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Chapter 1711: Opportunity

After passing through Southside Weave, the First Protector led Lu Yin and the others straight into what had once been Endless Weave.

Given the First Protectors strength, none of the surveillance methods present in Endless Weave were able to detect the small group, but this only applied to Endless Weave.

As soon as they entered the Technocracy proper, regardless of the First Protectors strength, the Master Brain would detect him.

The route that Emperor Luo had shared was accessible from Endless Weave.

Since it led to the region between First Edition City and Sky Creation Academy, it was highly improbable that the route would be discovered.

Long ago, Emperor Luo had entered Endless Weave from the Technocracy without ever being detected, but a long time had passed since then.

It was not that the route had changed, but rather that the battlefield it led to had changed.

The war between Sky Creation Academy and First Edition City had changed, as the city had fallen to a disadvantage, and the battlefield had shifted closer to First Edition City.

This was something that Emperor Luo did not know, and Lu Yin and the others were also completely ignorant of matters in the Technocracy.

However, this meant that, soon after entering the route, they found themselves being attacked.

Pieces of massive mechanical claws were scattered all throughout outer space.

Emperor Luos eyes were flushed.

“The routes still fine, but theres a lot of surveillance.

The level of surveillance on the route was just as intense as anywhere else along the border to the Technocracy.

Has the location of the battlefield changed”

“It would be best to quickly determine a safe path.

Otherwise, well draw the attention of the Master Brain soon,” the First Protector warned.

Emperor Luo stared at a star chart.

Lu Yin frowned.

It was quite normal for a route to change after so many years.

“Lets first find an ordinary planet to hide on for a bit.

It should be a planet where ordinary people live.”

“We wont be able to find one of those here.

If we are noticed by the Master Brain, then well be in deep trouble, and well drag in anyone living on a planet like that,” the First Protector countered.

He then grabbed Lu Yin and the others and left Emperor Luos route.

They would absolutely be detected within the Technocracy, but it was also very difficult for them to move around in Endless Weave.

They found a random barren planet in Endless Weave, and Lu Yin started thinking.

If he could not get to Sky Creation Academy, then he would not be able to implement his plan.

He was completely unconcerned about alerting the Technocracy to their presence and startling their target into hiding.

After all, Lu Yin was the one who had invented the story of Sky Creation Academy cooperating with the Neohuman Alliance.

In fact.

Lu Yin wanted to brazenly charge into the Technocracy in order to initiate his plan, but there was no way the First Protector would ever agree to such a thing.

The First Protector was on a mission to learn whether or not Sky Creation Academy had collaborated with the Neohuman Alliance.

Lu Yin stared towards the Technocracy.

It seemed like their current plan would not work.

He would instead have to wait for the Second Nightking and Liu Huang to fully recover before venturing into the Technocracy again.

One day later, the First Protector was just about to take Lu Yin and the others back to the Innerverse the same way that they had arrived when he suddenly noticed a group heading towards the Technocracy.

They were in the occupied Endless Weave, so any cultivators who appeared were most likely from the Sixth Mainland.

The First Protector did not want to get caught or entangled in a fight as he simply wanted to leave in peace.

However, Lu Yin stopped the old man from doing that.

“Senior, the Sixth Mainland has already fallen, and all of their people have moved into the Outerverse, which also happens to border the Technocracy.

This isnt good for the Fifth Mainland, and this junior feels that we should get an understanding of the situation.”

The First Protector just rolled his eyes.

“That has nothing to do with this old man.

My only task is to investigate Sky Creation Academy.”

Lu Yin replied, “Seniors strength is more than enough to easily overpower those people.

Our mission to Sky Creation Academy has already failed, so well at least be able to go back with something better than complete failure if were able to get some information from those people.”

The First Protector was not convinced.

He looked towards the Technocracy.

It was still too early to give up, and it was also obvious that this group had just left the Technocracy.

