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The Battle of the Alpha Chapter 7

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POV of Damian

Even though it was still very dark outside, you could already clearly sense the tension. Nearly everyone was already awake and occupied with a job or chore of some kind. The first stages of the packs supper for tonight, which wouldn be served for at least another dozen hours or more, were already in the process of preparation. The girls were chatting while they prepared the dishes, wondering if the alpha would like them.

The maids, or omegas as they are often known, could be heard cleaning each room to make it more appealing. The men were outside practicing, competing to prove who was the best warrior in order to impress their boss and chief instructor. The same calm I heard every other morning was broken by their snarls and barks resonating through the brisk morning air.

I was still sequestered in my room, shaking. I was tucked up in the tools corner, all balled up. My head was wedged between my knees. The memory of my nightmare is still very recent. Despite how much terrible he is, I could almost physically hear my fathers remarks.

I had just turned seven. After cooking dinner for Alpha Nath, I was clearing the table. He wouldn let me call him father, therefore I couldn . I prepared him a rare steak and mashed potatoes with gravy, both of his favorites. I wanted him to be content. He didn slap me when he was happy, and occasionally he gave me leftover food that he didn want.

I returned to my attic bedroom by going upstairs. In the corner, there were a few old boxes that I was browsing through. My mothers name was engraved in ornate, gold calligraphy on the front of an ancient leather book that I discovered.

Jennifer Blue Nath

The diary-style book mentioned my father.

"He is a good person. His chuckle warms my heart, and his grin makes me weak in the knees. He constantly tried to make me happy and is quite gentle."

The majority of the book was devoted to my father, but she was left out. It discussed his favorite color, as well as other topics that go on and on. She enumerates her favorite traits about him. I turned the page, but there was nothing there. When I turned the page once again, it was empty. I carried on turning till I came to the back cover. I thought, "I want to know about mommy." I went downstairs and found Alpha seated on the sofa.

I was forced to sit on the floor because I was not allowed to use the furniture. "Alpha?" He lowered his head to look at me. What was your mother like? His gray eyes, which like mine, turned black as I watched. They became furious and hateful. He towered as he got up and gripped my throat from over me. "You murdered her," My back hit the wall hard after he tossed me against it, denting it. He gave me a powerful facial punch. "You stupid kid! You turned her in!" I whimpered in agony as I backed up against the wall.

As I moved, my tailbone burned and sharp pain erupted up my back. My eyesight became hazy as tears streamed into my eyes. When I cried, Alpha didn like it because he thought it made me weak. He backed away from me while twitching his hands.

"D-Daddy?" In terror, I asked gently while stuttering.

He swiftly turned around and firmly grabbed my upper arms. "Im not your dad," you say. He shook me ferociously while screaming in my face. He again pushed me up against the wall while grabbing a handful of my hair. He opened the basement door after dragging me down the hallway. Ive never been there below. I was pushed down the steps by him. My favorite hit one of the stairs as I fell face first. As I fell down the last stairs, I made an effort to protect my head. My back hit the chilly floor, and I shouted in agony. I felt woozy and confused. Tears were still clouding my vision.

He kicked me in the ribs as he descended the stairs. I shouted once again after hearing a "crack." As my fractured ribs jabbed into my lungs, blood filled them. My breathing was labored, and I coughed up blood. I writhed in pain as he kicked me again. I breathed quickly while wheezing.

My back was to him as he dragged me by my hair and shackled me to the wall. I sighed in relief as he walked away, thinking that everything was finished. He has only ever kicked and hit me. When he went back over, I assumed he would free me of my chains, but a loud crack interrupted my happy thoughts. I shrieked as something tore at the skin of my back. He had been beating me. Every time I shouted, he hit me harder. I yelled nonstop, hoping that someone would hear me and come to my aid, but all it did was tear my vocal cords, making it impossible for me to continue screaming. "You bastard child you are!"


"I despise you!"

Please hit.

"I want you to pass away!"


You murdered your own mother, I say! The last thing I heard before my eyesight turned to dark was,

I don want your blood to stain my floors, so clean it up.

I sobbed and gripped my ears. The scars were still present on my back, however they had significantly lightened in tone compared to my skin. My heart was in my throat, and I gulped back a sob. I didn want anybody to overhear me. They would inform the Alpha, who would then strike me for being a coward. I sobbed in private until the sun peaked through the trees. The white snow is also made pink and purple by the reflection of the skys pink and purple hue.

I had to leave. I had to leave before anyone noticed that I was crying. I jumped out of my window and descended the rain drain that down the houses side. I adjusted as I rushed through the dense woodland undergrowth. I ran. I kept running till I heard it breathing. I ran till my throat was burning for some water and my muscles begged me to stop. I ran until I lost track. My heart was pounding with anguish and melancholy. My lip trembled as I whimpered. I halted near a lake and sat in the sunshine to drown my woes.

I stayed there till the Alpha had to return home.

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