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The Billionaire Returns What business is that of yours?

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"Trust me Richard the information I have will make you want to work with me again."

Richard raised one eye brow

"Oh really, and just what information do you have that would make me change my mind?"

Brandon Chen smiled at him.

"Information about master Yangs identity"

After he said this Richard eyes widened. How could Brandon know about this. If it was true then he didn have to try and find someone to frame to get Andy Mo out of jail, he could just leave him to rot and move on with his plans. But first he had to get Brandon Chen to talk.

"Mr. Chen just how do you know master Yang identity and how did you come by it?"

Brandon looked at him still half drunk but having a serious look in his eyes.

"Remember when Lisa said that the man who hit her was named Micheal, well that got me thinking. Amy had an ex boyfriend from high school named Micheal Yang. Today when I went to see them he was at there house and Amy told me that he works at MR international. so Richard what is the odds that there are two Micheal Yangs both at MR"

Richard just scratched his his face. Brandon may have a point, Lisa said that the person who commanded those men was named Micheal, and the fact that MR was the one who ruined his plans it would makes since if Micheal Yang was the person behind it all.

Just then Mr. Zhao started laughing.

"You can be serious Mr. Chen."

The two just looked at Mr. Zhao with a confused look. Then Richard decided to find out what was so funny.

"Something you wanna tell us Mr. Zhao"

Mr. Zhao Stopped laughing and cleared his throat.

"Sorry for all that, but its just what Brandon Chen said was to funny. I actually know who this Micheal Yang is."

both Richard and Brandon were very intrigued about the fact Mr. Zhao knows Micheal Yang. Zhao informed them about Micheal being a smart student but his family was extremely poor. He went on and told them that his family had a lot of debt, so much it would take several generations to pay off. Then he also topped off his story with a connection to Richard.

"Richard do you remember when I helped you get accepted to the university six years ago. Well they had to choose between you and Micheal Yang. If I had not intervened and recommend you and forged some of Micheal grades they would have accepted him. However thanks to me he never attended the university"

Hearing all of this Brandon fell to the ground.

"So Micheal isn master Yang of MR, so this info is worthless"

He was distressed he thought he had something of use but now nothing. Just then Richard walked over to him.

"Oh I would not say that."

Brandon looked up with a confused look on his face, and saw Richard smiling.

"You said this Micheal Yang worked for MR do you know what department?"

Brandon thought back trying to remember what Amy said but he was so drunk at the time. Then he looked at Richard.

"Finance, Amy said he worked in finance"

Richard smiled

"Mr Chen this is good info. While Micheal Yang is not the master Yang I wish to strike at, he is a tool to help me get what I need."

Brandon looked at both him and Mr. Zhao

"How so?"

Richard sat down on his couch and poured some wine for all of them.

"You see I do have someone who has met master Yang, however he is currently behind bars. Before you came bye I was talking to Mr. Zhao about how to get him out of jail so he can tell us who master Yang is. Unfortunately Mr. Zhao has informed me that due to the massive amount of bank fraud that has been committed somebody is going to have to go to jail. But this Micheal Yang may be just the perfect person."


Over on sunrise strip Micheal parked his car at the morning star resort. It was the most luxurious hotel in all of east city. The cost to stay there were at minimum five thousand a night, but Micheal didn have to pay this because morning star resort was owned by him along with most of the other buildings on sunrise strip.

As he got out of the car and headed for the door he heard a voice call out for him.

"Hey were do you think your going"

He turned around and saw two men in fancy suits with girls on their ams. As he looked closer he recognized one of the girls. It was one of the girls from high school named Lacy Ming. Back then she and most of the other student picked on Micheal for being poor. She had also been trying to get closer to some of the rich boys in school like Richard Lu.

Micheal turned around and continued to walk towards the door. He didn want to deal with them he was to tired to be bothered. However as he was walking Lacy walked forward and grabbed his arm.

"Hey Im talking to you. Just who do you think you are coming here dressed like that."

Micheal looked at himself and remembered that he changed out of his suit back at the company. Just then lacy eyes narrowed.

"Hey I know you. You were at my high school. Your Micheal Yang right."

Micheal felt a headache coming on. He didn want to have to deal with this person. He just wanted to go inside and go to bed.

Just then one of the guys walked forward.

"Lacy you know this guy"

Lacy nodded

"Yeah he and I went to high school, back then he was a poor loser, although from what Ive seen not much had changed."

The man grinned and looked at Micheal

"Sir may I know why you are entering my fathers resort?"

Micheal heard this and was a little surprised. His fathers resort? Last he checked this resort was owned by MR which was owned by Micheal. He just looked at them and smiled.

"What business is that of yours?"

Everyone was shocked at what Micheal said. The man looked at Micheal with a angry look.

"Do you not know who I am? I am Luke Zen, my father is Lewis Zen the man who runs this resort"

Micheal new this name. Lewis was the manager this resort. However it looked like his son thinks that means he can do anything he wants. Micheal would deal with them tomorrow right now he wanted to go to bed.

"Well good for you and your father now if you will excuse me"

Just then Micheal grabbed the door handle to open it, then Luke sprang forward and grabbed his hand.

"Sir you should know this resort only caters to the top people, we can have common people like you coming in here"

As Luke said this there was a evil little smile on his face. He was going to have this poor little fool beg for mercy while on his knees.


In the blink of an eye Micheal hit Luke and sent him flying. Everyone rushed to check on Luke. When he looked up at Micheal his eyes were filled with fire, but Micheal just walked in and got in the elevator.

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