They had been given a mission, and it would not do to make hasty decisions at this time.

He observed the Sixth Mainland cultivators.

Their most powerful member was just an Envoy, so the First Protector could instantly capture the entire group while making sure they could not alert anyone.

No one would notice a thing, and as long as they were able to extract information from these people, everything would be fine.

“Senior, why is the Sixth Mainland able to work with First Edition City I feel like there are still many mysteries hidden from our Fifth Mainland, and if Senior can learn anything from these few people, it will be of great benefit to the Fifth Mainland, maybe even enough to be recorded in the Hall of Honors archives.” Lu Yin tried to tempt the old man.

The First Protector just sneered.

“Kid, dont bother.

Those kinds of records hold no interest to me.

Still, its fine to capture a few people and question them.”

He then raised a hand and grabbed at the group.

Nothing changed in space.

Everything was the same as before, but the Sixth Mainland cultivators had disappeared.

Back on the barren planet, more than a dozen people collapsed in a daze.

One of the people entered the true universe the moment he fell onto the planet, but the First Protector instantly stopped the Envoy.

“He reacted pretty quickly.”

The group from the Sixth Mainland all stared blankly at the First Protector and Lu Yin, and then one of them suddenly exclaimed, “Lu Yin”

“Lu Yin”

Even the Envoy stared at Lu Yin as though he had seen a ghost.

“Lu Yin Why are you here”

The First Protector turned to look at Lu Yin and commented, “Youre pretty famous.”

Lu Yin smiled and approached the Envoy.




Tell me everything I want to know.”

The Envoy just stared at Lu Yin before suddenly attacking by stabbing two fingers forward like a sword.

Lu Yin made no effort to dodge or move away from the attack, as his bodysuit armor was more than capable of stopping this attack.

The Envoy was not particularly powerful, and he was far weaker than the likes of Cang Zhou.

His power level was barely over 500,000, and he could not even penetrate Lu Yins defenses.

Lu Yin set a hand on the Envoys shoulder.

“Im going to ask you again, and youre going to tell me everything I want to know.”

As he spoke, Lu Yin started to exert an increasing amount of strength, and he even started to use the Overlaying Stacks Path to make the force penetrate into the Envoys body.

The man coughed up blood, as his body could not bear the force of Lu Yins hand, and his blood vessels started rupturing.

“Lu Yin, my Sixth Mainland and your Fifth Mainland have already stopped fighting and are coexisting in peace! Why are you here Why are you still killing us!” the Envoy grumbled in a deep voice as he gritted his teeth.

“Whats this nonsense” The First Protector lost his patience, and he started staring three inches below the Envoys left shoulder.

“I wonder, what sort of effect will happen if I destroy your stellular energy vortex”

The Envoy flinched and grew pale.

“Do you want to start a war between the Sixth and the Fifth Mainlands”

“You arent qualified to trigger a war,” Lu Yin coldly retorted.

The Envoy gritted his teeth as he stared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin frowned; he was not the one threatening to destroy the mans stellular energy vortex, so why was the man glaring at him It was not always good to be famous…

“Im from the Sage Martial Realm.

Im a swordsman under the Cloud Valley Master,” the Envoy stated in a low voice.

Lu Yin was surprised.

“The Sage Martial Realm How uncommon.”

The First Protector spoke up, “Why were you in the Technocracy”

The Envoy hesitated upon hearing that question, and his eyes started to flicker.

“Once you reach the same level as me, youll also be able to easily tell when someone lies.

One wrong word, and your stellular energy vortex is gone,” the First Protector threatened.

The Envoy struggled for a moment before letting out a sigh.

“We were asking First Edition City if we could take their androids to the Outerverse.”

“Why” the First Protector quickly pressed.

He had a hunch that they might have just learned about something important.

First Edition City and the Human Domain had always been enemies, so First Edition City clearly would not send androids to the Outerverse with good intentions.

