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Star (book2 connection series) Chapter 5

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[ Yearning]( n.); a feeling of intense longing for something.


In complete darkness, lights appeared looking like stars. That was twinkling around me as I stood in the middle of the stage. My back-of-neck hair stood in the presence of someone walking towards me. Yet, I didn move back to see as I know who was it. Slowly, he came in front of me and smile making my heart skip a beat.

Without a word, he holds my waist and hand pulling me closer to him. I was a puppet in his hand as I was allowing him to move me in the rhymes of the song. Neither of us said a word, looking into each other eyes that were glistening like stars.

" I don have words that will ever make up for my actions, I hurt you. I will always try to make you happy as you deserve and I promise you that I will not repeat my mistakes," Rohan muttered looking apologetic making my heart beat fast. This was what I wanted, an apology. All the years, I was in pain because he never apologized to me and made me believe the reason he never apologises is that he never cared for me. Now he is saying sorry for his actions, which means I am important in his life.

Before I could say a word, a voice stopped everything. From the lights to the music, everything stopped waiting for the sound to make its appearance again.

" Asha," I look back at Rohan to see my sister, Nina standing with strange expressions.

" Asha," Rohan tighten his grip on my hand and pleaded to say my name.

" Asha," Nina is getting irritated as I haven answered her.

I couldn say something to her as I was busy looking at Rohan. He is scared, pulling me closer to him as he muttered,

" Once you choose her, you will lose me completely,"

" Asha," Nina shouted this time making me look at her. The moment I saw fire on her hand, she threw it towards me.

A burst of coldness made me gasp. My eyes were immediately attacked by the brightness of the light.

" Get ready soon," I looked towards the source of the giggling sound came. It was Nina holding an empty glass making me realise she threw water on me.

" What the hell were you thinking? Throwing water on me while I am asleep," I roar as I hold the bed sheet in anger.

" Don be a drama queen. I was calling your name like forever and you weren waking up so the water was the solution," She smirked and was leaving the room.

" I could have died from shock, Nina," I shouted again controlling myself to jump on her and rip her smile off.

" But you didn , what a pity," I could hear her response causing me to scream.

I look up at the clock, its ten oclock. Its time for breakfast and most probably it was Amma who send Nina to wake me up.

Astra growls thinking about Nina.

" Same here, Astra," I said as I was feeling the same amount of anger towards Nina. I sometimes can believe she is my sister. Because of her, I can sleep now.

After freshening up, I went downstairs to eat. Everyone was busy eating their breakfast and talking about their plans today.

" Where is Haniya?" I asked expecting anyone to answer my question.

" She is allowed to sleep whereas we can ," Hoor muttered looking grumpy as me.

" She is the bride and she has a few days to live with us then she would be going to Canada. Whereas you have to do the shopping because you still haven found the dress for the wedding," Hoors twin Anaya muttered looking energetic.

" Nina, can you make an outfit for me?" Hoor asked after she groan hearing Anaya.

" To be honest, it would pass on my assistant to find an outfit for you. As I am busy making others. You will get a ready-made, is it okay for you?" Nina asked. She made it clear to everyone before that she will not make outfits personally in between the functions.

" I am fine," Hoor answered feeling sad.

" Its your wrong fault, Hoor. When Nina asked everyone their preferences in outfits, you refused and said I want a different designers outfit. No need to get sad now," Yasmin muttered.

" Do I look sad? No right, I am okay," Hoor spoke.

Before Yasmin could respond, Disha announced,

" Asha and I will go to the parlour in the afternoon,"

" Why?" Dishas mother, Seher Chachi questions.

" We need to get our hair colour," She answers quickly as if she was telling the truth.

" I need to colour my hair too," Nina whined and looked at Amma.

" You colour your hair before coming to India," I point out.

" I want a different look," Nina mumbled and looked at Amma again with puppy eyes.

" Your hair will get damaged. Amma, don let her colour her hair," I too looked at Amma.

" Asha is right, Nina." I only heard the first line and was satisfied as Amma supported me. Then I started to eat my breakfast.

