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Seeing that the first attempt had failed, the second elder continued to slash at it a few more times.

However, not a single mark was left on the bubble.

Seeing this, the second elder was depressed.

“All of you should try too!” The second elder said, unwilling to give up.

“What the hell is this thing its so elastic!” The seventh elders face was full of surprise.

One must know that the second elder was a reverent-God! If even the second elder couldnt break this bubble, then wouldnt they have even less hope However, he didnt dare to say this out loud.

Following that, the seventh elder was the first to step forward.

Bubble didnt give him any face and didnt even cave in.

Seeing this, the other elders had no choice but to bite the bullet and try.

However, the situation was the same as the seventh elders.

“Second elder, weve tried our best,” The seventh elder said.

The second elder nodded and did not say anything else.

The other elders also fell silent.

Just as all the elders were lost in their thoughts, nineteenth elder suddenly began to scream again.

“Argh! Go away! You perverts! Dont touch me!”

The 19th elders scream was like a sudden clap of thunder, shaking all the elders present until they broke out in a cold sweat.

They all thought in their hearts at the same time that the 19th elder had been ravaged by a bear! AI! He was really too pitiful! However, sympathy was sympathy, but there was nothing they could do!

Just like that, along with the occasional shrieks and pained moans of the nineteenth elder, they finally managed to endure until daybreak.

The hailstones also slowly disappeared.

However, after the hailstones, there was a continuous drizzle.

However, compared to the egg-sized hailstones, they were already very satisfied.

Moreover, they had to rush back to their residence as soon as possible.

Otherwise, they would not be able to complete todays mission.

However, after leaving the cave, they still couldnt find the way home.

Even if they used their divine sense to investigate, in the end, they would still return here.

This fact made them feel depressed and helpless.

At the same time, they also knew that everything they had was within the other partys control.

“Lets go back the way we came!” The second elder said very unwillingly.

At this time, he felt very helpless.

He couldnt use the divine skill, he couldnt use the Beastie, and even his divine sense couldnt find what they needed.

How could this be He couldnt figure out what methods the other party had used to render them helpless.

This was simply too unbelievable.

It was also from this moment on that he truly valued Leng ruoxue and the others.

Although they could not find the way back to their residence, they still remembered the way to this place.

However, they were also afraid of encountering those shameless Beastie when they returned, so they were on high alert.

When they returned to the special training site, they did not find any enemies as they had imagined.

Feeling relieved, they ran all the way back to their residence.

As for Feng Da and the others, they were still waiting for them outside the door.

“Im back!” Feng Da greeted the elders with a smile when he saw them in a sorry state.

“En!” The elders nodded, but no one dared to say anything.

“Hehe! Today, you can rest for a day.

You dont have to do any more missions.

” Feng Da said with a smile.

“Rest No need! We dont need to rest.

” The second elder was scared and quickly said after hearing Feng DAs words.

To be honest, he didnt believe Feng Da and the others.

He was even more afraid that after they had rested for a day, they would have unknown things waiting for them the next day.

Instead of that, they might as well train every day! At least they knew what to do!

The other elders had the same thoughts as the second elder.

Now that they saw Feng Da and the others, they were all a little nervous.

They didnt dare to say much, and they didnt dare to accept the benefits offered by the other party.

However, it didnt seem good to reject it either.

For a moment, the elders were in a dilemma.

When Feng Da saw the bitter faces of the elders, he laughed in his heart.

Were they really that scary These old and shrewd guys were a little too cautious!

“It was my ladys decision to let you rest for a day.

She was afraid that you wouldnt be used to it, so she very humanely arranged for you to rest.

Dont be ungrateful!” Feng Da said with a straight face.

“Yes!” All the elders braced themselves and replied, but they were lamenting in their hearts.

That wretched girl had tormented them for so many days.

Did she have any humanity

“Quickly go back to your room and rest!” Feng Da urged with a faint smile.

However, just as the elders were about to return to their rooms, he suddenly said,””Seventh elder, whats that youre holding in your arms”

“This is, this is …..” The seventh elder didnt know what to say.

He had deliberately used his clothes to cover the bubble, and even deliberately hid among the elders.

How could he still be discovered! AI! He was depressed! If 19th elders current appearance was seen by these hateful guys, what face would 19th elder have in the future!

“Let me see!” Cheng Wu walked over and lifted the seventh elders clothes.

Then, he shouted in disbelief,””Heavens! Wasnt this the 19th elder How did he end up in the bubble Where did you guys find him Aiya! What was wrong with him Why are there so many claw marks on his body Who scratched this”

Cheng Wus exclamations drew Feng Da and the others over.

When they saw the 19th elders dazed look, everyone was greatly surprised.

“This bubble is so elastic.” Cheng Xuan poked the bubbles with his fingers, having a lot of fun.

At this moment, the 19th elder, who had been in a daze, suddenly screamed out loud,””Dont! Dont touch me! You perverts! Get away from me! Get lost! All of you get lost!”

Ugh! When Cheng Xuan and the others heard the 19th elders clear words, they were dumbfounded.

They couldnt help but Mutter to themselves,”it seems that the 19th elder has been bullied by the bear!” However, were the Bears too blind or did they treat the fat nineteenth elder as one of their own They wanted to laugh when they thought of the bear taking advantage of the nineteenth elder! Because to them, this was a little unbelievable.

However, when they saw the darkened faces of the ning family elders, Cheng Xuan and the others tactfully expressed their sympathy, and then discussed with them how to save the nineteenth elder.

After all, they couldnt let the nineteenth elder stay in bubbles forever! The naked nineteenth elder also looked quite unsightly.

But to everyones disappointment, after a day of discussion and countless methods, they still couldnt get the nineteenth elder out of the bubble.

The nineteenth elder in the bubble wasnt very clear-headed and would scream from time to time.

At first, everyone pitied his encounter and tried to endure it.

But slowly, everyone couldnt bear it.

A few days passed just like that.

The second elder and the others were training.

Although they would occasionally visit the nineteenth elder, they no longer had any hope of getting him out.

Gradually, their attention on him also decreased.


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