Given the Sixth Mainlands current situation, they could not reasonably launch a war against the Human Domain.

However, if they joined forces with the Technocracy, and many androids were sent to the Outerverse over a long period of time, then if a war did break out, the Human Domain would instantly fall to a terrible disadvantage.

It would be no different than a two on one battle.

However, this was also not something that the Human Domain could stop from happening.

After all, Endless Weave bordered Southside Weave, and there was no room for the Hall of Honor to interfere.

The Envoy shook his head.

“I dont know the specifics.

All I know is that I was ordered to meet with First Edition City and bring back as many androids as possible.”

“You really dont know why” The First Protector did not believe this at all.

The Envoy grew pale.

“I really dont know! Im not qualified to be told such things.”

Lu Yins right hand slammed down onto the mans shoulder again.

“Were you discussing moving against the Great Eastern Alliance”

The Envoy was in agony, and he turned to look at Lu Yin.

“The Outerverse was already given to my Sixth Mainland, so taking action against the Great Eastern Alliance would not be unwarranted.

Alliance Leader Lu, it would be better if you tried to establish a better relationship with us now, rather than taking actions that could exacerbate tensions or even lead to war.”

The First Protector was considering the entire Fifth Mainland, but Lu Yin was more concerned about the Great Eastern Alliance.

After all, if the Sixth Mainland united the Technocracy to move against the Fifth Mainland, the Great Eastern Alliance would have borne the brunt of the damage.

The one thing that Lu Yin was certain about was that the Sixth Mainland was scheming against the Fifth Mainland.

Qing Tan had been sent to Mt.

Microcosms, and she had even gained control of an overseer.

The Sixth Mainland would never give up taking control of the Fifth Mainland.

After securing the Envoy from the Sixth Mainland, Lu Yin had a private discussion with the First Protector.

“Senior, this is our opportunity!”

The First Protector had to ask, “What opportunity”

Lu Yin excitedly explained, “Pretend to be someone from the Sixth Mainland! Take control of the Cloud Valley Masters disciple and enter the Technocracy so that we can visit Sky Creation Academy.”

The First Protector was taken aback by the proposal.

“Are you crazy Enter First Edition City Do you know what that actually entails That city is one of the Technocracys most protected locations, and its home to a powerhouse that even Arch-Elder Zen is cautious of.

Why else do you think we humans have never defeated the Technocracy after all these years That place is not as simple as you think!”

Lu Yin said, “This junior is indeed aware of that, but as long as we arent found out, well be fine.

Not to mention, even if we are discovered, with Seniors strength, couldnt we still quickly escape I know that the Seven Courts Elder Hui Kong stayed in the Technocracy for many, many years.”

The First Protector bluntly refused.

“I cant do that.

First Edition City is too dangerous, and its even more unrealistic to try to visit Sky Creation Academy after going to First Edition City.

Do you think that theyre united or even close Were talking about the Technocracy here.”

“Then how about this Well let these people from the Sixth Mainland lead us in, and after we get to the battlefield between First Edition and Sky Creation Academy that Emperor Luo mentioned, we cross the battlefield to get to Sky Creation Academy, which was our goal from the very beginning! Thats what weve been trying to do all along,” Lu Yin proposed.

The First Protector still wanted to refuse, but Lu Yin was not wrong.

The First Protector had been given a task by Arch-Elder Zen himself, and that task was to investigate Sky Creation Academy.

Of course, the premise of that mission was that Emperor Luos route was safe, as otherwise, it would be impossible to get to Sky Creation Academy.

It would change from an investigation to an invasion.

Since Hui Kong had been able to survive in Technocracy for so long, their small group might be able to do the same, but they also would not be able to complete their task, which would make staying in the Technocracy pointless.

They had just been given an alternate means of accomplishing their task, so even if the First Protector wanted to refuse, if Lu Yin mentioned this matter to Elder Chan, the First Protector would be in deep trouble.

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