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“Otherwise, you wont survive today.

Even a god wont be able to save you! I said it! You should know how important I am, right Who in Shanghai dares to offend me now Not to mention the Tang family behind me! Zhang Wenfang, if you dont do as I say, Ill order someone to throw your son out to feed the dogs!”

Her cold words made people shudder.

Lu Ming stood rooted to the ground with red eyes.

Who knew why he bumped into this vicious woman when he was just out shopping His mother had wanted to take him around, but who would have thought that they would run into Tang Wenyi As a result, they had no choice but to be humiliated in public.

But Tang Wenyi was someone who cared about her reputation, so she got the bodyguards to chase away most of the crowd.

As Zhang Wenfang was frequently bullied, she had become a little numb.

Only when she heard the wordson did her body react involuntarily.

She knelt on the ground humbly and begged, “Its all my fault.

I shouldnt have been with Lu Yaohua! I shouldnt have snatched your man!”

As she spoke, she wanted to touch Tang Wenyi, but she was instantly pinned down by the bodyguards.

Tang Wenyi snorted and stepped on his mothers face with her high heels.

Lu Ming, who was standing at the side, had thought of going up to help, but how could a child stand up to an adult

He vaguely remembered that time seemed to stand still that day.

It passed extremely slowly, and it even felt like a year.

In the end, Tang Wenyi let them go because she had an appointment with her sisters to play mahjong.

By then, his mothers hands were fractured, and she developed a chronic illness because of the incident.

How could he not hate Tang Wenyi

Thinking of this, he walked forward and pressed down on Tang Wenyis head as she tried to look up.

She let out an even louder shriek than before! This time, her blood gushed out like a fountain! It was painful just listening to this commotion! It was as if the top of her head was about to be crushed!

“Tang Wenyi, I had wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine, but after thinking about it carefully, I dont want to be a scumbag like you, so I didnt use my shoes like you did to my mother.

Am I very considerate Anyone else probably wouldnt be as kind as me.”

Tang Wenyis head was already dizzy from kowtowing too much.

After hearing these words, she almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Is this considerate There were only a few people in the world who dared to openly go against the Tang family.

Other than them, who else would dare to treat her like this!

“… Yes.

Thank you for your kindness.”

Damn it! How could a persons skin be so thick!

Lu Ming raised his eyebrows slightly and said with a smile, “If you had been so obedient before, why would you have fallen to this state You could have spoken nicely, but you had to take another path and try to provoke me again and again.

I almost thought that the Tang family was filled with people like you!”

“Lu Ming, weve already fulfilled your conditions.

Can you give us the medicine now”

The old man frowned and asked.

If the other party still chooses to refuse, then dont blame me for being uncivil!

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Lu Ming stood up and spread his hands.

“I can, but I dont have This Place No.

3 on me.

Unfortunately, I dont think your precious grandson can live well.

However, perhaps he can wait a little longer When I remember to bring it, he might be saved.”

“What do you mean!”

In the end, the old man couldnt suppress his anger.

He angrily hit his walking stick on the ground a few times and said, “Are you going back on your word Although our Tang familys reputation isnt good now, if this matter is publicized, it wont be good for the Lu Ming Corporations reputation, right At most, well both suffer! No one will have an easy time!”

Seeing this, Lu Ze stopped pretending and quickly said, “Lu Ming! You cant do this to me! If you dont save me, I wont let you off even if I become a ghost!”

“Patriarch Tang, cant you let me finish Although I didnt bring This Place No.

3, I have more powerful preventive medicine on me.

You can rest assured about the quality.

After all, many people said that its quite effective.

Its easy for Lu Ze to get better!”

Lu Ming said in exasperation.

His meaningful gaze gave Tang Wenyi a bad feeling.

If it was really as she had guessed, then… She did not dare to think further.

Now she was filled with regret! At the end of the day, if she had not been greedy and wanted to earn black-hearted money, the epidemic would not have spread so quickly!

Perhaps Ah Ze could also wait until he became the family head!

However, it was obvious that the old master and Lu Ze didnt know what he was talking about.

The latter hurriedly said, “Why didnt you say so earlier! Why didnt you take it out! As long as you save me, youll be the Tang familys benefactor! At that time, wont you be able to get anything you want”

Lu Ming proceeded to say what he intended to do.

The corners of his mouth curled up as he said, “The Xingwei Preventive Medicine.

I remember that when it first came out, it seemed to have been exaggerated, right It said that it could treat illnesses and strengthen the body if one wasnt sick.

There was also Third Miss Tangs endorsement.

Moreover, these words came from your mouth.

Since the effect is so powerful, lets give it to your son!”

No wonder he specially made it clear that we cant blame him if Lu Ze cant be cured.

So this is his plan!

The old master took a deep breath and said with a livid face, “I want This Place No.

3, not Xingwei! Why Do you want to switch the medicines secretly Arent you overestimating yourself by playing tricks in front of me It seems that Tang Mingkuns teaching skills are not good.”

“To be able to raise Third Miss Tang like this, youre not much better.”

Lu Ming retorted without hesitation.

After a pause, he continued, “I said that I was going to give you the medicine, but I didnt say that the medicine was This Place No.

3, right So I didnt violate the deal by giving you Xingwei.

After all, I already told you before, right”

In the next second, he looked at Tang Wenyi, who was pretending not to exist, and sneered.

“What Could it be that this Xingwei Preventive Medicine is not as powerful as you say No way Arent those your own words Or did my memory go haywire”

“… No, n-no problem.”

His expression was obvious.

Even Lu Ze could tell that something was wrong.

His heart skipped a beat.

The old master was even more disappointed!

“Oh Since theres no problem, how about we invite Third Miss Tang to help Lu Ze consume it”


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