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Tang Wenyi stood rooted to the ground, cold sweat breaking out on her forehead.

Although there had long been rumors about the fake medicine, as long as she refused to admit it, there was still room for negotiation.

Now that she had to admit that it was her fault, how could she open her mouth

This time, even Lu Ze sensed that something was wrong.

He looked at the pill in Lu Mings hand and then at his mother.

He asked in confusion, “When did Xingwei produce this preventive medicine Mom, since you think its very effective, why dont you quickly pass it to me”

He didnt have any source of information in prison, so he didnt know anything about what was happening in the outside world.

The only thing he knew was This Place No.

3, and even then, he got to know about it by chance from the prison doctor.

However, if Lu Ze didnt know, how could the old master not know To think that he had thought that No.

3 had done something good, but now! This fire was directly on him!

The pressure that was like a huge rock made Tang Wenyi unable to breathe.

She said angrily in a sorry state, “Are you deliberately trying to force me into a dead end! We both know this! Why! Why didnt you provide me with any special medicine! I think you just want Ah Ze to die!”

“What… do you mean”

Lu Ze said blankly, “Lu Ming!”

He tried to get his half brother to explain, but Lu Ming shrugged and said, “You might as well ask your mother about this.

Shes the culprit in this whole thing.

If she hadnt tampered with it, maybe you wouldnt have contracted the infectious disease.”


His mother had something to do with his illness He felt dizzy.

What had his mother done outside to cause the epidemic to spread so quickly

“… Mom”

Tang Wenyis nails dug into her flesh and blood instantly dripped down.

She was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

She said hysterically, “This Xingwei thing is not medicine at all! Its synthesized from expired starch tablets! As for the taste of the medicine, it was brewed with the cheapest medicinal herbs! I asked Xingwei Factory to do this!”

She collapsed to the ground in tears and said, “I wanted to earn more money.

I wanted to annex Lu Ming Corporation and become the head of the family! I-I didnt expect this to happen, let alone that Ah Ze would be infected with an epidemic disease! I just wanted to deal with you!”

Whats wrong with watching Lu Ming fall to the bottom of the valley She would never have thought that such a thing would happen today! If she had known earlier, she would not have done this! At the very least, she had to protect her son well! This was her only hope in life! She wondered why nothing went according to her wishes!

Even the heavens were standing beside that bastard Lu Ming!

Now it was useless no matter how much she regretted it.

She could only repeat again and again, “Im sorry, Im sorry.

Lu Ming, please be kind.

On the account that Ah Ze has the same bloodline as you, save his life! If you want to kill or torture me later, Ill do as you please!”

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She really regretted it.

If she had known this would happen, she would not have ordered Xingwei Factory to make such a lousy thing! She should not have secretly tampered with it and ignored Old Masters advice not to go against Lu Ming Corporation! Now she had a favor to ask of Lu Ming, but he ignored her!

However, these words sounded like thunder to Lu Ze.

His lips trembled.

He never dreamed that his mother would play such an important role in this matter! He knew that his mother was not smart, but he thought that she still had some intelligence.

Now it seemed…

Does she really have a brain

How could a normal person do such a thing

His heart instantly turned cold.

Then, he immediately looked at the old man who was not far away.

“Grandpa, please save me.

I dont want to die.

Im still so young.

Im not ready to go to see Grandma.

Does she miss me I… Cough, cough!”

He couldnt help but cough hoarsely.

Then he spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood on the ground! Tang Wenyis pupils constricted.

She tried to go forward to support her son, but she couldnt stand up no matter what.

Fortunately, the old master hurriedly patted Lu Zes back.

Now that his grandson mentioned his dead wife, he couldnt stand by and watch!

Lu Ming looked at all of this coldly.

He even felt a sense of satisfaction from exacting his revenge.

Evil people would be punished by evil people.

He had never thought of himself as a good person.

As long as he could take revenge on the Tang family and the Lu family, so what if he was ruthless He crossed his arms in front of his chest, and a dark light flashed across his eyes.

He thought to himself, Mother, did you see that Your son has finally avenged you!

Dont worry, this is not the end! He would never be satisfied with just this! Back then, these people had torn his family apart, so he wanted the Tang family to completely disappear from this world! No matter who came, it was useless.

He wanted an eye for an eye!

Suddenly, a voice pulled him back to reality.


Lu, business is like a battlefield.

If you want to achieve your goal, you have to win by hook or by crook.

But I advise you not to be too ruthless! If you send someone to get This Place No.

3 and let my precious grandson take it, there will still be room for discussion between us.”

The old master paused for a moment and continued, “Otherwise, if anything really happens to Ah Ze, dont blame me for being uncivil! Ill definitely bring the Tang family to fight your Lu Ming Corporation head-on! At that time, I hope you can think carefully about how much loss it will cause you!”

“Heh, I can afford to pay for any losses.

I just dont know if you dare to stake this old life of yours to fight me.

My greatest strength is that I dont care about my life.

What about you You probably havent enjoyed enough of your current wealth, right Are you sincerely willing to sacrifice the interests of most people for such a profligate grandson”

Lu Ming snorted sarcastically and said, “Dont just put effort into your words.

Ill tell you directly.

I only brought Xingwei Preventive Medicine today.

Its impossible for me to give This Place No.

3 to Lu Ze.

Since Tang Wenyi exaggerated the effects of Xingwei Preventive Medicine back then, why dont we bet on whether this medicine is really useful Perhaps Lu Ze will survive Third Miss Tang.”

This made the old man so angry that his facial features were distorted.

He panted heavily like a fish out of water, forming a harmonious old, weak, sick, and disabled duo with Lu Ze! He seemed to be breaking the walking stick into pieces.

He was probably the only fool in the world who spent a billion yuan buying fake medicine, right

If his good friends knew about this, wouldnt his reputation be ruined


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