" Well be going to meet the council first, the parlour was an excuse to meet them," Disha spoke through mind-link.

" Cool," I said.

" Ma, why are you awake? You should be sleeping since you are awake the whole night," Papa spoke as soon as he spots Dadi coming from her room.

Mir Chacha got up from his chair so Dadi could sit. He went towards the sofa which wasn far from the dining table.

" I have an appointment to meet Guru Ji. I will be taking Seher with me," Dadi announced.

Seher Chachis aura was shocked and frustrated after hearing Dadi. Seher Chachis experience with Guru Ji wasn nice that was all I know. The same thing happened with Amma and Meher Chachi as well, and because of that neither of the children in the family ever met Guru Ji. We all have heard his name being mentioned and we know that he predicts the future through cards.

" Ma, I have to do the shopping for the wedding..." Dadi interrupt Seher Chachi saying,

" Seher, I am going to Guru Ji for your children and you as a mother should be there... If you don want to come then I will be taking Disha,"

The aura of Seher changes in a second from mortified to annihilate scared me that I forgot about my breakfast. All the werewolves in the room gave their attention to Seher Chachi, waiting for her outburst to happen but she polity smiled and nodded her head.

" I can postpone my plans to accompany you to meet Guru Ji," Seher Chachis voice was filled with kindness. Shocking me, if I was feeling that much rage I could have thrown things or hurt someone.

" Better be on her good side," Astra commented to which I internally agree with her instantly.

" So Asha, when will you and Disha be going to the parlour? How long will it take?" Amma asked slyly in Hindi since she is not fluent in Hindi.

" Well, our appointment is at noon so we will be leaving an hour early due to the traffic. And it can take hours so I can really tell the duration," I answered back in Hindi.


The Indian council had three men as members. Since India has three supernatural beings, Ram is a kitsune, Veer is a snake shifter and Abhishek is a wizard. The three of them look like middle age man but they are around a century old.

" Queen Disha, we got to know about Alpha Jayden of Unknown Pack last night from the American Council. They and along with other councils have been providing us with information late about werewolves... Due to the history," Veer spoke to Disha who was sitting in the middle of Roshini and me.

" Don worry about that. Now the Queen of Sunshinner is an Indian and won be leaving this country anytime soon. Therefore, all the council are responsible to inform us right away or they will face consequences," Disha muttered making the councilmen nod.

" Finally, the change is happening," Abhishek spoke.

" This file holds all the information about Alpha Jayden and his pack," Veer said as he hands us the file.

" Why there isn a picture of Jayden? And this information isn new at all... Not a single piece of information is new," Disha growls as she flips the pages harshly. This action of hers made the councilmen nervous.

" Track every werewolf or warlock that came to India after our arrival...," Roshini was interrupted by Disha.

" Few weeks before we arrived in India. This Jaydens pack member was able to get close to one of my family members... It took the warriors a while to figure out that he is an Unknown pack member. Its maybe because Jayden target us after the war,"

" That must be it," Veer mumbled.

" Queen Disha, we have a few questions. If you don mind," Ram asked.

" Go ahead," Disha said.

" Was there any incident that your late mate, Ace told you about Jayden? or his pack?" I stiffened at the question Ram asked.

" No, he never mentioned his name... Contact the Howler Pack Alpha Aston. His protectee was mate to Sebastian, the late Beta of Unknown Pack. Maybe she could reveal something useful," Disha orders making the councilmen feel proud.

" We were never given chance to contact an Alpha before directly," Abhishek spoke in excitement.

" Then is there anything else to discuss?" I asked looking at the three men.

" We could discuss the potential members of your pack," Veer points out while looking at us for approval.

" If those potential members are human then leave it. I don agree with transforming a human into a werewolf," Disha announced making the men dumbfound.

" But we have to expand the race...," I interrupted Ram saying,

" It wasn an opinion that will change but an order that you have to obey,"

Making Ram and the other two men nod in agreement. I am so happy that I could be looking at human names and their information so they could be our pack members from now onwards.

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