to taste something”

However, even without hearing the answer, Ki Yoohyun in front of me seemed to have no problem tasting the taste.


I’ve never had a problem like that … why”

At that moment, the words of a certain cat came to mind.

“This man, you hardly notice the taste.”

“His sense of taste seems to have weakened considerably.”

Yes, it’s Mieum who told this story.

In other words, it is not a confirmed story, but it’s just Mieum’s wild talk.



I poured out my resentment towards a certain beast that was not here.

Kwon Mieum, we’ll see.

You’re dead when I get home!


“I’m against it.

Please reconsider.”

It was Han Yiseong who shook his head at Ki Yoohyun’s words.


I know Hunter Han Yiseong’s concern, but my thoughts remain the same.

I’m going to tell Rieul-ssi today.”

“If that’s what the guild leader’s will … I understand.”

Ki Yoohyun recalled this conversation and touched his forehead.

Understand be damned.

He should have said it more clearly.

Don’t disturb me.


“It would be easier to talk in a place where there are no people.”

After finishing the meal, Ki Yoohyun, who said so, drove the car again.

Huh Wasn’t the restaurant quiet and empty just now

Ki Yoohyun, noticing the question in my eyes, smiled bitterly.

“It looks like there’s a mouse.”

As soon as he finished his words, the car made a big U-turn.

Huh I think our genre has just changed.

Is it just me

The car sped down the road into the city.

Then, with his exquisite driving skills, he circled the road and went uphill at an unexpected timing.

The buildings gradually decreased and soon became a mountain road.

The car stopped in front of an observatory after running for a while.

It was a place where you could look down at the city from the top of the mountain.

An observatory where darkness began to fall.

There were quite a few people around the observatory.

“That’s right.

I heard there’s a fireworks display today.”

Hunter’s Night Fireworks Festival was today.

The fireworks don’t detonate real gunpowder, but they are created with mana by the wizard-class Hunters.

This is also a traditional event that has been going on for several years because it also means showing off that there are many high-grade Hunters in Korea.

The scene where the colorful fireworks created by ether embroidered the night sky is quite spectacular, so it is understandable that there are so many people.

It’s especially true today.

If I remember correctly, the person in charge of the fireworks display this time is Hunter Oh Seoho, ranked 17th, who is famous for his handsomeness.

It was rare for a ranker to directly take charge of such entertainment, so it became a hot topic.

When I looked around, I saw many people holding objects with Oh Seoho’s picture.

It wasn’t a good atmosphere to talk quietly, but everyone was excited anyway, so they were not interested in others.

Rather, it might be easier to talk in this atmosphere.

Since I’m not immune to that face, it’s very nerve-racking to face Ki Yoohyun in a quiet place.

Moreover, I had never seen this fireworks properly before the regression.


I’ve only seen it once.

It was late night at the company, it looked small through the gap in the building outside the window.

‘It’s a sad memory….’

As such, I was a little excited.


Translator’s Corner:

Closet license: 장롱 면허, it refers to a license that has not been used for a long time.

The license is obtained, but not being used for its purpose, so it is like storing a license in a closet.

Reverse parking while biting the parking ticket is kinda popular romantic idea in Korea, here’s the example:



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